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Lenovo Chromebook Duet $359.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys


Already on special for around $395 everywhere, the coupon helps it further.

Sure, not the cheapest on record, but bloody good for right now

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    This is such a great secondary device. Too slow for a solo computing device but great as secondary. Brilliant to read from and consume media too.

    I use mine for presenting. When running workshops it's great to have as notes.


      I use mine for conference calls. Noise cancelling works really well.

      ChromeOS also avoids issues with work accounts that want you to install 'work profile' to connect to email / chat services.

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    Will this be ideal for a kindy student. Reading eggs, matheletics etc

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      For sure. I just bought one for my 9yo to replace an aged, cheap tablet

      With Chrome OS you can have multiple logins, so when you want it you can just login to your Android account

      Oh, and Chrome OS gives 8 years worth of updates, which come out every 6 weeks!

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    Got one for $317 inc delivery ($8) with the commbank $50 reward offer.


    whats the lowest ever price? i remember from amazon while ago… hmmmm

    Lenovo Duet Chromebook (128GB) $312.80 Delivered @ Amazon AU
    initially for everyone then only for prime


    Can you price match at Officeworks using a code?

    Duet Officeworks Link


      Just tried at Officeworks Osborne Park and they said they don't price match promo code offers


    I have one of these and its my go to device while im at home. Fantastic for travel as it has a battery that wont quit.


    My wife does work on browser based solutions. Xero. Banking etc. would a chromebook be perfect? Can you watch full res YouTube videos too?


      It has a HD screen. Watching media on it is quite enjoyable.


      Yes. It is excellent for joining video calls as the audio noise cancelling means you don't need to use a headset.


    Can confirm, excellent device. Bought @ $312 recently. Detachable keyboard is great so the device can be used as a tablet. Comparable to an entry level surface. Trialled both and the surface felt laggy, also the surface requires you to buy the keyboard and case separately, these are included on the chromebook duet.

    Only gripe is you need to get used to the keyboard, smaller than standard. But it is good as a travelling device. A xiaomi bluetooth mouse makes a good companion for this and will keep the single usb c port free. Battery lasts forever.

    Overall good device for price


    If the keyboard fails on you, it is near impossible getting a replacement one. Even Lenovo support doesn't have the stock for it.