This was posted 5 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Qicklock Temporary Security Door Lock $5.99 (Usually $11.99) Delivered @ Qicklock


Our popular deal is back… limited time only at this great price…

Locks you IN and others OUT…

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    It gives you a few seconds before kids barge in.

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      Really? That's what I want it for, no good?

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        If you can get out of the position you are in and asleep in a few seconds it will sufice. that's all.

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          Username checks out lol 😅

      • I have a very similar one. Ours works just fine. I wouldn't say it would hold up if somebody was trying to break in, but it will hold up to typical opening.

        We have a slightly different locking piece. I would wonder if this might chip or dent the door if somebody vigorously opened the door.

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      then i came

    • I can happily confirm it keeps the kids out. Unless they start throwing themselves at the door, then you have problems.

      • They should rebrand to Qickielock

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    at that price i'll try it. my manager won't know what hit him when he tries to enter the break room

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    Make sure you have some space between your door and its frame. Our door that's a little tight couldn't fit this in.

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      Whisper sweet nothings to it, if all else fails… there used to be free samples of lube…. The warming one was the best.

  • 5.99? Auspost shipping is 5.95 how good can this be

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      It's small enough to fit in an envelop.

  • Could I use this to lock me OUT and others IN?

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      I have one. It can only go on the side the door swings towards.

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    I bought one last time. They are fairly solid and worth it IMO. I intended to use it for when staying in roadside motels but then covid happened. Nevertheless they seem like a great design.

    • Been handy for me at work. Emergency placements with no locks on the Staff rooms.

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    I remembered buying this item a long time ago when I saw it posted on ozbargain (this was around when the ozbargain site just launched)

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      These sit next to my torches..

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        yeah, but torches use Eneloops!

    • I've still never used mine and was surprised to see this post here again tonight… Haha

  • These are great. Thanks OP.

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    The only negative with this model is that the two pieces aren't tethered. When travelling, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly thinking about where to put the barrel piece so you don't lose it. I've seen other models where the two pieces are tethered but no idea of comparative quality.

    • This. It sucks losing one piece.

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      Tape and string, jeez. You're just looking for something to complain about.

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        or a clip lock bag for the Qicklock… …. tag?

        (sorry, added the "tag" cause it just seemed incomplete rhythmically without it)

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        Tape comes off. You may travel with a tool bag, but most people don't. Anyway other products tether the two pieces, so not sure why those who want them tethered should purchase this?

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      Can someone suggest the model that tethers? Thanks

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        I went with this variant with the recommendation of someone in the last post. Can't compare them but this one works well & is tethered. The red plastic bit being bigger also helps with supporting the door from opening a bit more than just the metal piece i think, at least visually seems that way.

        • OP's item is now $6.23 on eBay.

          I also think portable door lock is better.

    • negative is they rust, this needs to be stainless steel or zinc plated

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    I bought one few years ago, I take it to every holiday I go to.
    I use it to lock the bedroom door or the apartment door, Give me reassurance to go sleep incase someone comes barging in.
    Good product.

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      LockPickingLawyer has some good tips for that on youtube.

      • lol i'm subscribe to him :D

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    Thanks OP, I’ve locked the order in.

  • Would anyone ever have an issue carrying this tool through airport security?

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      We have taken them in our carry on and in our checked luggage through airport security both here in Oz and overseas without a problem.

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    I’ve got 2 of these. Bought them a few years ago and they work pretty good. Once had a party at my house and chucked it on the bathroom door as I went to shower, luckily I did because I heard my mates try to open the door not long after I got in.

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    Never used mine but I think it would be good in a zombie apocalypse.

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    Locks you IN and others OUT…

    You got something that locks others IN and me OUT?

    • Install it backwards

  • NB: Does not work on sliding doors


  • All I'm gonna say its gonna be a long time before I can use these ones maybe few years. No travel overseas

    • You can use it in NZ.

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    I wish I'd new about this months ago when the nasty ex-housemate trespassed into my room and assaulted me!!!

  • Bought it and love it. My own labour has a negative cost so I wanted to fashion something similar myself, but this is way superior to anything I could diy.

  • Need something like this that works without me being in the room lol to keep my housemate out of my room whilst I'm not home

    Bought one anywho to use when I'm home hehe

  • I know ppl will start negging me but I bought it last time. It didn't work for me.
    Trust me I own a home(15 years old) and my latest house built with burbank and it didn't work there either.
    So I don't know what type of locks it work on…. Lol
    It might just be me. But hey just putting my 6 dollars of opinion here….

  • I forgot I ordered this until it came, have yet to test it out