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LED Magnetic Camp Light $15 (In-Store Only) @ Kmart


I just picked up one of these and was pleasantly surprised to see it scan through as $15 even though it was marked at $25.

Build quality is nice and the magnetic base is strong. It can be rotated or angled in any direction. Video of me playing with it on the fridge.

It appears to have been removed from the AU site, but the Google link here still exists. Also the Kmart NZ page still has the product page for details.

Not sure if it is an error or it has just been reduced without updating the price tags.

Plenty of stock was found today in both Lidcombe and Rhodes NSW.

Carry this LED magnetic camp light on your camping excursions and use it for visibility post sunset.

Product Details
Dimensions/Size: 15.8cm (L) x 17cm (H) x 6.8cm (W)
Technical specifications:
LED maximum power: 5W
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Charging time: 4 hours
Working time maximum of high brightness on: 2.5 hours
Working time maximum of low brightness on: 5 hours
Lumen: 380LM high / 180LM low
Beam distance: High light around 20m, low light around 10m
Colour: Green and black
Three mode lighting (high, low, flash)
2 magnets in the base
Rechargeable 18650 lithium battery 2000mAh
Up to 2.5 hours working time at high level
Adjustable LED light angle
Charging cable included
Additional Information

Warning: Do not dismantle or disassemble light. Keep away from fire. Follow usage instructions carefully.

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      Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man.

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        ok, who's providing the cream ?


          112 are. They made a whole song about it

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      I like apple pie

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    Looks good, will see if I can grab a couple. Thnx.

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    Video of me playing with it on the fridge

    If I click that link I really hope you’re standing or sitting on a fridge.

    I’ll show myself out…


      How do they have 33k subs wtf? It's settled, I'm going to start making content like this then


    "Colour: Green and black"

    Yeah, nah!

    Also a single 18650 cell I a bit small, this is half the capacity of many mobile phones.

    But I agree the price is good.

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      It's more high vis yellow to be honest…

      Yeah I can't comment on the runtime as I haven't had it that long yet.


    If the item is marked at $25, but scans at $15 - you should be able to get the item for free, assuming Kmart abides by the scanning code of practice.

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      Take a second and just think about what you’ve posted.


        Oh, I agree.. it's a dick move to say that this item scanned cheaper than it is on the shelf… give it to me for free… but that is what the code of practice allows.


    So hate cool white camping lights. Why is it so hard to find warm white lights arghh


    5 left at Castle Hill marked at $15