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Nanoleaf NL42-0005HX-9PK Shapes Hexagon Smarter Kit (9 Panels) $248 (Was $349) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lowest price ever according to Camel. $248 seems like a reasonable price for this set since it’s the newer shapes range.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    what is this…

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      something you don't need

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      Something for your new YouTube channel.

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      Hexagonal RGB wall tile style lights. Seems like a cool idea but they always look lame imo. I actually think square ones would look nicer.

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    Fools and their money…

  • why is this

  • Who is this

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      It's Mark. Hi Steve.

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        Name is Jobs…Steve Jobs

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    Extra 20% off if you purchase it add an echo device to cart - which are also on sale

  • $248 reasonable price for RGB? What world do we live in?

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    To be honest i use mine as a bedside lamp, they're thin on the wall, look nice if you know to set them up nicely, design wise etc. And aren't that expensive if you compare to other led lighting like table lamps that you would use as bedside etc.

    They're pretty bright also, have many levels of brightness and also can be reduced to very low levels for ambient night mood lighting, it all depends on what type of a person you are, but i definitely, definitely don't recommend placing them somewhere where yours sight is directly looking at them as most people do, they can be very distracting especially if you use colour changing mode at night instead of for example low brightness warm daylight colour as i do.

  • How is this

  • It's pain in the ass if you want to take them off and would definitely damage your wall, got to be really sure where to put them.

    • you could 3D print a mounting lattice… maybe

  • They don't even look like hexagon once you have the lights on, they look more circular from 2m away.

  • 3d printed quite a few of these. Obviously not as user friendly as there’s no app for it as it’s powered by an arduino (you can store a few lighting variations or set it up to be sound reactive etc) but still was a super fun project.

    Total cost for leds+wire+filament+arduino nano (excluding printer cost of ~$200) was about $40 total. Obviously not comparable in terms of functionality but if anyone has a printer and wants to give it a whirl it’s a fairly simple and fun project. Pro tip, use white wires between the leds 😂

  • I got these from JB last year for the same price. They look really good, has lots of nice effects, and if you have homekit, every single panel is capable of acting as a switch for activating a scene.
    Are they really $248? Showing as $279.99 for me and on camel

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