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XP-PEN Star G640 Graphic Tablet $47.69 (Was $52.99) Delivered @ XP-PEN Australia Official Store


Star G640 graphic tablet, good specs at a good price

Many other models also included in the Mother's Day sale with up to 30% off:

Main competitor to the G640 is the "One by Wacom - Small" which is currently $79 @ Amazon, has less pressure sensitivity levels (2048 vs 8192) and half the refresh rate (133 vs 266):

The first party drivers for Wacom tablets also contain spyware:

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XP-Pen Australia official Store
XP-Pen Australia official Store

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    Amazon, same store same price

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    Thanks for reminding me about the Wacom spyware. I haven't heard of XP-PEN until now. I have bought both Huion and Ugee (and Wacom) products in the past. Can't complain.

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    Do you geta free ring sizer with this (going on the surge of ring sizer posts)

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      well, I'm sure I am not the only one who has ordered the ring sizer from all those websites…


    Is this useful for Lightroom and photoshop editing?


    Note there are 2 versions of the G640 - Rev A (higher refresh rate) and Rev B (lower but smoother interpolated refresh rate). You can choose when buying on the official store by adding an order note. Buying from Amazon will get you a random A or B


      for general use with miro and stuff, do you recommend Rev B?


        Rev B is better for general drawing and art
        Rev A is for using the tablet as a total mouse replacement and for the fastest response in games like osu!


    Aside from illustration, signatures and photo-shopping… What other things would one use a tablet like this for?