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Samsung 7.5kg BubbleWash Front Load Washing Machine $488 (C&C/+ Delivery) @ The Good Guys / Harvey Norman


Down from $699, previous lowest was $593 thanks to Pricehipster.

Key Features

  • The Samsung 7.5kg BubbleWash Front Load Washing Machine with Steam utilises steam cycles for washing, removing up to 99.99% of common bacteria types** on certain wash cycles.
  • For quick cleaning, this front load washing machine has a quick wash feature which lets you wash up to 2kg of laundry within 15 minutes^.
  • This washing machine has an auto load sensor which adjusts washing times and water-usage based on the load’s weight, so you can regulate energy and water consumption efficiently.
  • When paired with the companion app, the Samsung washing machine’s Smart Check error-monitoring system can help detect and provide troubleshooting solutions for certain hardware problems^^.
  • To help reduce dirt and detergent residue on its drum, the Samsung BubbleWash Washing Machine utilises the Drum Clean technology.

More info - Samsung Website

Harvey Norman Link. Price Hipster.

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  • +7

    Nice! I've had it for a year already and very happy with it.

    • +1

      Can vouch. Bargain at this price.

  • +9

    In before people say Samsung and fires - this related to a select few models of top loaders only in the past.

    Front loaders weren't without their faults though, the 1752WPC model that was popular going back looks similar to this one, and it is a great machine, but after some time a few faults have appeared - the spider arm in the back seems to disintegrate and need replacing - expensive and need to pull apart entire machine. If that happens to mine, it's going in the bin. So far, it's been okay.

    The detergent drawer housing can spring a water leak as it seems water pressure leaks past where two pieces of plastic are sealed. Replacement boxes aren't overly expensive, however I simply siliconed mine up and it's been fine for a year or more.

    The above issues may be fixed in this model - who knows? But in any case for the price, if you pay for a 5 year warranty, I feel that's pretty good value. Mine's already gone to 8 years so owes me nothing.

    I love the 1752WPC model because it does wash well, and has a really good 'Daily Wash' cycle which takes full load and about 1 hour - this seems reasonable to me - 20 minute wash, 3x rinses with spins in between them all to extract more soap. I use this for most items. Really dirty goes on Cottons for 2 hour cycle.

    Some machines don't have this daily cycle so you're either left with cottons for 2 hours or silly quick washes for 15 minutes - which IMO is for emergencies only. Constant use of the Quick wash cycle means dirt is not removed properly and soap not rinsed properly.

    • +5

      I have the Samsung wf8750lsw. Picked up cheap at the time for about 440, was the cheapest one that the good guys from a name brand.

      After 7 years, either the bearing or the spider have disintegrated. This is evidenced by the fact that the inner bowl flops around and is loose, and when turning (even by hand) there's a loud clunk ever revolution at least. I can concur that this a huge job, which requires the dismantling of the entire machine to get to. Cheapest bearing for my model on ebay is $55, and the cheapest spider is $130. Now it could be fixed, but it's not economical to pay someone to, and then if you do it yourself there's no guarantees that it will work. A similar machine sold second hand last week for 175, but who knows how long it will last now it's 7 years old?

      I spoke to a mate of mine who had one, his also went at exactly 7 years and then he chucked it. As such, if you want longevity out of your machine, I would recommend against buying a Samsung. If you already have one, I'd recommend you reduce your spins to the slowest speed to save wear on the bearing and spider (I found little difference in how dry clothes are at different spin speeds). I'm still going to dismantle it, and if it's the bearing I'll have a crack at fixing it, but if it's the spider I can't see myself paying $130 just to find out, especially if I need both parts.

