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LG 48" OLED48CXPTA Ultra HD OLED Smart TV $2290 + Delivery @ Videopro


Great TV \ Monitor, I've had mine since day 1, bought directly from LG, I paid $2,799.

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    Wanting to get this to use as my PC monitor. Trying to figure out how to mount it and be sitting at least 60cm back from it… Anyone have some experience or suggestions?

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      I have a deep desk, about 70cm. My desk is against the wall band I have wall mounted the screen. I guess I'm sitting about 80-100cm away from it. For gaming it is amazing, for Web browsing it's maybe a touch to big but something u will get used to.

      I have oled brightness turned down to 50 to minimise the burn in risk. I auto hide the task bar and have the screen turn black after 3 minutes of inactivity. This all works well for me and I have no sign of burn-in after 6 months of use.

      If you are able to fit this, you will love it as a monitor

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        I honestly wouldn't bother about trying to reduce burn in. There's a good chance even with it you'll end up with some burn in in the long run. Better for it to appear sooner, claim it under warranty and then get a brand new panel/TV

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        Menu's/HUDS/etc will also cause issue over time. I ended up swapping the OLED to family room and getting LCD, so much nicer not having to worry about burn in etc.

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        I've got a 55' C9 hooked up as a 3rd monitor in my setup. I dont have any desktop icons on it, have the taskbar autohide (every few months I move it from the top to the bottom or back again), and I have the wallpaper rotate every 5-10 mins across about 40 travel photos. It's been 18 months and I don't have any burn in (there was a brief retention of the menu bar when I left it too long between rotations at one point, but it resolved itself after running the tools in the TV).

        Incredible TV, and I'm half considering ditching my 2 monitors and trying it at my desk as a monitor (its going to be way to big, but I want to try anyway).

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        Burn in is really relative. I have a C6 for almost 5 years now as my main TV/Gaming and I have no burn in at all. Amazing TV until today.

        Just waiting for the 43” model to use as a monitor.

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      I used it as a PC monitor for around 2 months and had to move it into another room and switched back to a 27" 4K 120hz monitor and it feels much more productive/better for most FPS gaming.

      When FPS gaming, even the widest FOV still feels too close for my personal taste, which just isn't fun after a while.

      If you're used to a 'crisp', i.e. retina style image it doesn't really give you that, feels more like a really huge 4x 1080p screen.

      It does have the best HDR support I've seen but on a normal size desk (I use an IKEA countertop as a reference), it's just too big to be usable. OLED is also nice, really pops as you would expect.

      I never wall mounted mine as I could tell it was still too big to be workable even with the extra 5-10cm that would give you as opposed to using it with the stand.

      That being said, when they end up releasing an 8K version of this, I'll probably jump on it.


        Did you ever try a custom resolution? Emulating a 21:9 monitor effectively.


      Mine is wall mounted with https://www.selby.com.au/bracket-finder/32-60in-plasma-wall-...
      I built a concrete desk and sit 1m away but 60cm could also be ok, it is a more personal preference.

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    C1 is $2799 better off waiting for a discount on that


    I think this might be too big for a PC monitor, didn't they have a 42" version? What happened to that. 48" is very nice though, if you have enough distance between you and your screen then maybe it might be okay. Very nice screen the CX, but I'm worried what will happen once I actually work on my computer using Microsoft Word or other programs for extended periods of time.


    Down to $2190


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