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$5 Bonus Cashback on $50 Gift Card Purchase via Portal @ Cashrewards (Coles $50 GCs Sold Out at 7:45pm / Activation Required)


Coles $50 gift cards are out of stock as of 7:45pm AEST.

Hi everyone, and Happy Mother's Day to all the mums. Here’s the perfect last-minute gift and another nice bonus for all our members to enjoy today.

The $5 bonus will show as pending in your Cashrewards account immediately upon activation of the offer (no confirmation email is sent). This will be automatically approved within 7 days of any associated qualifying purchase being approved (as per the terms of the store). Please ignore the bonus estimated approval date in your account as this is simply a placeholder. Most gift card purchases are approved within 5 days of purchase.

Please read the terms below carefully - it will save a lot of questions. Ensure you activate the bonus prior to shopping. Once activated, shop as normal via the 'Shop Now' button on Cashrewards. Valid for purchases made from 9am 09/05/21 to 11:59pm 09/05/21 (AEST). Thanks for your support as always. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Find our gift card portal here with up to 6% cashback on gift cards. We've also just added four new cards - Splurge, Indulge, Thrill, and Coles. The cashback rate for Coles is miniscule (for now) only because we rushed to launch for this promo, however the bonus still represents a 10% saving on a $50 gift card (nothing to sneeze at). Coles & Foot Locker gift cards are for in-store redemption only (not online).

$5 Bonus Promo Terms:

  • To be eligible for the AUD $5 bonus, first activate the promotion via the main link in this post, then shop as normal via the Gift Cards Portal on Cashrewards.
  • Transaction must be made between 9:00AM AEST 09/05/2021 and 11:59PM AEST 09/05/2021.
  • Gift card purchases are available only via desktop or mobile browsers. They are not yet available via the Cashrewards App.
  • Bonus is eligible when making a qualifying gift card purchase of AUD $50 or more in a single transaction.
  • Bonus will be added automatically to your Cashrewards account as pending upon activation of this offer. Bonus will be approved within 7 days of any associated qualifying purchase being approved, as per the terms of the store.
  • Bonus is over and above the advertised cashback rates which still apply to the transaction.
  • Bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account. Additional transactions do not qualify for additional bonuses.
  • Bonus is ineligible if an order is cancelled, changed, returned, rejected, or if you purchase an ineligible product.
  • Ensure you review all terms and conditions of the gift card prior to finalising your order.
  • Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

True Rewards Contact Details:

For queries regarding the purchase of your eGift Card, contact True Rewards on 1800 850 739 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 9am to 5pm Melbourne time, or email [email protected]

For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc) and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost. And don't forget to refer-a-friend for $10 each - tip: add your code to OzB’s randomiser. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on all the hot deals coming up this month. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

Referral Links

Referral: random (4170)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 7 days.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +22

    For those that have raised this previously with concerns, I’ll pin this here for reference. Thanks again, and have a great Mother’s Day :)

    Your card details are never linked/stored on Cashrewards - once you click Shop Now, everything happens at True Rewards.

    To unlink your card from True Rewards, (1) go to payment for another gift card, (2) go to checkout - just before hitting pay you will see your card, (3) press the bin icon and it will be removed.

    • +3

      Happy Mothers Day!!

    • I did this but got an error message 'Too many total linked card attempts' and I am now unable to buy gift cards :(

      I do do this often because I don't always use the same card, but it is annoying because I don't see the point, and now it looks like I am going to miss out on this deal and future ones until this is fixed.

  • +3

    Yeah Coles baby

    • -4

      0.1% so not worth the hassle unless a promo exists

      • +7

        You may want to check the math again :D

        • I upvoted because of the extra 10% here, just saying addition of Coles on its own isn't worth celebrating. Post title sounds better than it is, only after linking through do you find out it is 0.1%

          • +1

            @alexrt31: The OP does make it pretty clear that the 0.1% cashback on Coles is an initial/temporary rate, that was brought online quickly to allow us to get the 10% offer for today. I'm pleased.

      • +3

        You mean like an additional $5 off? Like the post you’re commenting on?

  • +1

    Hi TA,

    What's with the extra charge of 50c for coles gift card?

    Can that be avoided?


