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Optus $65 80GB 24-Month Sim Only Plan + $1250 Credit towards Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 5G @ Harvey Norman In-Store


Seems like a pretty good deal for Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB. Minimum cost is $1560 over 24 months.Recontracts and rate plan changes are excluded

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB - $1249
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB - $1349
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB - $1249 (Save $400) - Expired 2/05
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB - $1949

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G Device Offer (In store only):
Customers who sign up to a new Optus $65 My Plan Plus 24-month SIM only plan in store at Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne during the offer period will also be eligible to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 5G device with up to a $1250 discount applied upfront to the cost of the device at point-of-sale. Device must be purchased at the same time the plan is taken out. Limit of 1 per service, up to a max of 5 per customer. Not available to TechFund and Fleet customers. This offer is not available with any other offers, unless specified. Min plan cost $1560 over 24 months ex cost of device. Plan cancellation fees apply. 5G is rolling out in selected areas (excluding NT & TAS), check coverage in your area at optus.com.au/coverage. Optus Fair Go policy applies. Recontracts and rate plan changes are excluded. Offer available in store only until 3 May 2021.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +1

    I guess zero chances for existing customers?

    • +2

      Seems like it will try porting away hopefully will be all good

      • What do you mean?

        • +3

          port out to another provider not affiliated with optus then port back in on that plan as a new customer, kapish?

    • +1

      I was on Optus month-to-month plan. Went to Optus and transferred number to pre-paid, waited an hour and went back to HN and got on this plan. No cost to cancel M2M plan and no upfront cost for pre-paid so effectively a free transfer.

  • Wait I don't get it. Is $1249 we have to pay extra for the S21+?

    • +4

      No, it would effectively be "free" because of the $1,250 discount

      • +4

        They should pay you $1

  • +3

    24 months, even telstra start to push those 12m plan.

    • +2

      Make it a $1,250 HN voucher and I’d be happy to sign up for 24m instead of 12m!

    • Really?

      I'm finding more and more people I know signing up for 36 month plans… I think because apple and Samsung (apart from deals like this) flagships are getting so expensive it makes plans expensive over 24 months.

      Personally though I'm on a 12 month plan though ozbargain 😅

      • Agree the flagship phones are getting quite expensive; used to have decent $0 phones on $30-$49 phone plans on 24 month plans but most are at least $50 on 36 months these days!

  • +5

    Is there something wrong with the S21 lineup?

    Seems samsung has been pushing hard to sell these

    • +18

      Lack of expandable storage (MicroSD) is still a sore point for many.

      • +16

        I think it's a minority. I used to care about these things, but now I don't really see the need for it. Sure, everyone's use case is different, but I think a tiny percentage of consumers will actually make purchase decisions based on expandable storage.

        • +18

          For me, that's been the biggest thing stopping me from upgrading.

          My current S9+ had a 120gb sd and now a 400gb sd.

          Every time I've upgraded phones I've always been able to transfer all my files and photos. Not anymore though. Upgrading this generation would be the first time I have to clean out my phone storage or move to cloud storage.

          You might argue, do it I need all my photos on my phone? Maybe not, but every now and then I do flick though them and share memories with friends. If they weren't on my phone theyd probably fade into obsolescence

          • @Harold Halfprice: Try Google Photos. The optimized photos are automatically uploaded to Google Photos. Then backup the original photo to computer and freeup the phone storage.
            When you want to share photos, just open Google Photos you can easily find your photos by typing keywords or from face group .etc.
            Try it, back up your old photos before they stop offering free unlimited storage for high-quality photos on June 1, 2021.

          • @Harold Halfprice: It is exactly the reason why I am never buying another Samsung. I am on my last one. I don't trust/like my data being online because it will only be a matter of time for a breach of any online service. The sd card is a deal breaker.

        • +14

          There are literally dozens of us ;)

          I agree that it's obviously a minority. But even 2 or 3% of their customer base would still be a massive number of customers. And I know it's old news by now, but I still use my headphone jack all the time. If my Galaxy S9 (great phone) broke tomorrow, the next phone won't be a Samsung because I'd have nowhere to put my 512GB SD card, have to carry around a headphone adapter and generally feel like I was paying more for less.

          But I'm definitely in the minority. If it was up to me they would still have an IR Blaster :)

          • +10

            @Falbium: If you're still using the 512Gb Micro SD Card from a few years ago, I highly recommend you back everything up somewhere else too. The lifespan of SD Cards isn't as long as many believe, and the possibility of a failure increases with time.

          • +2

            @Falbium: Yep, agree with you.

