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20% off Google Pixel 5 $799.20, Google Pixel 4a with 5G $639.20, Google Pixel 4a $479.20 Delivered @ Google Store


Found this deal via an ad that popped up.
Seems you don't need to own any of the phones to get the 20% off.

Some reports if it working on the pixel 4a too.

I did not go through all the options, but
$999 to $799.20 for pixel 5
$799 to $639.20 for a pixel 4a with 5g.
$599 to $479.20 for a pixel 4a

Mod Note: You need to obtain a unique code from the linked page (select any phone), but you don't actually need to trade it in. The code you receive will apply to all 3 phones, even the regular pixel 4a, even though it's not a listed option on the linked page.

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  • I just bought pixel 5 hope it's good replacement for oneplus 6t and upgrade from LG v50

    I also wonder how to disable photo upload on old phone and just have pixel 5 to do it for unlimited HQs

    • Tell me how the Pixel 5 is like vs the v50 i have the v40 plus so interesting in a lgV person vs google pixel. Also never had restart issues as its third party software not playing nice with lg hardware/kernel causing that

      • Yeah for sure will compare. V50 actually had a better CPU and higher dpi screen. And has dual screen. Better audio. Hence I bought it.

        As for pixel purely for photo uploads and updates. Will be my main driver in over oneplus

  • +1

    Ordered P 4a + the new ear buds. Discount was also applied to the buds as well! 😃.

    Total cost of P4a + buds $688.45

    • Dispatch confirmation received

  • +1

    Thanks.. did a price protection claim on the 4a I bought my mum.

  • Damn, I just bought a pixel 4a on Monday after smashing my pocophone f1 screen

  • +1

    Probably the best offer with an Android mobile

  • I thought I'd attempt a price match at JB this evening to my surprise they honored it!!

    • Which JB?

    • Which version 5 or 4a?

      • +1

        JB @ Kawana, sunshine coast I got the 5

    • Which Pixel price did they honor ?

  • Have had giftcards burning a hole in my pocket since December waiting for JB to have a P5 deal. Tried matching at 2 stores this evening (Kedron and Chermside) with no luck.
    Chermside referenced the Telstra $849 deal and how they weren't even matching that.
    $899 seems to be their floor cost. Wish Google would hurry up and give them a rebate!

    • JB in Brisbane CBD sold the 5 to me for $799 yesterday mate

  • Thanks OP, got the 4a!

  • I held off buying the telstra deal the other day hoping once that was over, other places would reduce their prices.
    I'm going away on Monday and need to get one by then.. might try the officeworks pricematch over the weekend if they'll accept this deal. Feel like that might be tricky.

  • Any of you got the 4a coming from pixel 2? Is it worth the move?

    • Considering the 2 hasn't gotten any updates since December, I'd say it's worth the move …

  • What is the consensus on the 4a vs 4a 5G?

    Most reviews I read seem to suggest the plain 4a is better than the 4a 5g. I've never touched a Pixel so I'm a bit of a noob.

    • +3

      4a (5G) is an upgrade. Faster, better battery, bigger screen, 5G connectivity. Personal preference if it's worth the extra $$$

    • +1

      Only reason to go 4a is if you want the smaller form-factor I think? Oh, and cheaper price of course.

      Curious what the reviews were saying was better about the vanilla 4a?

      • +2

        Mainly about the price difference/value, the screen size being easier to handle and that 5g in Australia is hardly anywhere yet.

        Pros were the newer/faster chipset, newer android, camera etc. Bigger screen is either a pro or con depending on your preference.

    • I've heard the 4a 5G has ongoing touchscreen software issues. After owning a hardware defective S20 FE, I know it's an absolute NIGHTMARE. May apply to the 4a as well. Google has been covering up the user complaints thread where they promised a fix (news articles on this).

      • Been using 4a 5G from last 3 months, no issues as such.

        Just saying

    • 4a (5g) is basically a pixel 5 in a different body and without the high refresh rate display. Definitely better than the 4a, unless you want the compact phone factor.

  • It only has 4a 5g and 5, didn't see 4a

    • Read the comments in this post to see how to get it to apply to plain 4a.

