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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 AM4 CPU + MSI B450 Tomahawk II ATX Motherboard Combo $349 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Similar deal to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618479 but with a much stronger motherboard for $50 more. CPU currently listed at $279 @ Shopping Express, which values the motherboard at $70. Motherboard itself has been as low as $119 on ozbargain.

Higher tier B450 board, only major negatives are the lack of ARGB 5v headers and only having 1 M.2 slot. VRM strong enough to handle any AM4 cpu, so upgrading the CPU an option down the line

Edit: Appears to be Out of Stock now.

Edit 2: Back in stock as of 3:30pm 10/05/21

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    55 up votes and not a single comment.. Looks like a bargain. 😜

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    Thanks OP, I picked up a combo and got the Corsair Vengeance ram to go with it - https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/corsair-vengeance-lpx...

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      If I'd known that, I would've suggested getting one of the kits on this page https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/Corsair-Gaming-Ram-RGB-Ve... which allows for 10% off the ram in cart and free shipping should apply to the whole order. In this case, the Vengeance RGB Pro 3600c18 would've been around the same price but allowed free shipping on the order.

      • Nevermind, worked it out.

        • Seems like they might have removed the 10% off, even though it was meant to last until the end of today.

  • Why everyone always talk about vrm on motherboard, it doesn't mean anything to most people

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      I think you are correct that it doesn't mean anything to most people, since very few run sustained high CPU loads or higher-end chips. But it's definitely nice to have a system that doesn't throttle unnecessarily or suffer instability for those that do need it. In a sea of same-same mainboards, I reckon the VRM is a very important differentiator.

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        i've been running a 3900x fluctuating between 50-100% cpu usage 24/7 for days with no issue on a B450 aorus elite, known for having shit vrm, all you need is appropriate airflow, good vrm is only if you're overclocking but most people don't do that

  • Is it too late to grab ryzen 5 3600? Is there a later model coming?

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      the 5600X is already out.. with a significant price increase ($420 the cheapest .. but basically around the $500), but also a significant performance uplift of between 15-20%..

      the cheaper Zen 3 cpus, have not been released…

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      It's fine.

      The later model is out, 5600x, but it's double the price, for around 12% better performance at 1080p, less than 4% difference at 1440p, and 0% better at 4k (see the 16 game average chart near the end of this page: https://www.techspot.com/review/2185-amd-zen-3-ryzen-5600-ve...)

      12% faster than 3600 is about as fast as it gets. The top intels are similar. You won't be seeing big gains like 20% or 50% faster in CPU performance anytime soon. Meaning the 3600 will stay current for many years yet.

      Mid and low end zen 3's may be worth waiting for if you don't need a CPU right this second. My guess is that there will be a lower-end 4-core 8-thread part (like the 3300x), which is cheaper than the 3600. Unlike the 3300x, a zen 3 with 4c8t will be faster than the 3600 in ALL major games, not just some, and hopefully for a similar price.

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        It kind of looks like the APUs might be the first low end option, at least as far as official word from AMD goes there's R3 4c8t to R7 8c16t released for SIs and "promised" for DIY by end of the year, unlike the 4000G series - https://www.amd.com/en/processors/ryzen-with-graphics

        Whereas non-X no iGPU CPUs nothing concrete. I really wanted a 5600 non X myself.

  • So this bundle finally puts the Ryzen 5 3600 in Ryzen 5 2600's previous price bracket of around $200 for the CPU. Very good find. If I had a need for one now, I'd probably pounce on this deal.

    • Really the b450 is 100 and the cpu 250, so not quite.

      • I did a search on the mainboard and couldn't find it for $100. Where did you see it for this low?

        • Previous deals e.g. b450 mortar

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    Would this be considered a side grade from a 5930k?
    Looking for a low cost temporary upgrade due to some motherboard issues.

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    Tempted to upgrade from my 1600, but it's still good enough for my uses. Maybe I'll wait until there's a killer deal on the 3900x since I know my mobo is compatible with it.

    • There should be plenty more zen 3 models arriving soonish, and CPU deals are increasing due to fewer builders (because they can't get GPUs). Hold off as long as you can.

