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Anko Virtual 7.1 USB Gaming Headset $20 (Was $39) C&C /+ Delivery @ Kmart


Seems like a great cheap headset for the price. Reviews generally seem good. Plugs in over USB, not audio jacks.
Go crazy.

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    These or Bose Quietcomfort?

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    These or the Sony XM4's?

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      These come from the same factory as the Airpods Max

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        So, these or the Sony XM4's?

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        These are the Airpod Max just without the Apple sticker.

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          Yea obvs, you just got that extra metal rim around the top for extra durability 👌

  • How does this plug into xbox one? Directly into the console?
    Specs state "3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable" included but none shown in piccies.

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      Probably into the TV. It would just be stereo audio too.

      • Xbox controllers support 3.5mm jack for headphone/mic. Just wondering if this headset definitely has one.

        • 9th piccy has a 3.5mm cable.

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            @M00Cow: My wife got a set yesterday. From the headphones, there's a single cable that goes into a little volume/mic controller. From the base of that comes the USB cable connection, as well as a separate 3.5mm jack. The jack goes straight into the xbox controller and the USB into the back of the xbox (or PC). The USB is only for powering the LED lights on the sides of the headphones, but isn't removable from either the headphones or the volume controller.

            For the price, they're totally fine for casual gaming, but it's a bit annoying having to have two cables out of the controller to your devices.

    • 9th piccy shows a 3.5mm cable

    • And you’ll need another 6 and one tenth cable to get your 7.1 surround.

  • "3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable and CD software setup disk included". Looks like it supports analogue as well - there appears to be a 3.5mm hole in the control box.

  • These or the new Apple AirPod Max?

    • Big decision, cheap vs expensive.

      • More like one vs many!

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    These or a high yield investment?

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    I bought these yesterday as I want to send back my Nuraphones back, I was only using them for my PS4. It is good quality for $20.

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      Is voice quality good enough for meetings (teams, zoom)?

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        its good enough to yell at kids in call of duty

    • Can you confirm they also have a 3.5mm plug as well as the USB? Is the USB cable removable or does an extension 3.5mm plug into it?

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    Anyone know if the USB plug will work with USBC on Android?

  • They look comfy at least.

    • The first comment on kmart - pretty tight but fine

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    Damn why do kmart and coles constantly keep nagging about logging in. Even bank accounts dont log me out so fast! Frustruating!

    • Frustruating February

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        Frustruating is for male's period.

        • Good joke!

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    I must say, I purchased two microphones from Kmart (Professional Gaming Microphone - $39 and the Adjustable Gaming Microphone - $25) and the quality has been greater than what I was expecting.

    Microphones for anyone interested:

    Professional Gaming Microphone: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/professional-gaming-microph...
    Adjustable Gaming Microphone: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/adjustable-gaming-microphon...

    Not sure how these headphones are, but if the microphones are anything to go by, you'd be laughing for a $20 punt.

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      Maker's Muse on YouTube has a complimentary review of the $39 mic as well. Pretty cool how well it compares to the pro equipment.


  • Bought these a few months back. Pretty tight if you have a big head like me.

    The soundcard is not detachable so you have a lot of extra cabling when using it with the console.

    Decent for $20

  • KMarts stock checker for in-store pickup is always wrong, two local stores both showing online as having stock for pickup don't have any stock.

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    Kmart reviews aren't always what it seems to be. The keyboard review looked good until you use it! Lol

  • just picked mine up. First impressions are these are great for the price. You dont need to install the software, Win10 does better job of 7.1.
    Slightly uncomfortable over time; 1-2 hour max. LED is green only. Microphone is quite good.

  • Bought x2 for the kids, they love them. I tried them out and they're comfy for the short while I used them, but long term the ear 'cups' weren't big enough to fit over my quite normal sized ears.

    Sound quality was pretty damn good for $20. I've spent a lot more for a lot worse in the recent past.

  • Can anyone upload the setup software, please? I don't have cd-rom to read it

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