    • +15

      Simply don’t select SMS delivery :)

      • +1

        Thank you 😊

  • +2

    thanks for the detailed writeup TA

  • +4

    How can I use my cashback sitting in my account to purchase a gift card from cashback store? Do I need to redeem it first? On shopback app I can choose to pay(partially) with my cashback.

    • +13

      This feature is not yet available, but stay tuned :)

    • +3

      A true ozbargainer would pay everything on credit card to earn maximum points

  • If I buy ebay giftcard, can I use it to sign up Ebay plus?

  • +1

    Thanks TA. Is coles a permanent addition?

  • +18

    <patiently waiting for Amazon gift cards to be available>

    • Question is will it be available before this offer ends :)

      • +2

        just a hint for next time…

        My mother said to get her a Kayo giftcard. Apparently happy footy-mad hubby means mum can get on the bubbly.

    • Seconded. Spending hundreds each month on Amazon and would love a small rebate on giftcards to increase the appeal…

  • +1

    Thanks CR! Accor gift card #2.

  • +4

    Thanks for the post TA and Happy Mother's day all! Adding to Bonus Cashback Master Thread

    Please refer to my previous post here for effective savings on gift cards

  • +1

    When purchasing the coles gift card, it needs to be linked to a credit card. Can I link the same credit card details on 2 accounts? - me and my partner account. Just wondering am i still eligible for the cashback?

    • +1

      I did last time because didn't want to expose two credit cards just in case, both acocunts show the bonus.

      The annoying thing is last transaction made on 4 May, the two $1 card verification still pending not credited to my account.

      • +2

        It may take up to 2 weeks.

    • +3

      From my experience it works with cashrewards, you can use the same credit card on two accounts and the cashback will work on both.

      For shopback you cannot use the same credit card on two accounts (it tells you the card is already used on another account).

  • Is there any gift cards which can be used via BWS?

  • +1

    Any plans to also add Woolworths?

    • The lack of Woolies cards turned me off CR. Dunno why but I lost momentum and hardly use it now. Anyone else? I guess the free free money could only last for so long.

  • +1

    The $1 card verification is not showing the 4 digit code for me to link…..

    • +5

      I had the same problem as well, as my card provider only shows EGIFT*. I just ended up using a different card.

      The system the Suncorp Benefits uses is better, where it asks you for the pre-authorised amount, rather than a code…

      • +6

        Exactly this is like the worst verification method I've come accross

      • +3

        Also on the Shopback GC portal, you can use the Coles Mastercard GC and it works without verification. But you cannot be certain you will get the bonus and they seem to make checking devilishly complicated. CR has been clearly superior on this.

  • what would be the Coles Rate be in the future ?

    • I think it wont be more than 2%.

  • -3

    Looking for a lapel or on-ear microphone (no headphones if possible) for this price range. Ebay would be best due to their $50 coupon for Ebay Plus. Any suggestions?

  • -1

    Different from shopback, which I can use my cashback balance to buy from it shop.

    • Right shopback gift cards are so much better

  • +4

    Nice thanks TA, good that Coles is included.

  • Thanks for this offer. Will Cashrewards be offering Ikea gift cards anytime soon?

  • +2

    If you purchase a gift card of $50 face value does this still qualify you considering you get a percentage back so not really paying $50 total?

    • Just tried it out, $50 coles gift card will get you the bonus immediately

      • Thanks for that! I've now done the same ;)

    • +2

      Certainly qualifies (as per the terms).

  • +1

    Bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account. Additional transactions do not qualify for additional bonuses.

    Could you please confirm bonus is only applied once even if I buy two different cards on one Cashrewards account (e.g. Coles and Ebay on two separate buys).

    • +1

      As per the terms - one bonus only per CR account.

  • +2

    Is this offer valid with the Choice gift card?

    • +1

      Valid with all 50 gift cards listed here, provided you activate the offer prior to buying.

  • +1

    Your Credit card gets charged with the $1, but you cant see any number when you log into your credit card account.

    Mine turned up by the time I logged in my mobile account (less than 1 minute).

    • Good for you. Mine still hasnt and I would guess it might not until at least tomorrow.

      Different card providers have different systems

  • +3

    Shut up and take my mon£y!

  • How long does it take to get the referral bonus? Is it instant?

    • +1

      See the discussion here.

      • hmm No referral bonus for me.

