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Optus $65 80GB 24-Month Sim Only Plan + $1250 Credit towards Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 5G @ Harvey Norman In-Store


Seems like a pretty good deal for Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB. Minimum cost is $1560 over 24 months.Recontracts and rate plan changes are excluded

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB - $1249
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB - $1349
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB - $1249 (Save $400) - Expired 2/05
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB - $1949

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G Device Offer (In store only):
Customers who sign up to a new Optus $65 My Plan Plus 24-month SIM only plan in store at Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne during the offer period will also be eligible to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 5G device with up to a $1250 discount applied upfront to the cost of the device at point-of-sale. Device must be purchased at the same time the plan is taken out. Limit of 1 per service, up to a max of 5 per customer. Not available to TechFund and Fleet customers. This offer is not available with any other offers, unless specified. Min plan cost $1560 over 24 months ex cost of device. Plan cancellation fees apply. 5G is rolling out in selected areas (excluding NT & TAS), check coverage in your area at optus.com.au/coverage. Optus Fair Go policy applies. Recontracts and rate plan changes are excluded. Offer available in store only until 3 May 2021.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Good Optus deal. Does anyone know if we can cancel order placed few days back as part of trade-in offer, haven’t got the phone yet. Thanks

    • They have Change of mind policy, u could send email to confirm

    • accept delivery and then complete a return via Auspost…they will tell you to refuse delivery if you contact them but dont do that..they told me to and it's been 30 days without a refund yet.

  • Do you pay HN or Optus for the phone plan?

    • Optus

    • +1

      It’s 100% Optus, just the plan is offered via the resellers portal on Optus commercial websites.
      Unlike JB Hifi, which gets stuck with the account being flagged as a JB account

  • Weighing this deal up (The S21+ for $1249 down from $1649) is the best value of the credit/voucher vs the Samsung trade up offer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619315

    • +1

      Edit seems my reply makes no sense now due to change

      • Sorry I changed (found the answer) before I saw your reply lol.

    • Tossing up between this dea and thr trade up offer too.

      $700 for S21 (if you don't get charged for the $500 for not returning the phone) vs $780 for $S21+ (if only $780 is payable upon cancelling on day 1.

      Samsung seems to be trying really hard to sell their SEA series this year.

      • The S21+ 256gb is $1649 on the Samsung store and with the trade up offer (-$400) and codes (-$200+$50) + not return old phone (S8 +$35) the outright price would $1034.
        So this Harvey Norman deal seems ahead

        • Harvey Norman is hardly normal eh.

        • That trade up offer is only good for S21 in my opinion and I will definitely not get a S21+ there.

          Agree that this is the best offer for S21+ at the moment.

  • Not bad. $780 ETC.

  • According to the HN website the S21+ 128GB is $1249 and the S21+ 256GB is $1349.

    All the references to a $1249 256GB s21+ appear to be incorrect but I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

  • Does Optus do number swap like Telstra? So you get a new contract but swap an old number into the new contract.

    • No they don't, you need to port in your number when sign up. You can't swap in other number later.

  • -1

    Just to confirm, this still require a hit on credit file right?

  • Any good telstra deals ATM? Since the one that was the S21+ Ultra for 450$ w/ 99/mo contract 12months

  • It's such a good deal. Please come to Harvey Norman Joondalup if you are keen and ask for Rich. I need the connects haha . Boss is on my ass

    • Can you confirm that $780 is all we have to pay if signing up and cancelling straight away?

      • why should he want to even sign you up if this is your intention? He just wasted all his effort and get nothing. You need to be on the contract for certain period (not sure how many month?) for the commission to be counted for the sale.

        • +2

          This is Ozbargain and we are all trying to get the best bargain. I don't know the pay structure but I would've assumed there would be an upfront commission.

  • Does this deal have the option of getting a new number? or do we have to port our old number?

    • New number

    • +1

      New number is fine according to the sales guy at HN.

      • awesome thank you

  • great deal for the s21+ 256GB!

    • yeah, made me wonder who will get the S21 256GB for higher price when you can get S21+ 256GB for cheaper price.