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    Bought the 3300x and msi b550-a pro with a 16gb 3200 ram kit last week for about $420 delivered.

    Plan was to use this for 12-24 months and then upgrade the 3300x to 5600x when prices come down.

    Was this the right move you think? Gaming only.

    My thinking was spend more on the MB (but less overall) so that upgrade path was easier with decent overclocking if/when I want down the track but would lose much if anything with the 3300x vs 3600?

    • motherboard tier doesn't mean anything especially if you want to use 5600x

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      Seems good to me.

      CPUs aren't getting much faster each gen. The improvement is smaller each year. It'll be 5 years at least before I start looking to replace my 3300x, I reckon (in fact my last CPU it was closer to 10 years, I replaced an i3-2100 with an i5-3570 in 2019 for $35, and that machine is still gaming like a champ, just not at 120FPS in everything).

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        I agree, the 3300X is an upgrade for me coming from i5 6500 and the difference in performance I'm getting from the RTX 2060 super is huge.

        Way more than I expected from the benchmarks I read, bottleneck was worse then I thought!

  • Would this a significant upgrade if I go from Intel i5 circa 2014 (silent build with Seasonic no fan power) which is currently running windoze 10. No games.


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      Depends what you're doing exactly. For general internet browsing, word processor/spreadsheet stuff then the i5 should still be fine. If you're doing stuff that takes quite a bit of computing power, then there will be a noticeable difference. Assuming your i5 is 4th gen, so something like an i5 4590 or similar, then you'd also need to upgrade your ram to DDR4 as that cpu/mobo would be using DDR3.

      • Thanks. I am going to wait until mine fails. It's quite snappy for web browsing and word processing. I will never do processor intensive stuff unless I am arguing online with someone on something that doesn't matter. :)

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      Yes would be an upgrade security wise. The patches for spectre and meltdown has reduce old Intel platforms. That why so many on Facebook are selling on Facebook

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      I'm in a similar situation as you. My old build is using a i5 2400 from 2011. I don't play any games on this windows PC and it's running perfectly fine for all of my purposes. CPU benchmarks says my CPU scores around 3900 whilst this AMD beast scores ~17800. I don't think it makes any difference for regular PC use honestly.

      However, the AMD does seem to run at 30% less power, whatever that's worth to you. I'm tempted to upgrade simply because it's a good deal lol

      • Haha yes. I don't mind low scores on testing because I never test.

        30% less power is good but I doubt I would save $350 (plus more for memory) over the lifetime of the product to make up the cost.

        My build is silent (no fans on power supply) and very low RPM case fan which is a blessing (NO sound at all) and sometimes a curse (forget to turn off the damn thing!).

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        If you want a low power setup for general PC work that also beats $2000 PC's for 'most' content work creation work loads (not gaming), you cannot go past an M1 Mac Mini when it goes on sale around $900.

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        in these kind of situation focus on 'single core' performance

        a newer stronger single core CPU will make things load faster and feel snappier,
        but having said that it has reached a point where a 10 year old CPU is perfectly usable.

      • Thanks boys. That makes sense. I will stick with my old machine.

  • CPU & mobo arrived yesterday. I'm thinking of a build that skips the graphics card and monitor (1440P) because GPU's are expensive and it's not worth buying a good monitor until I get a card.
    So I will use my old GPU and buy a cheap 1080 monitor for now. Looking forward to finally moving on from my old, old AMD 955!

  • Looks like this is back in stock.

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      Yeah, shows out of stock on the product page that the deal links to, however you can add to cart and it isn't giving the usual out of stock warning and preventing purchase. With the 20% motherboard sale (ending in about an hour), it seems to be $279.20 + delivery right now

      • Oh wow, thanks. I didn't see that. Just noticed there was the option to add to cart and maximum order of 5 allowed (yet below it says "out of stock" for some reason).

        • Out of stock again

          • @divvydan: Yeah. The button to add it to the cart is still showing, but now it complains they don't have stock if you try to check out. I managed to get through the order process. It might have been a website issue where it's out of stock but it still lets one person through? Or maybe they only had a few. Will update if anything happens.

          • @divvydan: It's in stock again. No change to my order.

  • Picked one up today. Thanks