      I bought the kogan 10kg front load washer last week for $539 delivered, it's looks like a nice unit, if I had to guess from the limited info I can find it's either a Midea or Haier. It's seems nice and has all the features, but out of the box it appears the inlet valve is broken as it stops on rinse cycle. At this point I have to switch it to the rinse only cycle, half the time it works, half the time it doesn't. I've got a technician coming out soon. It is a nice machine though, clear screen, lots of programs, you can customise every setting just about of each program, and it's got a steam function and the inverter motor means it's quieter and shakes less. The only thing I'd like to know is when it weight of my clothes when it weighs them, but you probably don't really need to know this.

      I guess the upshot of all this is if you are thinking you are buying a Samsung and it's going to last, think again. If you are after saving money and don't care about the longevity, just buy the cheapest thing out there. If you want something that's going to last, I hear LG is decent, or get a top loader maybe if you don't care about efficiency and one fits in your space

      Now that you mention it I have a bit of rust near the detergent drawer on mine, maybe it is leaking also?

      • +2

        I've heard of people not having good luck with Kogan either. I wouldn't touch them, one person in particular had it cause a flood and damage their skirting boards/carpets, so the cheap machine is now not cheap.

        I won't buy Samsung again and if once this thing stops that's it. But for now, the silicone has fixed that, and spider arm issue not surfaced yet - mine still operating fine.

        Buying again, I think I'd go for a mid-range Bosch - they are not much more (around $500-600 on special) and seem built a bit better.

        Had an Asko before the Samsung and it was also a POS - barely made it to 7 years, so doesn't always compute that paying more gets you a better product.

        • +1

          For this size yes you can get a Bosch, but a 10kg Bosch is over 1k, I couldn't fork out that money without trying the Kogan one at less than half price. I am hoping it's a Haier as my experience with those have been ok (once this issue is fixed of course).

          Personally I won't buy another Samsung, the similar Kogan machine was as low as 259 with first, that's dryer money for a washer that's the same size as this

      • +5

        Just to balance that experience out: we had the model that was affected by the fire issue.

        Samsung was great about two things:
        1) Sending somebody out promptly at our convenience to do the make-safe repair
        2) When it turned out that repair had not necessarily fixed the problem, they delivered our choice of 'new for old' the latest comparable model.

        We actually went up in value/features, and had a 2yo+ machine replaced with a new one. And we've never had any problems with any.


      • +5

        Isn't it consensus that LG does better washing machines than Samsung?

        • +1

          Absolutely NOT. I'm a sparky and repair appliances for a living and LG is the brand I dread working on the most (seriously every time I hear LG i just cringe). Samsung make really good washers, not without problems (like any other brand) but head and shoulders above anything LG have put out in a good 10 years. If I was to buy any of the new washers on the market I'd either get the new Samsung or the Electrolux (with the filter on the front). Top loaders are hard, I'd still go either Samsung or something a bit better like a Speed Queen.

          • +4

            @theRev: I've got an LG washing machine, going strong since 2009, without one problem. Full load washes twice or thrice a week, every week for 11.5 years.

            • +3

              @Trishool: Thats great, you know some people have machines break down within 2 weeks of owning them? It doesnt mean theyre crap machines, but everything breaks eventually and sometimes (mostly electronics) can cause issues at any time. Some people get really put off by that but as someone who was been fixing them for 10 years I know what brands are worth your time and what arent. When LG were Korean built they were pretty good, probably the machine you have if you check the sticker it'll say "Made in Korea" —everything else they have made for the past 10 years has been absolute crap, especially the new models they are the worse.

          • @theRev: Thanks for the recommendation from someone who knows what they’re talking about! Any guidance on the best dishwashers to go for? I was going to buy an entry-level Bosch, but I’ve heard they’re not as reliable as they once were.

