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Xbox One S 1TB + 24m Game Pass Ultimate Bundle 95,000 Points or 2,500 Points + $275 @ Telstra Rewards


see previous deal for comments

* Online Only

Fast, reliable gaming with family and friends.

Xbox One S console with 4K Ultra HD streaming, and 4K Blu Ray video
Forza Horizon 4 game and Lego Speed Champions add-on digital code included
Access of 100 games with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 24 month membership included
Online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold.
Access to over 100 high-quality games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Including Minecraft, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Xbox exclusives and more, with new titles added all the time. Plus online multiplayer with Xbox Live Gold. Your 24 month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership begins when you activate your token. You must activate your Game Pass Ultimate token (included in the box with your console) to access content and online gameplay. Your token is included in the console box.


Xbox S 1TB Console
Wireless Controller
HDMI cable (4K capable)
AC Power Cable
Games Pass Ultimate 24 month membership token.

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      • 150 is a fair price I will buy it from any of you guys if my order got cancelled.

      • +1

        I managed to sell mine for $260 on eBay (previous deal). Listed it first on Gumtree and used the promo to list it for free ($0 final value fee) on eBay (local pickup). Funnily enough there was also an eBay promo running at the time which included 10% of the final sale value in eBay credit, so actually ended up with $286.

      • Gumtree and fb marketplace constantly sees it for 200, so you'll have a few competition. But hey, we're ozbargainers, we ain't gonna let a few pesky competition get in our way lol.

        • +2

          True but all those are second hand - this will be brand new in box with 2 years warranty

    • +1

      I find PPSSPP to work pretty well on the One S (retail mode), but haven't spent much time with it. Game Cube would run but I couldn't get it to a playable frame rate, YMMV though.

      I'd say Dreamcast and earlier you should have a decent time though, which is a fun bonus.

  • Stock is definitely popping back in and out, defo worth a refresh if you're looking for one.

    • Looks like the trick does not work anymore. Refreshed 10 times, no luck.

  • I need 300 more points and have stoped the service with Telstra 6 months ago. Is there any way to get more points?

    • +1

      have you tried the Telstra plus promotion right now, it's free. just a click, i got 500pts

      • Cheers, but I already joined the plus in June last year.

        • +1

          does not matter, i joined long time ago, and left telstra for years, it still apply.
          it's not a signup bonus. just a give away.

          • @ce5himm: Congratulations, you've won 100 points We hope you enjoy what you’ve opened. Thanks again for being a Telstra Plus member. Your points prize should be added to your account shortly.

            Need 200 more points. LOL

            • +1

              @fab boy: Guess you can not really enjoy unless you get another 200. I know that feeling, I was short of 500 pts during last deal. Sorry, can not help more.

        • +1
          • @ce5himm: Yes. I'm so lucky that get 100, not 500 points :P

  • Anyone snagged after OOS receiving shipping updates yet?

    • Nothing yet. But my order was placed pretty late so maybe it’s too soon to tell.

      • as long as no cancellation email, that's good new. lol

    • Not yet

  • Back in stock again, must have a zillion of these things laying around.

    • Always been there, even after it showed OOS. you just need to refresh couple of times, and it will show up.

      • I didn't hit refresh at all, just went to the page and boom, in stock.

        That's one hell of a page bug if refreshing a bunch of times creates mythical stock.

        • It's a little worrying that its still working - im expecting a number of cancellation emails to come through soon.

          • @TightTerry: who knows until we see some updates here. the worst case is refund, you do not loss anything anyway.

            • @ce5himm: Well I do, I lose the chance at free GPU for 2 years :p

              • @TightTerry: A chance is a chance, I always lose the chance to be a millionaire via lotto. Lol.

                Normally it took them 3-4 business days to process, guess you will have to wait for longer time to find out.

              • @TightTerry: A new tracking record just popup in my auspost app. I'd assume that's the Xbox, haven't receive any updates from Telstra yet. You are likely getting your free GPU soon. Lol

                • @ce5himm: Did you order early?

                  • @TomGum: Nah, after op marked it OOS. Shows it's on the way from Sydney and the sender matches the format of my previous Telstra rewards order.

                    However unless I see it is actually moving, I wouldn't 100% sure. I also received these kind of tracking from last 149pts earphone. Orders gets cancelled and the tracking never move. Last time was a price error though.

          • @TightTerry: I ordered mine after it was market OOS, order has shipped and is tracking, due tomorrow.

  • Is the GPU worth anything at all for resale (if you just want a blu ray player)?

  • Thanks OP, got myself one. Mostly for the GPU.

  • Anyone else got any further update?

    • It's weekend, I don't think they are working. If those tracking is real, I guess we should see some updates tomorrow.

    • Yup, shipping information received by auspost on Friday

    • A quick update, according the post office app record, mine just arrived at my local processing centre, it's Labor Day here at Qld. Should be delivered tomorrow if anything goes normal. no updates from Telstra side yet. Those in NSW or VIC should receive it today if you are not live too far away.