            Basically I lost interest in Scamsung when they started copying crapple by removing the headphone jack and expandable storage.

      • +3

        and the fact it doesn't come with a charger or cables!!! following apples marketing tactics, sad

      • I don't think so… my phone has 256gb storage and I'm far from the average user. I've never thought about needing more for a long time.

    • I think phone sales are dropping . Samsung knows that if they can sell you their phones then you will be influenced to buy their other products such as tv, sound bar, washing machine…

      For me, I'm not buying a flagship without expandable storage.

      • +3

        i don't think this is true… a lot of big tech companies (including apple) posted quarterly earnings last week, every one of them have reported record sales and profits by a huge margin (except huawei for obvious reasons).

        • +2

          You can't miss what you've never had - Apple have NEVER had expandable storage, Samsung has…
          For the price they want for this thing it can damn well have an expansion slot…

    • +7

      S10 lineup was the best in a long, long time. 5G support, all new design, amazing new screen, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, you have to do something big to beat that.

      I have the S10 5G which has 2 ToF depth sensing cameras, 45w charging, 8gb ram, larger display, 4500mAh battery, headphone jack and 5G obviously. I feel that anyone who upgraded to the S10 line won't be upgrading for a while - it's like the jump from the iphone 8 to the X.

      • +1

        I upgraded from my S10+ recently via the Samsung trade in promo couple months back. I get better reception now than when I was on the S10+ (apparently a common issue), I do prefer the speakers on my s10+ but rarely use it to be an issue. The 120hz @ 1440 is out of this world and the relaxed curve is much better imo. The FPS is miles better as well.

        Tbh this just feels like an S10+ "S" model which I have no issues with because the S10+ was absolutely their best package. I wouldn't have upgraded if not for the promo.

    • +1

      Nothing wrong - Samsung just trying to push units. Spending hasn't recovered on tech items after the huge surge on work from home tech early pandemic.

  • Would this sim deal include Optus Sport?

    • Yep

  • -3

    Would snap this up if it was the s21+ ultra

    • +3

      It is. Come it's +699 for the ultra

      • -2

        Ye Hard knowing people got such a good deal for the trade in

    • Lol. I guess the reality is, you wouldn't snap this up.

      • Tempted coming from s10+, not sure if major upgrade though

  • +4

    While removable storage may not be necessary with better built in storage., the issue starts when the phone dies on you for good.
    If you are not using cloud services your data like photos are gone.
    So I prefer expandable memory.
    Still you need to back up regularly as SD cards too fail .
    People stay with Android for such add one.
    I am not forgetting the fact apple enjoyed mammoth 54 % profit surge.

    • +2

      I'm with you there, I take ALOT of photos and the cloud storage isn't enough to start with and the other problem is the videos and photos are compressed when you try to view them 'from the cloud' on your devices. I have my own backups in place anyway but those sd card slots help when there is an unexpected mishap with your device where I lost everything which happened to be my one and only device that didn't have a sd slot. Long story short, I won't buy any device without one.

      P.S. I can't stand Apple.

      • +3

        I agree A flagship that does noy have expandable memory slot is a rip-off.

        apple gets away with it,

        because their customers are sheep.
        all flagships should have SD card slot and dual sims as a standard Nothings less.

  • +2

    Currently on the 65 a month for 500gb data. Not sure if I should tie myself back down to 80gb.

  • +2

    24 months! :(

    • -4

      So you are saying you don't plan on having a phone plan over the next 24months?

      • +1

        If they are dual SIM phones I'd understand.

        But I don't see the point of upgrading to a WhizzBang 5G network if limiting oneself to only 200MB/day.

        • It takes esim and another physical sim.

  • Thus is tempting, not sure how they making money here.

    • +1

      65 bucks for 80gb, that's how

      • Yes but aren't you effectively getting the phone for $310 over 2 years? $1560 plan cost minus up to $1250 for the phone. Then at the end of the 2 year plan switch to a sim only plan or find another carrier deal

        • +1

          Just goes to show how overpriced the phone actually is.

  • What is a ‘market price ‘ for the phone if you were to sell them on gumtree say?

    Trying to work out if it’s worth getting for the sim alone

    • Wouldn't they be locked to Optus?

      • +4

        Nope you are essentially taking out a 24m sim only plan and then buying an S21 outright but with $1250 store credit applied

    • Around the $850 mark is what I've been seeing for the past month. Looking at buying

      • +1

        So basically after selling the phone you end up with $29.58/month for 80gb/month on a 24 month sim only plan.

  • +1

    Last time they had this deal with the s21, the optus app told me was $850 to cancel the plan, Which actually made it a 14month plan.
    Not sure if changed.