  • +3

    4a vanilla, ordered at 10:06am Eastern yesterday, arrived 9:30am this morning. Ships from Eastern Creek, I'm in metro Melbourne

    • +1

      4a 5g, I'm 20 mins away from Eastern Creek but it has travelled between 3 different facilities before arriving at Eastern Creek early this morning. Hopefully it's onboard for delivery later today but no signs of that yet.

      ** edit: onboard for delivery right now :) not sure what was up with all the travel overnight, but seems all good.

      • +1

        Is it just me,… I'm totally imagining you cruising between these 3 destinations just to make sure it arrives safely..

      • Show up yet? Im hestitating and tempted to order one with the hopes it'll reach Campbelltown by early monday AM. No idea if there are deliveries over the weekend with whoever they use.

        • I ordered mine yesterday before 1pm.
          The status is still "Not yet dispatched'

          • @yabol: Cheers. I ended up buying the 4A 5G, had the check out still open when the deal expired. If it doesn't turn up in time and i find one over the weekend, i'll refund it no worries hopefully. Just hope they do some shipping over the weekend, being a friday arvo though I dont like my chances !

            • @penang: I received it 6 hours after it was onboard for delivery, arrived around 5pm. I think that's pretty typical for my suburb though (west syd).

  • +3

    I'm getting
    "Sorry, that promotion is no longer available
    It looks like you just missed an exciting deal. Fret not, there’s more on the Google Store homepage waiting for you."

  • Ordered at 4pm 29/04

    STATUS: Ordered

    "We'll email you when your delivery is on its way."

  • +4

    Deal is now expired. Well done to those that got a one

    • +3

      Supposed to be till the end of June.

      • When, I click on the link I get a message "Sorry, that promotion is no longer available".

        Is this just me?

        • No. Have the same.

    • Already wow what the. Mark deal as expired pls

  • Do u get gst receipt from google store?

  • deal didnt last long wow

  • +5

    If you already have a code/have the code in the checkout, it will still work.

    So glad I got a code yesterday.

    • +1

      Noticed the coupon codes still work although the promo has finished

      • Promo may not have finished - it may actually still be accessible to current Pixel owners. Who knows.

        By the way, I haven't tested adding a pre-existing code to the checkout, I only saw that the one I made yesterday and put in the checkout yesterday is still active and works. I don't actually have the code written down to test adding it again.

    • +1

      Thanks Techie! Had the 4a in my checkout from last night, glad it was still there.

      • No problem, that's my situation too. Just have a family member tossing up the 4a or 4a 5G.

  • +1

    An option, a pretty good one too as its cheaper is the Nokia 5.4 (Andriod1) mobile thats $349 with wireless earbuds! Its comparable to the basic 4A 4G and comes with 3 years of garanteed updates https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_au/deals

    I like it, its a dual sim or single sim with SD 500gb microSD card support. Comes with a screen and case too out of the box. Looking for an unlocked mobile, AU warranty and no china bloatware/spyware its a good pick! 4gb/128gb is enough personaly…


    • +2

      You might want to post it as a separate deal.
      Don't think it will attract pixel buyers but looks like a good deal.

    • +1

      snapdragon 662, warranty part is troublesome with nokia ( more of hassle). i had 6, 7.1, 8.1 models, Nokia service centre is in Sydney (still may be), so have to sent it there via retailer.

      I love the models I had but they need to up there game in AU for the service support.

    • Let's see how the USB-C port does a year or two down the track. They have always had issues. Also, the camera is not close to the Pixel experience, and Google is very good at honouring warranty claims. Despite having Android One, I'm fairly sure Nokia now only does 2 years of updates, and they still roll out updates 6 months late with bugs.

  • If anyone had change of mind and don't require one, would appreciate if they could share.

  • My phone died just now, wanting this.. will appreciate is someone could share code for 5G or 4a5g

    • I happened to grab a code at the time but already got a pixel 5 from the first deal.

      Happy to help someone out as I got a code from someone when the pixel 3 xl were half price back in 2019.