    • Just received shipping information this morning in AusPost app - ordered late and live inner Melbourne

      • Free GPU .Lol

        • Lets hope selling the One S is a pain free process :)

          • @TightTerry: Of course, depend on how much you want sell. The higher the more pain. For sure.

  • Feels like ms has a deal with Telstra to clear these out. Game pass is the sweetener. One x still overpriced.

    • I think it's a good move for all. MS to lure potential gamers by offering basically free GPU and future SX/SS sale. Telstra make some money and gamers gets free GPU.

  • Ordered late and can already see the tracking number poping up in my auspost account on Friday, probably will get delivered on Tuesday or something

    • Get FB/gumtree/eBay ads ready? Lol

      • No, will enjoy myself this one lol

        • One s is a bit underpowered these days, at least one x would offerbfair experience. I think sell it new and grab a second one x would be a good choice.

          • @ce5himm: Can you sell the GPU separately?

            • @TomGum: I think so , according to the post people received from previous deal. This is not like those subscribe one which you need to have an active account or the current gen which is preinstalled into the console. it's a payoff like they retail 3months/12months pass. Difference is this is a 24months, should be MS specially made for Telstra deal, but should still works as a normal retail pass.

              I can see there are 24m GPUs selling on eBay, assume those should come from Telstra deal.

          • @ce5himm: Even better idea is to sell console and GPU separately, you should get around $450. Buy the Telstra one x deal if you can find another 2500pts. That's extra $60 you get an X With 24M GPU if you don't want to go SX yet. Similar performance as SS, but less cost with GPU

            Another good thing is this one come with full warranty, in case something happens and MS don't have enough replacement, they may send you a SS/SX instead.(obviously it won't happen if it broken too soon, but a year later the case is possible. )

  • Just got my StarTrack tracking. Delivery ETA tomorrow.

    • People are going to receive it soon. Telstra still haven't sent out the dispatching email. BIG company

    • Mine arrived today in Brisbane. Got the “order shipped” email a couple of hours after delivery.

      • On Public holiday? Suprise

        • Tell me about it. Amazon delivered to me today too.

          Won’t beat the Easter Sunday morning Amazon delivery. These guys just don’t stop shipping for anything.

          • @AaronR: Good to know that, that's new to me.

    • I just got a text from telstra saying that its on its way

  • Looks like OOS is REAL now. The refresh trick seems does not work anymore.

  • Got delivered this morning but haven't finished downloading one single game yet… we now live in an era where games are 100gb a pop

    • So I may have to upgrade my broadband to unlimited if I end up play games. Lol

  • +1

    So I received the One S this morning, pulled out the 24 month code and applied it to my account without any issues. It also included Forza 4 + lego DLC which I might sell as well.

    Received it this morning, paid $261 + 5000 or so Telstra points and was able to sell it around an hour ago for $260 on FB marketplace (listed it yesterday arvo)

    $1 and a few Telstra points for 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate, not bad.

    • You even keep the game? I will sell with the game for 260

      • Well I had no idea I had the extra free game until about an hour before the buyer came for $260. It’s free on game pass so if I can get an extra $10-20 for it then someone can buy, if not I might just keep it.

        • Good on you. I will see how long took people to buy mine. And thinking of sell the pass for around 200. Maybe buy the one X bundle in case I want to play some game. One S is underpowered a little.

    • Question, we don't have receipt for the console, how could they claim the warranty? Or it's like Apple product serial number will do all the job. New to Microsoft.

      • Register the serial number with Microsoft and warranty kicks in, same as Apple

        • Thanks

    • Sold mine just now same 260 but with the game. Now just need to sell the pass.

  • If I sign up for the $1 game pass (1 month worth), can I still add this 24 month pack on the same account? Also is the game pass tied down to the console or my email account?

    • I don't Think so, think of this is the same you can buy from retailer, instead of 1/3/12minths, this is 24months.

      • So I can get the $1 plan and then add this to get 25 months total?

        • Try it, if it does not work, just register an other account. What could you lose. I am not an expert, but I don't see any reason stop you doing that. Maybe those comment above have more experience.

        • Yes you can

        • Yes that is what I did. Started with 1 month for $1 then immediately added the 24month code for 25 months total.

  • I am giving up try to sell the pass, my work mates offer me 120 for 2yrs. And nobody on FB is intended (170) maybe it's too long and people don't want to spend that much at one time.

    I endup brought a second hand good condition Xbox one x bulit April 2020, 14 months warranty left. Extra Xbox one controller ( first gen) , two charging battery packs and a turtle beach 600 headset. 4 games.all For 250. Even come with the 1 month free game pass trail come with the console. Overall, 265 for one x and 2yrs pass. Guess that's not too bad. Was thinking of series x, then I will need a new tv… Too much future spending, one x and switch fits all my needs now.

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