      • Yep the value is definately in Getting the s21+!

  • +1

    Does anyone know if optus do the $10 port-in credit to make it $55 a month?

    • Optus provides a 25% discount upon signing up for a secondary service in the same account.

      But your mileage may vary, given this is a Harvey Norman hosted plan/promo.

    • +1

      I signed up today so will jump on chat tomorrow to see if I'm able to get a $10 credit.

      • Any luck with the credit?

        • Nope just finished with chat and they said no port in offer available :(

  • I went and bought it and even told the guy I would be cancelling instantly. He didn't seem to care at all.

  • bought a s21+. the sales guy mentioned the early cancellation. he didn't seem to care. he did say if you cancel it after12 months cancellation fee will only be like $100? is that correct? how does it work? If that is the case it would seem the best thing to do would be wait 12 months before terminating contract.

    • The sales guy just told me that if you cancel you have to pay the 1249$ back.
      Can anyone confirm?

      • +1

        Sounds BS to me.

        You're signing up for a $65 optus SIM plan, the Phone is just a bonus through HN.

        • He said the phone also comes through optus

          • @ElieShami: Comes through Optus? bs. Dont think they are linked?

            Does the $1250 credit come through optus too?

            • @Turd: That's a good point.
              I really don't know mate, I almost purchased it until he said that.

            • @Turd: it won't last, they will soon close it with other T&C like Telstra/JB deal.

        • He also checked with the optus representative at the store and he confirmed.
          I'm genuinely asking about this because if I get shit reception with optus where I work I might have to cancel. I had to do that before.

    • After 12 months cancel fee is probably $780/2 = $390.

    • Careful got stung by telstra and heaps of other people when we changed a telstra plan with $0 handset google pixel. Ended up getting waived after lodging a complaint

  • The sales guy just told me that if you cancel you have to pay the 1249$ back.
    Can anyone confirm?

    The sales guy also told me that both the 780$ and the 1249$ scale down if you cancel after let's say 3 months.

    • Should probably hop on live chat and double check

      • I did, they said I need to speak to the store.

    • HN reps are hungry…horrible to deal with because they are like used car salespeople but you'd secretly want them to work for you if you owned a similar business lol. Just check T&Cs. JB have recently included a clause that requires you to pay the GC back but that doesn't stagger based on months.

  • From past experience… I dont trust HN sales guys. They all make up things.

  • Wow saw this post too late and its Labour Day tomorrow in QLD, so HN will be closed when the deal ends :((

    Is there any way I can redeem this??

    • +1

      It appears from Google some stores may be open on Monday. Everton Park etc

      • True, only looked up my 2 local ones and they were both closed tomorrow - thought it would be the same for the rest. Thanks!

  • When I click on that link it brings me to the gift card and pone plan terms and shows a table where the 24 month $65 plan rewards a $600 gift card only and that the deal ends on 02-05-21 which is today. Has the gift card value been reduced or is this specific deal only being advertised in the store?


    • +1

      Scroll all the way down, there are additional offers on the page.

      Looks like the S21÷ has hiked in price.

      Oh well

  • Telstra where are you

  • HN website showing S21+ 5G back at $1649

  • Special Price on s211+ finished yesterday.

  • Got a 65/mo 180G deal with a larger coverage but sysop prohibits me from posting

    • What's the deal? I'm looking for a S21+ on Optus.

  • Is it possible to price match when you use the $1249 gift card to buy the samsung phone? Id say it isn't possible. Shame the s21+ is back up to 1650, I should have checked OB yesterday…

  • +1

    Deal should have expired, I was told that yesterday was the last day of the offer (only a 3-day deal)

    • +1

      Today is the last day of this Optus Sim offer.
      3rd May.

      The S21+ offer ended yesterday.

  • Has anyone got the phone and cancelled yet? Need confirmation to see if I only need to pay the ETC and not the handset.

    Optus App showing the ETC but nothing under device repayments.

    • The contract shown cancellation fee: $32.50 x months remain

  • FK me regreting hard for not taking up this deal. Hopefully it comes up again