            • @Pangtheob: We dont see a lot of the new Westinghouse dishwashers, they had issues with leaking diverters in the past but the new models are pretty good. Good solid flow-through heaters as well which are independent of the wash motor. Some brands like Bosch attach their elements to the wash motor, so if one fails you have to change the whole assembly (which means extra $$$). Bosch make good dishwashers as long as you dont have hard water though (their filament elements just dont handle calcium deposits very well). Also what we've been seeing more than ever in 2021 are plastic tank dishwashers. A lot of brands are doing it now and they're just shit (its all about cost cutting). If I had to buy a new one tomorrow I'd get either an Asko if I wanted to spend the extra $$$ or just a Westinghouse, Bosch or even Ariston with a 5-year warranty if I was on a budget. We used to recommend Dishlex about 5-10 years ago but their designs have changed and the new ones are pretty bad and have lots of issues. Hope that helps :)

              • @theRev: That really does help. Thanks!

              • @theRev: What's a plastic tank dishwasher?

                We bought a miele after a relative had theirs for 22 years and counting. Been excellent so far but it's only been maybe 5 or so years so time will tell.

          • @theRev: A repairer I met said the same about hating working on LGs, but the people I have spoken to who own them love them and every one of my small sample has outlasted every one of my small sample of people with a Samsung. Maybe they were all Korean madez I wouldn't know.

            On a side not what should I expect to pay for a repair to mine? It's a bearing or spider.

            • +1

              @Jackson: Bearing/spider is not worth repairing. They encapsulate the drums and it would be a good 4-5hr repair including fit and test + parts. Usually unviable to repair and not worth it. The old Hoovers back in the day used to be good we could exchange a bearing in about 1hr max but nowadays once the bearing collapse then its not worth it. The only brands that put commerical sized bearings into their machines are Miele and Asko — its very rare to see that issue on those.

            • @Jackson: I sold a fisher and paykel dryer a little while ago that was made in NZ (as far as I can tell). Very old but still working. Had to get rid of it because it was turning our laundry into a sauna.

          • -3

            @theRev: Or it could be that you hate LG because it doesn't give you much work. My last LG washer lasted over 10 years and I sold it on Gumtree for $80 bucks in good working condition. New LG is going strong for 4 years and has 10 year warranty on motor. Most friends also prefer LG over Samsung any day of the week. My experience with Samsung is quite the opposite. My new Fridge broke down twice in first 6 months and had to wait a week each time to get it repaired.

            • +1

              @Bargainian: Well, the issue with repairers making recommendations of that they usually don't know much about appliances that barely ever fall. LG could have 9 top quality appliances, and only one that occasionally fails, and you'll only hear about that one, without actual stats.

              • @mrau: My guess front my limited discussion with repairers was that LG went to inverter style first, and the inverters are harder to fix due to the mother bring more integrated with the drumz not seperate and just a belt around them. They also you would think have less points of failure, but I am just guessing at this stage. This Samsung unit is an inverter motor anyways so may perform more similarly to an LG regardless

            • +1

              @Bargainian: lol Sure bud, do whatever you want I dont really care

    • +1

      My 1752WPC was a great machine for circa $440. Ours finally died after 7 years - noisy bearing. I sold it "for parts" on eBay for $40. I had replaced the brushes 3 times. That should give you an idea of how much use it got.

      If this deal had been around when I needed it, I would not hesitate to buy another samsung front loader for sub $500. You cant really go wrong.

    • +1

      Our Samsung 10 kg front loader lasted only six years.
      In those six years, the motherboard had to be replaced twice. Each motherboard lasted for two years (plus/minus a month).
      The first replacement was under "normal" warranty with Samsung. 2nd replacement was under the "extended" warranty which came in handy.
      After the third motherboard died, we replaced it with a Bosch.

      What I am trying to get to is this: Buy Extended Warranty — You will need it.

      • +5

        Isn't that what ACL is for?

        • I prefer credit cards instead

    • +1

      Still running the 1752wpc for the last 7 years and going strong. I find the daily wash doesn't use enough water for larger loads. The dark garment cycle is a nice compromise.

