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eufy T8400CW4 Security Indoor Camera Tilt 2K $79 + Delivery ($0 with $100 Spend/ VIC, NSW C&C) @ Scorptec


very good price for this indoor cam

Free delivery when spent $100

i've added sd card to seal the deal


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    This looks identical to the free C100 Tapo I got.

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    If I'm not mistaken these are good for outdoor use with the outdoor housing (available separately)

    • Sorry had this confused with wyze cam.

  • Any one own these already? If so can you please confirm the latency when you cast these on Chrome cast?
    Currently the lenovo once have 13 sec delay when viewing on Chrome cast or smart display

  • Can't find included SD card specs?

    • Does not include SD card

  • Is there an indoor camera with inbuilt battery?

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      I think indoor cameras generally don’t have batteries but you could always use an outdoor one inside. Alternatively you can plug it into a powerbank.

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        Don't use the eufycam with powerbank. I fried mine last year and had to go through warranty. One day I couldn't power it on and was constantly hot from being at 100% for months

        • Are you talking about the outdoor Eufycam? If so, that already has a built-in battery.

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            @Doowyah: Yes I am. What I meant is, if you intend to use the outdoor camera indoors which will trigger presumably a lot more motion and battery won't last as long then don't keep it constantly charging with a powerbank or other power source - at least not all the time maintaining 100% battery

            Was almost a very expensive lesson for me.

    • The EufyCam comes with indoor and outdoor mounts. That’s the big one, unsure on the 2c model.

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    I bought one for $79 to test. Bing Lee had it $79 for a while and was planning to get Bunnings to price beat by 10% at special orders desk but it's now $89 at BL :(

    Pros: cheap, 2K but only at close range, further out is not as clear, very easy setup, app is fast. Bought standard 128Gb micro SD card which will keep at least 3 months of 2K video. 32 or 64GBb is more than enough. Records 1/2 seconds prior to motion or sound detection.

    Cons: need to connect to power, audio recording is not as clear as Arlo. Have it mounted near the ceiling of hallway and as people walk at normal speed towards the camera, the video is blurry even at close range, even when you pause to zoom in on a face.

  • I had 2 of these outside under the eve and they worked well with Homekit Secure Video. 1 died when inside the roof leaked, and the water ran down the screw holes and into the back speaker. Thought I had though of everything water wise but not that!

    Theres a new one on the horizon that will be outdoor rated, plug-in with no battery due to be announced in the coming weeks but specs have already leaked. But based of Anker's history it will take at least 3 months to reach our shores

    • You can buy wired wyze cams and get the outdoor housing as well, just another option to consider.

  • I own 2 of this bad boys cam… The resolution is crisp. Had it for over 2 months now only for indoor use ofc. had them for $109aud on aliexpress and thats for 2x camera.
    I now waiting for a sale of pan and tilt version.

  • Can you set up timelapses with these?