  • If anyone has a code and is willing to share please PM me. I've got a Pixel 2 that's been playing up.

    • +2

      ok PM sent

      • can you please share one for me

        • Only got the one,
          If old mate above doesn't use it you can have it :)

  • Would also really appreciate a code if anyone has one to spare!

  • Me too, would also really appreciate a code if anyone has one to spare!

  • Here's my code, worked for Pixel 5, tested in incognito mode and discount was taken off.

    • Used the code and ordered P5. Received order confirmation email and then cancellation email a couple hours later. Now the same code shows up as invalid.

      If anyone has an unused one to spare, please PM.

  • I just bought a code from a bloke selling for 50 bucks in the classified section, code worked without any issues, managed to grab a Pixel 5

    • +4

      What a grub selling them

      • It's fake. His profile is new one hour ago and this is his first post

      • He is just trying to direct others to himself to buy the codes he got

      • Well… I paid him $50 and the Pixel 5 ended up costing $800 so I saved $150 which is better than paying full price.
        A lot of people are selling coupons and vouchers don’t know why people are cranky at him in the comments

        • +1

          Because you paid 859 when you can buy it other places cheaper. I don't believe you at all

          • @AussieMark: Where can you get them cheaper than full price? I couldn’t find anywhere else cheaper than $999 and yes I created the account not long ago to be able to communicate with the guy… what’s wrong with you mate you sound paranoid

            • @Agent88: My mother got a Pixel 5 for $710 back in November, OW price matching Telstra.

              Better off buying unopened/near new at this point.

              • @Techie4066: I wasn’t able to find anything lower than $999 so $850 is a great deal for me, I was a bit sceptical with the guy but got the code less than 10 mins after paying

            • @Agent88: same ip address as poster

              • @AussieMark: Lol you’ve lost your mind mate, you’re a hacker now too? I was frustrated that I missed the deal as well as you did mate but my Pixel 5 is on its way now, sorry if I hurt your feelings

                • @Agent88: funny how he posts the same time as the other guy 'reminding' people he only has 2 codes left hahah

        • +3

          Just saying that that cnt shoud gave given it away like I did to fellow Ozbargainers, what a prick

  • +3

    Sharing my unused code if anyone needs it.


    • Code is getting applied for discount but unable to place order. Getting error: An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later. [OR-IEH-01]

      update: Seems to be an issue with my payment method. Bad luck. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    • Code managed to work for me, thank youuu

  • +1

    Have a spare code, sharing for someone who needs it:


    • Had a go at redeeming it - invalid code.

      I assume someone has used it.

      Thanks for sharing though.

  • +1

    got delivered this morning.

    Now hunt for the pixel 4a case, any recommendations ?

    • +1

      I'm going to give one of these a shot. Includes a tempered glass screen protector.

  • code please anyone?? :(

    • supplied to this gentleman

  • Oops, looks like I've arrived a little late at the pixel party. If any one of you fine people happen to have a spare code you're not going to use I'd be very much appreciative.

  • I was foolish thinking the deal would last. Would also appreciate a spare code if anyone has one. TIA

  • Does anyone have a spare code left? I didn't manage to purchase mine in time unfortunately.

  • +1

    Is there any way to access win10 clipboard memory?
    I copied this code, but never used it

    • +3

      Windows Key + V will bring up the clipboard history, but the feature is not enabled by default so hopefully you've previously enabled it under settings.

      • I didnt know that. Unfortunately it wasnt enabled.
        Am i out of options now?

        • If it's on the mobile phone you can probably get it

          Or if you still have the webpage open I managed to leave it open for a few days then press the button for a code and it worked.

          Gave mine away tho and used 1

  • if anyone is still looking for a code, 0B9OKF7ECJIYQQ85ZX68JIT ( I havent been able to check if its still working)

    • Thanks! Used the code to buy Pixel 5.

  • Has anyone got a 20% code they are not using?

  • Anyone else have a spare code they aren't going to use?

  • Hi everyone, does anyone have a screenshot of the checkout page with the discounted price and url. I submitted a price protection claim but it got rejected with not enough details :(