    • As you say I believe machine has been around for ages as the 1752wpc. Mine got the leak in detergent drawer housing and my fix was just to turn down the incoming water tap so the pressure wasn’t so high. Easy fix. 10 years in and dc drum motor brushes required replacement. They were $10 in parts and not much work to replace.

      I was surprised how simple the Samsung machine was to work on and how easy and cheap parts were. Happy with the 10 years we have go out of it, and frankly a10year life is excellent for a front loader.

  • any recommendations for something closer to a 10kg option?

    • -2

      Hisense HWFL1014V Currently $699, down from $999

    • -1

      I got the Kogan 10kg Inverter model delivered last week for $539, this was the cheapest 10kg model I could find anywhere. Seems like it washes as good as anything except mine is stopping at the rinse cycle and I need to manually set it (out of the box, only done 2 loads) so I've got a technician coming to see it soon. I can let you know if you are interested? aside from that issue it seems like a nice machine for the price. It could even be the same as the Haier machine, the only different things about it seem cosmetic, colours and the position of the panel and the knob are swapped.

    • +1

      Got Electrolux 10kg model a few weeks back it is great. Works with your phone to do custom washing modes. 15 minutes for small loads, 60 minutes for quick loads. Everything comes out super clean and uses less water and energy than most other brands.

    • +2

      Picked up this Fisher & Paykel 9kg front loader from the GG's for $754 two weeks ago and it's superb. It's got a 30 minute cycle which I wanted. I don't trust 15 minute cycles and 60 minutes is too long. It's a tank though, not easy to shift once it's in place. https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/fisher-and-paykel-9kg-front-l...

  • +3

    We've had the bigger version of this for a few years and it has been very good. Great price if you are happy with the size.

  • +8

    My experience of Samsung:
    Great for TVs, phones and other electronics.
    Hopeless for appliances.

    Had one of these and it literally fell apart after 5 years. Before that I had to replace the door seal twice (a bitch of a job) and the lock and hinge. Also had a Samsung fridge that lasted less than 4 years.


    • +2

      Mine died after less than 2 years aswell

    • I have had a fridge for a few years, so far so good, but a mate who has one had their ice machine go on them

    • +4

      yeah their fridges are crap from all the reports, especially if they have built in ice maker.

    • +3

      I agree. I would also avoid Samsung appliances. My fridge died at the start of the year. Samsung service centre said that parts are only available for 5 years. After that you pretty much throw them out. Independent repairer also mentioned that they don't touch Samsung due to parts not being availability.

      I also have 4 close friends who had Samsung TVs die within 2-3 years. Not the best quality.

      Better off paying more and getting a better brand.

      • +1

        We've had a Samsung side by side fridge freezer with ice maker and water dispenser for about 11yrs now but the ice maker doesn't work anymore but the rest of the Fridge is still going strong :)

    • +3

      Samsung front loader died just before the 5yr mark (faulty mainboard, was common with the model) replaced with a Bosch last boxing day and much happier with it in general.
      Fridge and microwave of the same age still going strong though and been great… so far haha.

    • +1

      Samsung warranty dept. are notoriously difficult to deal with too.
      Last time I looked at their Facebook page it was a train wreck of people complaining that their warranty was knocked back.

      • -2

        Agreed. Had to threaten taking them to Fair Trading NSW a week ago to get my deserved full refund out of them. Won't touch another of their products.

    • You should add: hopeless for TVs and mobiles.

      After 2 years of use, banding started to appear on my Samsung LED Smart TV, then in the third year it failed fully, no power on or anything. They often have defects out of the box, as I've read. How does anyone put up with this when their are alternative big brands selling quality products? My replacement Sony 4K LCD has been going strong with no issues for over 3 years now.

      Mobiles? The Exynos are all slow and hot (used an S10e, disappointing speed, high battery drain for such a small screen and super hot out of the box). My Snapdragon S20 FE 5G went straight back to Samdung after 5 months for the ghost touch issue caused by a widespread hardware defect they've tried to cover up with 5 software updates. Now Samsung has been sued in the US for the camera glass shattering on all phones in the S20 series.

