[PS4, PS5] PlayStation Plus Games for May: Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, Wreckfest: Drive Hard. Die Last. @ PlayStation


Battlefield V (PS4), Stranded Deep (PS4), and Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last (PS5) are your PlayStation Plus games for May

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  • Not too bad a month.

  • Great! Thanks

  • Probably the weakest month in a while for me, will give Stranded Deep a try atleast.

  • Die Last

    We’ll settle this the old navy way…

  • +10 votes

    Not a bad month. Battlefield V was good. Wreckfast is meant to be alright.

  • Wreckfest on PS5 launches 1st May.
    82 on metacritic for the PS4 one.
    PS5 “improvements include dynamic dirt on vehicles, new visual effects for skidmarks, increased foliage, godrays, and improvements to lighting, particle effects and shadows.”

    • Did they bring the release forward? Quick look now shows that it’s scheduled for June 1st. I mean obviously it’s May 1st given it’s included in the May games but just curious what the deal is

    • The PS5 version of Wreckfest is a paid upgrade and isn't available until June from what I have read.

    • It's interesting, because the Playstation article notes it is the PS5 version. I mean I'm hoping for it to be true, but I have a feeling it will just be PS4 version and come June 1st you'll need to pay $10 to upgrade.

      • PS5 version according to the PS Store. I’ve queued it for download for when I get home.

        • Yes can't believe it how good is that, must have been an update over night or my save downloaded from cloud because today my progress from ps4 version has carried over.

  • Wreckfest is a great car game, very good physics and graphics - also proper wheel support too.

  • Is wreckfest just a PS4 port?

  • YESSSS, I knew there was a reason I hadn't bought Wreckfest in anticipation of the PS5 upgrade 🙏

  • For anyone not sure about Wreckfest, make sure you get it, it’s so damn fun. I wasn’t sure about it when playing the first level where you’re in a demolition derby with modified ride on lawn mowers … yup… but as soon as I got in a car I was hooked

    • yes, agreed, this game is a must, and awesome for people who have a PS5 and have not played it.

    • +2 votes

      All my 8 year old ever wants to do when playing Dirt Rally 2 is crash the cars.

      He's gonna LOVE this.

  • I can highly recommend Wreckfest if you love driving & love fantastic destructability. Also if you loved Flatout & Flatout 2 (Flatout 3 was not made by Bugbear, and it's rubbish unfortunately). I can only speak about the PC though.

  • +3 votes

    I'm still playing Greedfall from Jan…

  • Strong month.

  • Just my luck I bought wreckfest 3 days ago, still looking forward to the PS5 upgrade

    • On the PS Store? Contact them. They’ve offered refunds on digital purchases going to PS+
      This is the PS5 edition so it may be a different case

  • meh games if you dont have a ps5….

  • Does anyone know if you can add PS5 games to library if you're still on PS4? Not ready to get a PS5 just yet but would be nice to have a few games ready for when I do!

  • legit just purchased wreckfest last week :|

  • Wreckfest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

  • Only game they wanted with people I dealt with(PS5) was Call Of Duty.

  • I'd been eyeing Stranded Deep in some sales so very keen to see that, and will be adding Wreckfest to my library for when I get a PS5.

  • Stranded deep is a good game. Pretty chilled survival game. Not good if you don’t like sharks. Made by a couple of Brisbane developers.

  • Traded in my copy of Wreckfest today for $25.20 at EB. Base value is $21.

  • Stranded Deep - always wanted to play that game.

  • Now live by the way! (Since midnight actually). Search for games individually if the main PS+ page hasn't updated yet. Wreckfest is actually rather good!

    • Interestingly Wreckfest is live now & can add to library but Battlefield V & Standred Deep aren't showing Add to Library button yet. Maybe have to do them from the console store rather than the web store?

    • Unable to claim from my PS5.

      Wreckfest I could claim from the PS App on Android.

      For the other 2 I had to use the webstore.

      I don't get why Sony make this experience so challenging.

      • Every single month is a weird new glitch that makes you want to rip you hair out. Having said that… this month I just managed to claim all 3 in 30 seconds from the PS App. No problem.

  • Available now for me

  • Oh seems like Wreckfest is the PS5 version, now I just need to get a PS5….

  • I originally backed Wreckfest back when it was simply 'Next Car Game' so am glad to see what it's become.

    Was close to buying it recently on PlayStation so great to hear it's enhanced for PS5 and 'free' like this. Can't wait! Really good game, as close to the original PS1 Destruction Derby as a game has been.

    • I hope you don't get disappointed, as while it has next-gen features (super weak haptics though), it's really not a next-gen game visually and quite underwhelming gameplay compared to something like DIRT5. It's imaginative with unique vehicles, but there's no excitement, no thrill, no adrenaline rush really, just race and bash into each other. Not too impressed so far.

      • but there's no excitement, no thrill, no adrenaline rush really, just race and bash into each other. Not too impressed so far.

        Couldn’t disagree with you any more. I finished the campaign on PS4, played through it again on Series X when the 4k/60 BC patch dropped, and am now playing through it again on the PS5. Brilliant game if you go into with realistic expectations (i.e. the game was built by a small studio of 20+ people).

  • Oh dear Battlefield V, the worst BF game ever made in history

    I suppose if it’s free people should try it and get to enjoy all the glitches, issues and horrendous gunplay there is to offer

  • Great month indeed! Always wanted to give Wreckfest a go on PC, but I can't complain on the PS4P. Thanks Op!