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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag $37 + Delivery @ Electronics Superstore via Kogan Market Place


Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag for $23.36 + Delivery / Free if Kogan First member @ Kogan Market Place (Including Cashback and Bonus from Cashrewards)

Cash rewards bonus = $10 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/621095 (Thanks OP)
Upsized cashback @ 10% ($3.36)

To get this price please make sure you activate Cashrewards bonus and navigate through Cashrewards website / App

Description from Kogan:

This is an international product

The Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag makes your on-the-go life more worry-free than ever. Keep track of something precious while it’s on the move or find your car keys that fell behind the couch.

Find items nearby
Galaxy find network within 118m
One-touch IoT control
Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
Replaceable battery
Compatible only with Samsung Galaxy phones

Not sure about the seller. Please let the community know if anyone has any prior experience.

(Mod note: Price in title should not include post-cashback pricing. Guidelines)

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  • +2

    i would wait for the + model which has UWB

    • T he tag ringing isn't enough?

    • +1

      Only useful for those with Note 20 Ultra, S21+, S21 Ultra, and Z Fold 2

      • Not sure , I think the chip is inside tag sends single which can be transmitted by all samsung devices that install smart things app. But again it's future proof and can be detected by not just your phone but others too

        • UWB is only supported on the Note 20 Ultra, S21+, S21 Ultra, and Z Fold 2. Therefore, SmartTag+ is of no benefit over the regular SmartTag (which only support Bluetooth LE) for other Samsung devices that don't support UWB

          • @blazingspeed: For now. I can't imaging you would want to keep upgrading your tags as often as your phones…

          • @blazingspeed: But isn't UWB about other devices finding your tag?

            • +1

              @singingwolf: UWB isn't essential for the SmartTag+ for other devices to find your tag given it has Bluetooth as well. The main use for the UWB currently is AR finding feature to track the precise location of the tag within 15 meters (vs. Bluetooth which has higher range but lower precision)

  • Can this be attached to toddlers?

    • define "attached"

      • Hole-punching is generally frowned upon until the child is old enough, at which point both ears are done at the same time

  • Can this be attached to wives?

    • +6

      Yes you can buy two and get them to wear it as earrings.

  • +1

    I wish Samsung would have made an effort to at least make their tags look a bit more nicer/sleek rather than a design from the 1990's.

    • +4

      It still looks more practical than the Airtag, tbh.

      • +9

        Yeah at least there's a hole for keychain. Doesn't require you to purchase an accessory for an accessory…

        • +1

          That's where Apple make their money.

        • Too bad it's placed in such a way the tag will hang awkwardly from your keyring.

          • +2

            @smartazz104: Where is a better place for the hole?

            Having the hole at the corner allows the tag to hang diagonally, which is the designed orientation of this tag. This also reduces the chance of the tag getting caught in things compared to it having the hole at the mid-point of the side. Tiles have the same design too but more compact.

          • +1

            @smartazz104: Where would you put the hole if not there?

      • Yep, can just put these on a keyring you already own. Of course apple have to make theirs require a proprietary accessory to even be able to attach them to anything.

      • Apple prioritizing form over function? Unheard of!

    • Wait for gor gen 2? I mean that's how you upgrade according to Samsung

  • someone explain how 2 main competitors come with same/similar shit every (profanity) time at the same time

    • +1

      corporate espionage, you say? hmm

    • +4

      They didn't come up with this, it's been available from Tile and other providers for nearly 10 years now.

      • Samsung has also been dipping their toes into such devices over the last couple of years.

  • I don't believe this has a water resistant on it. It may be better to wait for the Samsung Tag plus

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