      Samsung Australia customer service is mediocre with month-long waits for appointments at their store, however their compliance with ACL is SHOCKING and so frustrating. I had to threaten reporting them to Fair Trading NSW before the service centre acted and gave me a full refund for my undamaged S20 FE. Their reason was "an act of good will" - that's trying to cover their asses to avoid taking legal responsibility after I showed them extensive evidence of the issue with my phone, directed them to thousands of other user complaints, and wrote them a few essays.

      Check the Fair Trading NSW complaints register and Product Review if you're unconvinced. Worst business in Australia.

      As for appliances, I've had a good run with Panasonic microwaves and Fisher & Paykel washing machines for over a decade now.

      TLDR: Won't go near another Samsung product ever again. I don't support low quality & dangerous products, planned obsolescence, frustrating business practices and unlawful warranty/replacement/refund conduct.

  • Dont forget 7% cashback on Harvey Norman giftcards @ shopback.

  • +9

    Pay extra couple of hundreds and buy Bosch and send me a thank you letter in 10 years time

    • +3

      Whats your address

    • +2

      Bosch series 8 owner here, two moths old.
      After 16.5 years I sold my 7kg Samsung for $200. It was in perfect condition. Was doing 4 washes a week.
      I've regretted buying Bosch (made in Germany) as it doesn't have prewash cycle! This was the highly rated and awarded model by Choice magazine.
      User manual said it does have prewash. Now fighting Bosch to either upgrade it or refund it due to misleading advertising.
      Why is prewash important? For heavily soiled items, prewash is softens up dirt and makes it easier to clean it in the main cycle. My old Samsung did a better job than Bosch due to prewash cycle.

      BTW, my old Samsung was made in China!
      I wouldn't hesitate buying a new Samsung again. So, if the size is OK for you, get a Samsung.

      • +1

        This is not a coincidence. If you ask any service centre, they'll tell you the white goods, fridges, washing machines built 16 or 17 years ago, are much better quality than today's. My Hoover washing machine bought 17 years ago is still going strong, and I have no intention of replacing it.

      • doesn't have prewash cycle!

        Are you sure? Does it have a prewash icon?

    • My 8kg Bosch died last week, I replaced it with an LG 9kg/5kg combo which gets delivered tomorrow. Hope I haven’t made a bad decision

  • My wife is gonna love me so much if I buy this right now for Mother's day. They'll also do delivery and remove my old washer machine for $70 - seems like a pretty good deal to me! I'm not seeing a ton of negative reviews on this unit so it seems like a pretty good buy.

    • +1

      You might find you could off load your old one for free if you ask about? Those scrap metal merchants will often just pop around and take it off you if they're in the area I think?

    • +1

      You could sell your old one on Facebook marketplace for parts instead.

  • -1

    What's the regular price for this one? Looking to buy a new machine, was gonna get Miele but see even bad reviews for the quality and the service for them…

  • I have an older model WF1752WPC that had the spider broke and started making knocking sound after 5 year.
    I believe it came with only 3 year warranty. But I just gave a try to see if they gonna repair it for me and the was surprise they approve for the repair.
    But when they were repairing it he machine they found another issue with the drum that they need to replace. I think all parts would have cost a new machine. But now it has been 7 years and it’s still looking working fine.
    So this machine and samsung have served me well.
    This is just my personal and experience.

  • This one is great. Still have the previous model and no issues.

  • +1

    These are all throw away junk.

    I had a Sammy which lasted 3 years, to Samsung's credit they took it away and credited me the cash and I bought a bigger Sammy which 12 months later is still working.

    I'm getting on but in the last 20 years I have owned Asko, Bosch, Samsung, some cheap no - name banger and frankly they've all been short lived trash. They've all washed well, mind.