        Was with a friend that sent a referral linked. Signed up and purchased a book (for the book depository deal) but no bonus (should be instant based on the discussion thread). Now regretting the purchase and not sure if I want to use it anymore. Seems very hit and miss.

        • +1

          Talkable (our RAF partner) obviously flagged the referral as suspicious. If you believe it's incorrect and in line with the RAF terms, please open a ticket via the support form in the OP and the support team will investigate. Thanks.

          • +1

            @tightarse: Ok thanks. I sent through an email. At least the cashback seems to have tracked for my book which is something I guess.

            Addit: my friend didn't get the bonus either :(

            • +1

              @Rubarb: Correct. You either both get it, or you both don't (hence the suspicious flag). One ticket will suffice for both.

  • +1

    any plans to add steam gift cards in the future?

  • still waiting for the $10 from last offer, its tracked my order but still shows up as pending.

    • +1

      Is your tracked purchase approved? The $10 bonus will remain pending until it is…

      The $10 bonus will show as pending in your Cashrewards account immediately upon activation of the offer (no confirmation email is sent). This will be automatically approved within 7 days of any associated qualifying purchase being approved (as per the terms of the store). Please ignore the bonus estimated approval date in your account as this is simply a placeholder. Most gift card purchases are approved within 5 days of purchase.

      All gift card purchases and bonus from that promo were approved after just 3 days. See here and here.

      • I am not sure, I purchased $38 worth stuff from Approved categories from amazon au. The amazon order cashback didnt get registered either, but there is click registered

        • Please lodge a claim via your click history and the team will take care of it for you :)

          • @tightarse: Hi, I lodged a claim and the rep says i was ineligible ?! but i made 2 purchases from electronics section which had 4% cashback , so i dont understand why the rep says i purchased stuff from "all other categories" when the stuff i bought is clearly listed under electronics.

            • @Ryxxi: Please PM me your CR email address, ticket number, and links to the two items you purchased. Thanks.

  • +4

    Thanks TA, and seeing Coles make a return to the fold is welcome news. Hopefully more to come!

    • +3

      You realise that in addition to the normal cashback you would normally earn, you also get an additional $5 bonus through CRs, making it more than just $5?

      Excluding the normal cashback, 10% off versus 5% is still more.

      • Correct it's 10% compared to 5% on a $50 gift card plus 1% cashbacknfor eBay card. It's about $2.60 then. Again really ??

        • Good to see you agree it is a better deal.

          1% of $50 is not $0.10 btw

  • Getting an error 'Too many linked cards' when i removed my existing card! I was trying to enter a new credit card. This is dumb.

    Very annoying. I guess they dont want me to buy. Have contacted them and will likely miss this offer.

    Beware to those who have multiple credit cards.

  • +4

    I still can't link any cards, tried more than 10 Australian banks last deal and support just tells I have too many linked (but I have zero working). Hate standing on the side lines.

    • +1

      oh it's not just me then. I have the same issue.
      Tried my prepaid cards a few weeks ago but couldnt retrieve the code they send.
      I thought ok, ill use my new Anz cc this time but then got the error!
      Very annoyed.

      • Worked fine for me when I removed my existing card and added a new card about an hour ago.

      • +1

        I could be wrong, but I can only assume that True Rewards has possibly flagged the linking of multiple cards to protect themselves against fraud?

        • Hi TA, Yeah probably but this was several weeks ago. They shouldn't block for that long time. They are using multi factor authentication anyway. Also as mentioned by others it should put in t&c about not using prepaid cards.

    • +2

      In the past, I have successfully used Westpac Mastercard and ING and MyState debit card.

      • Also just used a Commonwealth Bank debit card, as I had some money in there.

      • +1

        I failed on my ING card. Westpac card worked on last deal but Westpsc locked the card after transaction went through. This time Westpac card worked for my partner, but not fof me although received no card but $50 pending although received i error message stating incorrect CCV number.

        • Macquarie Platinum Debit locked my card after the last one too…

    • +1

      Me too. I originally had my 28 Degrees linked, then unlinked it to try a prepaid card. Bad idea, it doesn't show the code even though the transaction appears.

      Since then I've had no success trying to relink the 28 Degrees nor a bank debit Mastercard. The $1 transaction doesn't show up on either account.

      This'll be the third promo I'll miss.

  • +2

    Thanks TA
    Bought $50 Coles GC

    Add a new card. Code was send instantly and already tracked.

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