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TCL 10 Pro 128GB (Ember Grey) $374 (Save $375) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


It appears to be an all time low for this phone with a 50% discount on sale at the moment.

Further details of phone specs can be found at GSMarena

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    Tempting but I want a great camera and looking at reviews, this is a let down with this phone.

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      will you find anything better for $374 though? there's always something better but it depends what your budget is

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        Looking at sample videos on youtube, it appears worse than a Galaxy S7 - which can be had for less than $100 2nd hand in great condition. You can find new in box S9's for cheaper than this TCL.

        Yes the TCL has more cameras, but more worse cameras doesn't equal a better camera overall.

        Pretty sure my old LG G4 looks better than it too, even without G-cam.

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          Link please for new in box S9's cheaper than $375,thanks.

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            @bkksam: Here's one for close to it. It even has the Snapdragon processor which is faster and has better battery life than the Exynos, while still having band 28.

            There's also many available as refurbished in as new condition for around $300 or less.

            Also congratulations on making your 5th comment in 11 years on that account, not suss at all lol!

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              @studentl0an: eBay your link S9 - US version with no warranty.

              TCL local warranty 2 years

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              @studentl0an: I didn't realize it was a "comment competition".I believe true comments are more valued,as do the voters.Your link does not reflect your initial comment.

            • @studentl0an: Here we go again.. exynos vs sd..

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          Where are you finding s7s that cheap without them having some kind of fault?

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          A second hand S7 could be 5 years old at this point. Even if it's in great condition the battery would be shocking.

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        Yes, Redmi Note 10 Pro

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      The lower the budget. The lower the expectations.

      You want a great camera. You gotta pay to play.

      • Most people never look at the photos they take; ever. Then they change the phone and start all over again. ;)

    • I'm in the same boat.

      Apparently the redmi by xiaomi is great value for money with an excellent camera

      • I can concur with this, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is a banger

    • We got my wife a TCL Plex (which was their cheaper model), and the camera is pretty good! I'm not comparing it to something high end, but it's high quality, fast, good colours, good in low light. She thinks its great

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      If you want a great camera buy a camera.

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    lol was anyone really going to pay $749 for this?

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      It’s saying $450 on the gsm site at the end of the specs .

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    $374 for a phone with AMOLED, HDR10 screen?!!! Bargain.

    I paid $350 for Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC with LCD screen and similar specs. As this site values bargain, this is the best phone in this price range available in Australia. (I got my Poco from Amazon UK).

    • A number of us picked up the Vivo x50 lite for 215 and has an AMOLED screen, don't know about her 10 but the screen is brilliant. Some of the other specs are better also, e.g 8gb ram

      • was that Australian price with local warranty? Lots of deals here on OzB get posted where devices are shipped from OS and there is no local warranty.

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          Yes, from JB and OW. I didn't even need one but the deal was too good to pass up, and the phone better than my current one, and was going to pick on up anyway for a friend.been using for a week or so already, and it's been excellent

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    Popped up when I clicked the link " frequently bought together, Nutribullet 900w blender and this phone.

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      a very expensive morning shake ….

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    If you have access to Suncorp rewards, it’s cheaper to buy with gift cards from Mobileciti via Catch + Free delivery

    Also $373.44 delivered via ebay plus coupon code

  • Snapdragon 675 and 6gb Ram

  • What IS a good bargain around this price? Asking for a child wanting a phone….. ;)

    • Just buy them a Samsung galaxy fold or and iPhone 12, otherwise you are a cruel parent that deserves shaming

      • LMAO! I like being shamed for owning crappy things.

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      Redmi Note 10 Pro is $400 shipped via Goldway @ Aliexpress

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    If this is anything like their TV, I'll stay away from it, poor customer service and product.

    • I have e w of their TV's and I can't complain. Cheapest 4k had 10 TV on the market at that time with Android os

  • redmi note 10 pro

  • Poco F3 seems a much better buy - Pay an extra $100 for a much faster CPU

  • Tech Spurt review https://youtu.be/uSkZMtQGm9k

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    Get the Poco X3 Pro or the Moto G9 deal currently running over this. They're both cheaper and superior.

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