    I reckon <$500 for a decent-ish brand which should give you 4 to 5 years useful life if you are lucky is a gilt-edged bargain and I would buy one, quickly.

  • +3

    never buy a Samsung white goods, at least for me.

    I got a Samsung washer dryer combo for almost 2 years now, about 3month ago the door starts to leak water.

    Called them up, a service guy came out replaced the door, during the next washing I found that the door was loose called them up again, service guy came out said it was a faulty part replaced again.

    Few washes later the door starts to leak water again, they came out replaced the door and seal.

    When I thought that was it the damn thing is leaking again.

    Then they came out again saw there are creases on the 1 week old seal said this maybe the problem but shouldn't be the case.

    Called Samsung up it's been over 2 weeks now, all I can get through is the call centre, all they do is make notes, been telling me someone will get back to me next day, next 2 days ….no call back

    Don't save the $100 and regret later! Buy a different brand

  • Does this one dry your clothes as well? I’m looking for a good all in one washer/dryer any recommendations?

    • Recommendation is don't buy a combo unit. The drying cycle doesn't dry the clothes thoroughly. That was advice from the sales lady at the GG's when I bought my washer from them two weeks ago.

      • Combos are all condenser type dryers, so they take ages and are only really better when the machine is in an enclosed space that isn't well ventilated e.g. a cupboard. They also may need a drain hose or a container emptied from time to time

    • It's not ideal but if you are limited by space buy a combo unit - I wouldn't be dictated by that advice given to you

  • +1

    had 2 samsungs washing machine, both had issues at 1 year and 2 years, and after warranty samsumg were terrible to deal with.
    This was a while agao so they may have improved. but like many I will never buy samsung whitegoods again

  • Does this have both hot and cold Hoses? I stuffed up and bought one with only cold.

    • Most don't these days, it's considered more efficient to let the machine heat just the water it needs

      • Really? My old machine was so much faster. The machine heating the water takes ages

        • Yes, and of course it's not a blanket rule, depends on lots of factors. Of course it's convenient for manufacturers to just save money and leave it out.

          Keep in mind front loaders use less water, and retain the heat better than top loaders, so less energy to heat, less reason for hot water connection.

  • u may need a large paper bag for cash and carry

  • LG all the way. Haier/F&P good too nowadays. I'd get Euromaid over Samsung any day.

  • +2

    Nobody's mentioning the stupid music these things play when finished! Its like a full 20 seconds long.
    The startup sound - which I find annoying af cannot be switched off. The so called mute all sounds button does not do that just muted the long end cycle joyous music tune .

    • How true. Just a simple short chime to let you know that it's finished the cycle is all you need. Maybe a reminder after 10 minutes or so too

      • Yes precisely and that's exactly what it was on their last machine - which I had for 5 years. It also turned itself off with a quick little chime … my new rule when buying appliances is to ask to have it plugged in to hear the noise it makes not only chimes but fridge motors for example : had the worst bosch fridge that started a LOUD obnoxious constant beep like a flooking truck reverse just to close the door after like 15 seconds too quick and it couldn't be turned off ! I ended up taking it in a trailer to my sisters rental house for the tenants to enjoy ! The motor ran so loud I couldn't believe it.

    • What's wrong with a bit of joy?

      • +1

        Thank u ! That music was very pleasant! Wish the machine played something like this instead …

        • hehe, the timestamp on that video is what your machine plays :)

          • +1

            @ilu: Haha! No way! I didn't pick it … the machine just sounded like a dodgy Samsung flip phone ringtone from 2010 … so … someone at somesung does have good taste in music - just the "built in speaker" on the machine is seriously lacking … I'm actually triggered by it and am considering dismantling the front panel to see if I can find the speaker and disable it PERMANENTLY - any ideas would be gr8 lol

  • -2

    It's telling me $55 for delivery, I thought delivery was free?

  • Good price but just like LG meakes clearer TV's their washers do work longer and are quicker. Samsung should stick with smartphones!