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Bonus 6000 Flybuys Points with $100 Spend in-Store or Online @ Coles


I'm going to 100% assume this is targeted, bonus/spend may differ.

Spend $100 in one shop at Coles in store or online for orders placed and delivered or collected between Sat 8 May and Tues 11 May 2021 to collect 6000 bonus points. Offer only redeemable once.

6000 bonus points = $30, so at 30% bonus flybuys dollars, this is a whopper of a deal from Coles. Check your inbox.

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  • mine $50 for 3000 points

    • Same ratio, 30% bonus!

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      Cheap Bastards only offered me 1000 points for $50 spend this time :'(
      I'm going to Woolies just to prove a point

      • This is what you do, keep partners reward card on your phone for both woollies and Coles and agree to only use one account/shop at a time, the other 3 accounts will then start to get good offers to entice you back.

  • Mine is $260 spend for 1000 points lol

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    • +1

      Time to go and create a new account. I am on my third accounts currently.

  • Mine is only $60 for 2000 points :(

  • $200 spend for 10000pts ($50) = 25% back

  • 2500 points for $160 spend..

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    The more you spend at Coles, the worse your deal is. Thats how the cookie crumbles unfortunately.

  • 2000/$90 lame

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    I often get these deals, this week I got 2 offers that overlapped. 2000/$90 and 6600/$110 so essentially got 8600 + the normal point/spend for spending $110+. Win!

    • Ur sure of the dates? Usually these 3 days offer doesn't overlapped. Unless u get that 4 weeks thing, then it might overlap with the 3 days offer like this.
      I got back to back 2000 points for $60 spend, from Wed-Fri and Sat-Mon. Was $70 the 3 days prior. As others said, if u don't use it, it'd decrease the spending amount but only to certain extent.

      • I looked at my flybuys transaction and got both for the one purchase?

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        Mine overlap all the time. I get them Tues-Fri and Fri-Mon. Spend amount and points has fluctuated greatly recently, but today I have two 7800/$130 to claim :)

    • Correction I just looked at my transaction and it was actually 4000/$90 so I got over 10600 points in total for $110+ spend, even better :)

    • Did you actually 'get the points' though? Edit, looks like you did. Hopefully all the reports to AFCA are getting through.

  • 2000 points for 140 spend. Must be all the discount GC I have been buying up of late. Lol.

    • So buying GC contribute to the weekly spend bonus?

      • Apparently because this flybuy only buys GC so far :D

        • I bought a few gift cards too. I never usually go coles though because I only have 5% off wish GC’s.

      • Oh. If you're asking if GC contribute to the $140 spent. The answer is no. It doesn't count.

  • 9600 for $160 spend. Should I bite or wait another week.

  • Sweet. Got what op got. Finally getting decent offers.

  • 2000 for $80 spend here.

  • Got an offer for 10000 points on $340 spend. Had a big shop due that week for some family parties so got the points plus $15 off for Mother's Day. Decent deal.

  • 10,000 for $260 spend

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