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Alesis Nitro 8 Piece All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit - $652.34 Delivered @ Amazon AU


I've been waiting for this to come back on special, and really glad I waited.

According to CamelCamelCamel this is the historic lowest price ( Down from the $799 RRP and common $740 and occasional $687 price.

Lots of positive reviews on youtube saying it's a great starter kit and with midi output, so if you have something to plug it into (PC/laptop etc) with some drum software you make it sound however you want.

The Alesis Surge kit has some good upgrades over the Nitro (larger snare and dual zone toms) but I haven't seen it on special before in Australia like the Nitro commonly is and so is heaps more expensive.


***Edit: Back in Stock in Amazon AU again! ***

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Good gift for a niece or nephew. You know, if you hate their parents.

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      e-kits are pretty quiet, better off with an acoustic kit for that situation :-)

      • +2

        Actually the kicks are known to be annoying to neighbours.

      • +6

        the bass drum still makes a fair bit of noise and especially vibration .. make sure you upgrade to a double pedal and introduce the kids to death metal for maximum annoyance.

      • -2

        Errr no, they are loud as hell. I have a grand piano, a flute and a roland TD6 in my house and the TD6 is the loudest instrument even when playing offline.

    • +2

      Um its electric. You need to make sure that they only use it with an amp. Better to be safe than sorry and just get normal drum kit.

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    Good price for a mesh head kit from a known quality brand.

    If you can afford it, make the jump up from rubber pad e-kits to a mesh kit. Your hands will love you for it.

    • Would u know if this is mesh or how it compares to OP?

      • -1

        Did you read either ad? Both state the answer to your question clearly.

        • +2

          Both are mesh but wat is better do u think my man?

          • @Ozvalue: I think the Roland is better. At that price point, it’ll be great quality. Alesis also make kits at that price too.

            But the OP’s e-kit is very good value for money.

            And it depends on your needs. If you’re a new drummer then I wouldn’t spend too much. But if you’ve been playing for some time then it might be worth investing in something better.

      • +2

        Roland kit is mesh.

        At this price point you’ll get a lot more sounds and they’ll sound better. The mesh will probably be more responsive.

        Roland make very good e-kits.

      • If you're still looking, the Roland is 1000x better. Alesis is pretty bad quality, even their high end kits will likely break in a few years of heavy use. For the price listed here, it's good for a beginner who will upgrade later but if you want quality and longevity, go Roland or Yamaha.

  • How is this compared with the basic model of Roland's V-drums?

    • Reviews are that :
      You can’t beat it for value. The mesh plays decently
      There’s not really a middle ground in sensitivity compared to say Roland. (Ghost notes don’t really work well).

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    Expired already? :(

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    For those that missed out on this deal, I heavily recommend the Artist EDK924M. It far exceeded my expectations, and I prefer it to my old Alesis DM10 (that finally stopped working properly, RIP). Comes with a mesh kick drum too, which I WAY prefer to the pad style of the Nitro.

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      I've never played drums in my life and I want this kit after watching the video on your link. Do you seriously recommend it for beginners? I'd love to finally learn to play drums.

      • +1

        I reckon so - I think it’s as good as it gets before extending into the $1000+ mark for the better Alesis’ and eventually the Rolands.

        Learning how to hit a mesh head will be a lot more transferable than the usual pads the cheaper ones have, because of the way the stick bounces back. Used to be a luxury premium, so it’s pretty great it’s becoming more affordable now. I would simply recommend you get the occasional lesson with a teacher that ensures you get a bit of experience with a real acoustic kit, just so you have an idea of what the difference is like (such as the snare/floor tom being considerably larger, and how hard you need to hit it)

  • Currently looking at getting an electric kit to.

    Some considerations:
    How long do you want a kit to last for? Get your second kit as your first kit if you want longevity. Mesh heads are great. How important is sound quality? Some great software out there if the kit can plug into a comp/import samples. Would make an affordable kit sound like a kit worth a few thousand if the brain can be bypassed. You’d need headphones or an amp with good dynamic range to really get the most out of that.

    That said for a first kit that you might like to casually hit things, I’m not going to trash this one, great price.

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    I love these types of posts. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I missed out but I'll keep an eye on it. Add to Cart > Save for later

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      UK Amazon stock is still available if interested

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    I know you mentioned AU vs UK in your description regarding warranty, but just wanted to note you can also still get it for $651 with free shipping from Amazon UK

    • good point, I'm guessing it would come with the UK plug too though, but easily fixed with a converter

  • I need theses to annoy my neighbours about payback time.

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    Thanks OP - bought one! Is there any advice for an affordable AMP? Or could you use a normal speaker for this drum kit? Sorry - new to this. Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      you're welcome, I'm interested in the amp question too. I'll see what I can find out.

      • Thanks. It looks like the advice below is quite helpful!

    • +2

      you can use normal speakers or headphones.

      something like this seems to be the entry level price for an amp specifically for electronic drums (20W, 6.5" woofer)

      or a little more expensive (35W, 10" woofer)

      amps from Alesis (Strike 8, Strike 12) or Roland (PM-100, PM-200) are all more expensive

      monitor headphones like Sony MDR-7506 or Audio Technica ATH-M50x will work really well too.

      • Thanks a lot for the details information and advice! Really helpful.

    • +1

      Don't get a guitar amp if you plan on playing it at volume.

      Guitar amps have a narrower frequency response biased to the high frequencies, won't sound great and may not last. Get either a drum amp, a piano/keyboard amp or a powered (active not passive) PA speaker, all of which cover a much wider frequency range.

      Something like a Behringer B110D Speaker (about $270 new) would be overkill for home use but would be OK for small gigs, or jamming with mates.

  • Amazon UK is showing additional $308.68 for shipping

    • Looks free on Prime

  • +1

    Any suggestion for cheap stool?

    • Hoping to know too!

      • Mine has arrived and I've been using a crappy office chair!

        • I've been searching Gumtree, FB Marketplace for a decent stool.

          Though how are you finding the drum set?
          Any comments or impressions so far?

    • Artist Guitars has some alright ones

  • Back in stock in Amazon AU again! Get in there quick.

    • and Out of stock again, but back in stock in UK.. I will mark this as expired

  • Appears back in stock for Amazon AU at $655.52

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