    • 50% of the remaining plan fees, If you want to cancel the plan, i guess

  • Pretty sure not worth

  • Does it includes international calls?

    • I don't think any of these hn deals have international calls.

  • Does anyone know how cancellation works? It says the max cancellation fee is $780 and reduces every month. How much does it reduce?

    • $780 is exactly half of the total 24 month contract cost so I reckon every month the cancellation fee will become half of the amount owing on your contract (e.g. $747.50 after the first month).

      • What happens to the $1250 voucher incase of cancelation?

        • That voucher gets used instantly when you take up this offer as they put the voucher credit towards the phone you walk out with.
          They won't ask it back from you

          • +1

            @Bargainaholic: Thanks, so really samsung s21+ 5G 256GB could cost just $780 if someone were to cancel their plan next day?

            • @Flyingbeast: Don't think so, it's $65 plan for 24 months so min cost $1560?

              • @Craze: What he means is that you immediately cancel the plan upon buying, termination fee is $780 (based on t&c)

                • @Hardwood198: Wait is that really how much it cost?

                • @Hardwood198: Ah right, thanks for clarifying. The trade in offer might still be a better deal, depending on what people are after?

                  • +1

                    @Craze: You are right, it depends.I haven't worked out all the combinations, but what is unusual with this offer is that HN have dropped the price of S21+ 256gb (black and grey) to $1249. With this, the effective total price if you cancel immediately is $780. Pretty tasty imo, I might jump at this offer.

                    • @Hardwood198: Yea the S21+ 256gb for $1249 (down from $1649) makes this deal worthwhile in my opinion

                      • @kovoker: I'll head to the store, will see what the salespeople say. Deal ends 3rd may so gotta be quick

                        • @Hardwood198: Yeah let us know how you go.

                        • @Hardwood198: I'm gonna head into a store too and see if they have the S21+ 256GB available

                        • @Hardwood198: Please let me know how you go. May jump to it as well.

                          • @Sang11: Got the phone. Deal looks okay.

                            would recommend maybe not cancelling the day after, let it ride for a while.

                            • @Hardwood198: Thanks mate. Called my local HN and they have a few in stock. Gonna get one for myself and the Mrs.

                            • @Hardwood198: Hey mate, any particular reason for not cancelling it’say the next day?

                              • -5

                                @victorheaven: You can do what you want but just shut up and be discreet, if you go to the shop and ask such stupid question nobody will sell you the phone since they just waste all their time to get nothing for you to abuse it.

                                • +1

                                  @samehada: That's why I'm asking here instead of the HN store? Lots of questions about ETC in the Telstra deals, I hope you can be bothered shutting everyone up.

                                  • @victorheaven: ppl already clearly know what they need to do, ppl like you keep publicly pushing for how to abuse the system just get it all shutdown quickly.

                                    • +2

                                      @samehada: On the other comment you seemed to be thinking this is abusing the system and is NOT right.

                                      Here you are worried that these abuses are found out and shut down, which camp are you on exactly?

                              • +1

                                @victorheaven: Hahaha just trying to avoid being too sus.

                            • @Hardwood198: I signed up today too- only had silver left as someone called up to reserve the violet. Sales guy also convinced me to take another 5GB data plan for $15 (month to month) but gave a $100 HN gift card in return.

                              Apparently stock is quite limited especially for the violet and rose gold colours, might take a month or two for stock to come in? So just took the silver available.

                              Now to find a good phone case before changing over from my S8.

      • +1

        Anyone had experience with cancelling with Optus the day after? Seems like good value at $780

        • +1

          I spoke with optus who confirmed I can cancel without paying anything extra, but I would still be paying the first full month (ie $65 + 23*$32.50).

  • +2

    2 years with Optus kills it for me

    Very decent deal though !

    • +3

      depends where you are. in retrospect i;d rather that then JB Telstra i'm currently on. I was on Optus for as long as i can remember and had fantastic coverage. Moving to Telstra late last year, i've been getting sub-par LTE at (and around) where i live.

      I know you aren't taking this angle but OzB (in general) has been a pool of Telstra fanboys for years but we need to change that to situational as rival networks perform better in some locations.

      • +1

        True. my telstra plan was so bad after switching from optus that I got the TIO involved to cancel my JBhifi $65 plan. Im with optus prepaid now.
        Just waiting for a good deal to come up.

  • Good Optus deal. I feel for anyone looking to recontract with them as they literally offer no incentives to. It pays to jump around the providers.

  • Does anyone know if you can combine a Student discount or a multiple services discount?

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