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30% off Influencer Ring Light Tripod Kits: 8" $89.65, 14" $138.30 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @JB Hi-Fi


30% Off Influencer Ring Light Tripod Kits Eg Influencer 8" RIng Light Tripod Kit $90 @JB Hi-Fi

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    Influencer ….that word still gives me the creeps.

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      I want to neg this deal on that word alone!

      • As do I. But a deal is a deal regardless of who is going to buy it. OzBargain saving money….this is the way.

        • except of course if it's still over priced junk.

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      Same, sad world when that is a job.

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        A job? LOL. Being a freeloading leech will never be a job.

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          If you think about it, all they are are 2021's version of a salesperson with the narcissistic level turned up a few notches. All salespeople are corruptable by the freebies or incentives they receive.

          • @ph81: Yeah but there's a great big chasm of a difference between a salesperson selling their wares to a freeloading shill.

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    The fact that engineers gave up part of their lives to design this makes me cry inside

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    ozbargain need to crowdfund and purchase all of these in existence and destroy them all

  • This will go well with

    Now we just need a deal on an inflatable hot tub.

    • And overpriced bathwater will be for sale.

  • These ones with the mic stand are pretty weird, but the concept of these is good in general - I have one from Bunnings behind my webcam for work video calls when WFH - the downlight in the room generally leaves my face in shadow and the light makes a huge difference in being able to see me.

  • Eww… Influencers

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      What I feel when I see influencers.


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    "Influencer" crap aside, these are great for looking better while streaming or even in a corporate zoom call, but you can't beat the kmart one for the price.

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      It's perfect for the onlyfans starter pack.

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      these are great for looking better while streaming or even in a corporate zoom call

      Why does that matter? Vanity.

      • Vanity.

        Isn't that like the first lesson of becoming an executive?

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        Because a corporate zoom call is a poor substitution for an in person meeting, and being able to see eachother on zoom goes some way to improving the situation. It's more engaging when people can see each other, and especially more so when they can see clearly

        • The good thing about working in IT is not judgemental what people look like.

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            @PainToad: It's nothing to do with what you look like, it's about body language and facial expressions being a part of the way humans communicate.

            • @Domingo: I prefer not to do video calls as I often at toilet when doing conference calls

              • @djmm: Well you gotta assert your dominance.

  • Has anyone here tried this?