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Refunded Return Shipping Costs (8 Per Year, $45 Max Each, Activation Required) @ PayPal


A re-post of TA's deal being more than 6 months since it was last posted.

Credit original poster monstermash

  1. Activate Refunded Returns. You’ll be eligible for a refund on return shipping costs from your next PayPal purchase.

  2. If you return an eligible purchase, log in to your PayPal account to find the original transaction.

  3. Submit a request with proof of return** within 30 days of return and 150 days of purchase. Receive your refund, usually within 5 business days.

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      It's also a policy and not a bargain…

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      Common knowledge and common sense is not very common

      • Yeah just reposting old stuff. Not a deal.

        Too many here post for the sake of posting.

        Edit; hit the wrong reply. Not directed at you dils.

      • Not being familiar with PayPal policies cuz you don't frequent OzB and don't spend all that much shopping cuz ur skint aint considered common sense? Ooookay.

    • Maybe if you live on OzBargain? How did you find out about it? So now this person here just found out about it. Very useful to know.

      • Exactly! I found out about it on ozbargain some time ago, but since then I've used it a few times and it's saved me quite a bit especially on some international returns.

    • While technically this may not be a bargain, it still saves us money. So I say thanks to @adr8 for posting it.

      I didn't know about this either, so without this post I wouldn't have known about it.

  • Pretty useless after June when eBay ends the party

    • Why? Users can still pay using Paypal I believe, it's just that sellers get paid their final amount minus the fees directly to their bank accounts.

      As a buyer you can still pay using PayPal and claim back return shipping costs if you were to return an item.

      • I thought payment will be via ebay now. Isn't that the whole idea of their migration?


        • Directly from the link you posted:

          What About PayPal?

          So we have discussed the benefits – and potential challenges – to eBay of making this change, but how will this impact PayPal in the grand scheme of things? First, PayPal is not going away on eBay. It will still be one of many other payment options available on the site even after the changes are in place.

    • It’s not just ebay.
      It’s any site that accepts PayPal.

      • Agree I suppose I have been using the less lately with afterpay being preferred now as it lands the payments over 2 bill cycles

      • Could you please explain what you're referring to there? What's happening with every site that accepts PayPal?

        • For any purchase on any site that you pay with PayPal, you can claim this free return shipping offer (up to the stated limits)

  • Recommend this, especially for purchases from overseas where the seller only accepts refund after a case but doesn't pay postage….

  • I just bought a series 2 elite xbox controller, but it turns iut it’s a series 1, worth more than $100 less on eBay completed listings. Would I have had to pay the return shipping cost for this or would the seller have to for not listing the item properly?

    • Open a item not as described case, seller should be forced to pay return shipping, or eBay will provide return label and bill the seller.

  • Had an absolutely horrible experience with PayPal today. Booked an Airbnb travel and they charged my bank account instead of 2 credit cards listed in my account. Amount was significant so called them up today. Staff was absolutely clueless and helpless. And after wasting my time asked me to contact bank or Airbnb to reverse transaction which I can’t because I got that booking in a peak time and very risky to cancel. Messed up my cashflow for no reason. Should have used the straightforward credit card option which I will do moving forward on reliable websites.

    • If you can't afford to pay in cash, you can't afford the travel

    • Never add a bank account to PayPal. They will charge the bank account in preference to credit cards to save fees.

    • Honestly the number of times I've been screwed with paypal forcing to use my bank account on transactions despite having cards and then my bank account only being charged days or weeks later

    • I have had this experience in the past. From now on, every time I want to book something on Airbnb I go and clear out all of my current automatic payments with Airbnb to ensure there’s none active which can be used. Then when I book I always select PayPal as a new option (rather than existing PayPal method) and go through the selection of the card you want, make sure that there is definitely no active automatic payments and make sure your bank account is not marked as your preferred payment method in PayPal.

  • is this $45 the value of the purchase or the shipping cost?

  • I bought something on aliexpress, it was faulty. so a lodged a dispute, paypal asked me to return the item under $10 to get a refund which would be free if this offer worked. However, it asks me to send the item to alipay singapore.

    2nd time same thing, but dispute was messy and gone through the chat many times back and forth. finally received offer to refund, got 2 emails 1 asking me to send item back to alipay singapore, 2nd one was manually done and says to ignore the 1st email and send the item to the seller's address. so then it becomes confusing again when you try to claim the postage refund, because address is not alipay singapore.

    • Aliexpress accept PayPal now?

      • Yep

        • That's great news!

          That's the main reason I've been staying away from Ali after previously being shafted by their dodgy resolution process.

          • @cristobaljames: Really? I've had no problems with the resolution at Ali; what sort of stuff?

            • @askvictor: Purchased a new phone that turned out to be refurbished and faulty. The sealed box didn't even match the specifications of the actual phone and the accessories weren't genuine.
              Was made to prove via video it was faulty and only awarded a partial refund after weeks of back and forth with their process.
              I'd paid for expedited shipping from China but yet my package arrived from Australia and was expected to ship it back at my own expense to China.
              Seller wouldn't budge and neither would I, turns out Aliexpress backed the seller so I eventually requested a chargeback through my CC company.
              Very messy and frustrating experience.
              Previously had a similar issue with an eBay purchase and the issue was resolved quickly via PayPal.

  • Does anyone know if the shipping costs for sending the item back includes the packing materials which may be required, say purchased in the same transaction from Australia Post?

    • You can try claiming it, because it will ask you how much you want to claim (up to $45) and you upload the receipt

  • Do you have to keep activating it every year or something, or just once and you are good for as long as it's available?

  • As a seller I strongly encourage all BUYERS to register for this - save the cost of returns being forced back on to sellers by eBay. Ironically free Paypal returns for buyers actually help sellers.

    • I don't see how other than lowering the chances of a buyer attempting to cheat the seller into paying for return shipping for a change of mind. Sellers can't ask buyers to use this service when the seller screws up. This can only really be used when there is no return shipping cost covered service and the buyer is required to cover return shipping aka change of mind (when it comes to eBay) according to the PayPal return shipping cost TOS last time I checked.

    • Why lol, this process is a hassle and is only used if there is no free return option

  • Appreciate the post OP. Although long running, I didn’t know about this

  • Has anyone here actually used this? I've tried in the past, but the menu option "Request a return" next to the item never appears.

    I've asked PayPal support without any resolution.

    • I've used it twice with no problem. It's in the item details in the statement as a link saying 'Get Refunded Returns'. That takes you to a form. I've found it a pretty quick and easy process.

      That said, this isn't a bargain and is a pointless post.

  • have to be paid in full with PP. if you use any gift card, no reimbursement