This was posted 8 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Shipping on Almost Everything in Stock @ Kogan


Free Shipping on Almost All In-stock Products using code 'OPENPAY' at Checkout

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    Pairs well with my recent $30 cash back reward from CommBank

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      Will it work(stack) though?
      “Offer cannot be used with any other offer. “

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        Yeah it should. CBA rewards just look at the vendor in your credit card statement. They'll see you spent the threshold at Kogan and rebate you $30

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      Hey I got that too. Nice. Thanks helpful stranger

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    They have got to clear their surplus stock urgently

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      curious .. why?

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        "In the three months to March, customer demand fluctuated below the levels in the prior nine months to December 31.

        As a result, the company was forced to store a larger than expected amount of inventory, leading to more storage expenses and demurrage fees - charges applied to shipments left in a terminal after the allotted free time.

        The company expects the shipment issue to be finally resolved from May and has increased promotional activity to move stock."

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        "Their ego's ordering stuff their body can't sell"

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    Well these promos make their "Kogan First" product redundant.

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      A lot of the products seem to be cheaper for Kogan First customers, so feels non-Kogan First customers are still paying for the Free Shipping in the cost of the product anyway

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        really they make the price differ? i thought its just free shipping for kogan first customers

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          I thought the same however a lot of them are advertising a "Kogan First members" price when on the list of products, then when you select the item you'll see the standard price

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        Kogan first, customer last.

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      Allegedly if they already offer free shipping on an item, kogan first bumps you to express shipping

      • First also means priority to shop for the best and leave unpopular items to the mass later.

        Actually the majority items in my wishlist have been increase by about 10% with free shipping for the mass.

      • Hah. The express postage will be negated by their delays in dispatching product in the first place.

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  • Are Kogan TVs worth it? Looking for a 55" for around $500.

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      I've had a couple in the past as secondary TVs, they work, but I found their "smart" functions to be painful to use and ended up upgrading to a better brand, so ended up being a false economy.

      Obviously this may not apply to the model you're looking at, but check recent reviews.

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        If your only complaint is smart functions isn't it cheaper to buy a Chromecast or similar?

        • We did buy a Chromecast.

          But you have to balance value vs cheap - the ongoing complaints by the less tech savvy members of the house over the sluggish UI even to get onto the right input for the Chromecast or to use USB as source vs not having any complaints by paying for a better brand.


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      Having bought one, they do the job just fine. But if you can spend a bit more, go for something else like a Hisense or Samsung.

      Much better quality for only a couple hundred more.

    • We bought our Kogan smart 55" TV for $500 incl shipping 2 black fridays ago - I have to say, if you are an occasional TV user, its more than enough. Pictures are nice and close enough to a premium LCD (like 80% of the performance for half the price).

      The smart TV functions are slowly getting slower with every update, but at least they are updating it so far. My plan is to use my XBox as the smart TV / app once the smart TV functionality breaks / goes bad.

      No doubt buying a Samsung or LG will get you a better picture and functionality (for example 120Hz, variable refresh rate) but really, if all you need is the TV, it is basically a no brainer.

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        Smart functionality tends to age poorly on TVs, it's a shame products don't last anymore

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          You're right - and if i remember reading correctly, this isn't just limited to lower end devices

    • dont buy their smart tvs. the OS is rubbish. better off buying a dumb tv and pairing with a google chromecast tv or nvidia shield. i dont recommend the apple tv unless you want the locked down experience of any apple device

      • I would just always have it connected to my Shield if not watching FTA.

        • you can download the FTA apps such as 7plus or 9now and watch them. thats what i do since my unit doesnt have an aerial

          • @HKS: They do the job until something like the AFL grand final comes along and you can't stream it.

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    I think it only applies to the items sold by Kogan, not the marketplace items.

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    $24.99 delivered. Works for me…

    Xiaomi Mi Percision Screwdriver Set

    • You should rather get the xiaomi electric set wowstick 1P+19 in 1 cordless,uses 2 AAA batteries, way better, I love it, no more sore wrists and fingers esp for fixing pc's and laptops/phones….. was about $35 delivered via ebay.

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    Code works cant find anything to buy

  • weird i cant find a place to put the code. not in cart, not in checkout screen… weird….

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      This happens to me too - I suspect it's because their site will only make the code field visible after checking the items are eligible. I noticed that say, when I put certain marketplace items in, there is no place for the code, but if you select one of the Kogan products, the field suddenly appears next time you are in the cart.

      Ideally they'd at least tell you why the field isn't available?

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        Ideally they'd at least tell you why the field isn't available?

        It's Kogan, as far as one could get from what might be ideal or reasonable. :-)

  • The smoke from hazard transfer burns made even my cat vocally upset, so I picked up an Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro for $199. Looks like I might get $20 from Amex too.

  • Does it work with marketplace?

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    prices on everything i've been watching have increased (by $50-$100)

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      Looks like ACCC's last fine wasn't enough for this unscrupulous business.

  • do you need to create and pay with openpay or can you use any payment method?

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      Any payment method.

  • Was just now (after midnight) able to apply code to Perfecto Nespresso Compatible and some Baileys flaovoured pods. Okay prices, only mentioning as an example of a product that still took the code after expected coupon end time.
    Thanks OP :)

  • Thanks OP got a Logitech MX Master 3 for $79 shipped after combining with Commbank rewards.

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