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1,000,000 Seats @ $0 fares (just pay airport tax, surcharges & fees) with AirAsia


1,000,000 seats available - we pay the fare, you pay the rest. Book from 26-31 Aug 2008 for travel from 1 Apr - 31 Jul 2009.

Fly to Kuala Lumpur from (includes airport taxes, surcharges & fees):

  • Gold Coast from AUD171 one way
  • Perth from AUD157 one way
  • Melbourne from AUD182 one way

Seats may not be available on all flights. Flights are operated by AirAsia X.

Many more destinations departing Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Bali

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  • This is phenomenal! The tax for kuala lumpur-Melbourne inbound trip is about $138 so a return ticket is only $320+ !

    • It does only so "Fly to". I hope they also have the "Fly from" available.

      • AirAsia has this kind of "free seats" promo before, and don't worry it includes both leg of flights.

      • Promo is applicable to both ways, if I'm not mistaken.

  • I would make sure I book with Credit Card - Just to make sure I get the money back if the bird doesn't fly. Malaysian Airlines should get nervous!

  • The booking starts tonight at 2AM Melbourne/Sydney time (or 12 AM Perth time)

  • Nice deal - but i would be very cautious of this airline..

    Only fly with established and trusted airlines i say

    • What you on bout man! they are the jetstar of south-east asia!

      I flew with them from K.L to Bangkok early this year with no probs at all!…and just got myself a return flight from melbourne to K.L in November for $427!! :D with meals and luggage allowance.

      Tempted to get another trip for next year at these prices!

      Sorry to tell ya mate but other countries have established airlines too, not just Australia.

    • like Qantas? :P
      Sorry couldn't help it.

    • I flew with Airasia when i was in singapore. They are true to their name (budget airline), but they are ok with airline maintenance/safety.

    • I don't think you know very much of this airline. If Richard Branson of Virgin can take a 20% stake in this company and Manchester United doesn't mind being affiliated with them I can't see how they are not established?

  • It states: Travel from 1 Apr - 31 Jul 2009

    The website only allows bookings up to Apr 2009 though, so would it be safe to assume additional drop down options will be available come 2am? Dont wanna miss out, thats all.

  • Useless, nothing in April. I logged on at exactly 2.00am. What a load of cr@p!
    Free fares available in othher months though

  • This is an awesome deal! I just booked 5 return tickets with 25kg baggage and selected seating. It worked out at $370 per person! I've flown with air asia before. Theyre great! Only problem is the seats are a tiny bit cramped and theres no in flight entertainment. But what do you expect at such low prices? My advice is to get the comfort kit on the way over and keep it for the way back and future flights. It makes a difference

  • I've flown on Virgin, Jetstar and AirAsia … and I daresay all three airlines are on the same par. I've experienced delayed flights on all three airlines. They are afterall, budget airlines. So you get what you pay for, I guess.

    I agree with mlastelle. Have to echo on the awesome deal!

    What I normally do is pack my PSP (remember to load movies!) and a book as my own personal in-flight entertainment

    On a side note, AirAsia is apparently famous for their nasi lemak.


  • wow wow wow! Great deals.

    too bad i missed out as ive just paid for my flight with other airlines few days ago. crap :(

  • bah humbug -ve for the hell of it.

    • Sorry mate. I have to revoke your vote — please take your negative votes seriously.

  • So tempted but don't know where to go! haha.

  • I have flown with them before as well. I have no problem with them and would travel with them in the future.

    One thing to note though, delays for a couple of hours isn't unusual. For budget airlines, if one flight is delayed, it often sets out a chain reaction. But you can try your luck and ask to board the earlier flight at check-in.

  • you have to specify a new date (in the search) every time you want to check flights on next/previous day. I can't find a way to check flights availability on other adjacent days like many other airlines, unless someone can advise me.

  • Little Confused, are flights only to Kuala Lumpur, or are they to all the listed destinations?

  • all destinations they fly to (AirAsia X, AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia)… Please check the availability here, many of free seats are gone. http://www.airasia.com/site/my/en/page.jsp?reference=1mfs

  • Ok,but say Departing Melbourne / Gold Coast, they only fly to Kuala lumpur (if I am getting this right).You then need to book an additional free ticket to get from Kuala Lumpur to elsewhere?

    • Correcto! this way they will not be liable for any losses of misconnection. so allow ample time for any flightconnection.

  • haha, typical.

    I'm having trouble figuring out what days are free. I've found some days advertised as '149, economy promo' (Melb to Kuala Lumpur), yet it says in red 'does not include taxes'.

    Am I looking at the wrong fares here?

    • Hmm, if you want the free tix sale, it should show $0, the fare you are seeing in the booking engine is the base fare without tax.

    • According to their availability page, there's only "limited" $0 tickets between Melbourne and KL in May and June 09 and July is all gone. You'll probably have to start from 1 May 09 and keep changing the dates till the end of June 09 to see which days still have the $0 fare showing.

  • It's on the news

  • I am a bit confused…it this price that comes up for the tazes, not the fare? Below it says "fare does not include fees and taxes" blah blah. Its so cheap, I just dont want to book it then find out I have to pay more on top.

    • After you select your origin and arrival destinations together with time and date, you will be taken to the availability page. The price quoted there does not include tax and charges. After you've selected the fares and clicking next, you'll be presented with the total fares with tax and you will be given options to add addons. Remember, you won't get charged until you supply them with your credit card details. Hope this make sense. Ps-to get the "pay tax only" fare, the base pretax fare should show $0, which is very limited now.

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