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DisplayFusion Pro Licences US$14.50 - US$2,624.25 (~ A$18.48 - A$3,344.61, Save 25%-50%) @ DisplayFusion


Spring Sale for DisplayFusion Pro

Not an all time low, but a good deal still. I have been using the trial and going to upgrade, makes using all the Dell Monitors I've been buying easier to use (Love you Keanu xo)

Licence Price US$ Save Limitation
Standard $14.50 50% 1 PC
Personal $22 50% Unlimited Home PCs, 1 Work PC
Site $636.75 25% Unlimited PCs at 1 Site
Enterprise $2,624.25 25% Unlimited PCs at Unlimited Sites
Steam $34.99 Unlimited PCs with Steam client installed

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  • +2

    One of the best multiple screens manager

  • +23

    Recommend making sure Power Toys and Fancy Zones doesn't suit your needs before purchasing Display Fusion. Basic users will probably find it adequate.

    • +2

      Yeah adding to that, if you actually did buy Dell monitors the Dell Display Tool is a good alternative to FancyZones

    • +5

      +1 for Fancy Zones.

      If you check out David Zhang on YouTube (decent youtuber for productivity / set-up content), he actually switched from Display Fusion to Fancy Zones (even though Display Fusion is certainly more powerful).

      • Agreed. I have a triple monitor set-up with all different panels and resolutions (including the OzB favourite Xiaomi Mi, a normal panel set up as a vertical, and the laptop they run off/are docked to), and FancyZones makes it awesome.

  • +4

    I've got this installed and I never used it, what does it even do?

      • +6

        Windows 10 already does most of this right?

        • +3

          now, yes. Wasn't long ago it didn't group multi-monitor taskbar icons.

          I have a global license for work because of productivity benefits (seconds per user per hour) but W10 filled the gaps now. Well worth the $2k for 5,000 users, at the time, though :-D

          Stardock Fences is something that I still want as standard

      • It seems it's only useful if you have one big ultra wide monitor 32 inch. I already have a dual monitor setup at home

    • -1

      should have asked it before purchasing and installing 😊

      • +6

        I did not purchase it 😊

        And it also violates ozbargain visions of "buy now ask questions later"

        • lol

  • -1

    Windows only?

  • One thing to be aware is with cloud computing being big these days it the shortcuts to resize windows 50/50 70/30 60/40 etc don't work as you need the programs like display fusion, power tools etc running on host machine.

    Though just for Office + web browser where I seem to do most of my screen splitting it works perfectly.

  • +1

    Loved this program, but had continual issues of windows randomly switching which seemed to be an issue others had on windows 10. It would cause me to almost do things like type my password into a chat and send it to someone, but was all around very annoying. The features are great, but that bug made me uninstall.

    • +1

      Are you sure it wasn’t Windows grabbing focus and assigning it at an inconvenient time, like it tends to do? That’s been a constant PITA since forever. Just let me choose the damn focus, already!!

      • +2

        Well it never happened again after I uninstalled it! I searched far and wide beforehand trying many fixes before realising it could be this program.

  • +1

    I guess this is why some developers love Microsoft, endless opportunity for graft

    • +1

      yes, you should move to mac where you only need about 3 different paid apps to get your mouse working properly.

      • +1

        What are you talking about? I only needed two!

      • wait what?:-? what do you need to buy to get your mouse working on Mac?

        • the scroll wheel handling is terrible, and the tracking speed can only be set to sloth mode at most via preferences, you need to drop to terminal to change to >5 tracking speed, which wouldnt be so bad if you didnt need to log out and back in to apply it, so you are kinda (profanity) if you have different speed mice at work and home and dont want to close all your apps when you go into the office or back home again.

  • I agree with someone above, powertoys may Suite and it's free

  • Check out Fancyzones by Microsoft. Free

  • Been looking for something that will let me play a game fullscreen on one monitor while being able to surf or watch videos on another. Some games don't have full screen windowed mode so playing full screen minimized/deactivates all other windows. Looks like displayfusion has a feature to prevent window deactivation. Will give it a shot.

    • Sounds like you want a borderless fullscreen program.

      • Borderless works if the game is being played at desktop resolution but I'm playing at custom resolution (eg. monitor is 1600p but game on 1080p) for now until GPU shortages are over.

        • I've used Special K to run a 1080p window stretched to full screen on my 2560x1440 monitor.

          I've also used DxWnd to achieve the same thing on some older games like Anno 1503 and Sid Meier's Colonization.

    • Before you go spending money (DisplayFusion is worth it though), try downloading this. You can then run games in windowed mode, and this software will basically turn it into fullscreen borderless without locking your cursor or needing to Alt-Tab.

      It should work with any sort of custom resolutions too, you'll just need to find a way to force windowed mode on some older games that don't support it officially through game settings (-f or whatever target command).

      • Tried displayfusion trial but with ghost recon wildlands on fullscreen, still can't use the second monitor. So will try your suggestion.

      • Hmm, is there a way to test it out without having to buy it through Steam? How do I run it from outside steam?

        • You should be able to just download this and install it.

          • @chihaeru: It works well for it's purpose but I noticed fps took a hit (dropped from 37-39 fps on fullscreen 2560x1080 to 15-20 fps on windowed 2560x1080 with Borderless Gaming making it fullscreen) on Ghost Recon wildlands.

    • Bro how the hell you play game while you also browsing internet…..

      Are you using your third hand or your feet….

      That's some ninja skillz

      • Haha, when the game loads (GTA has notorious loading times) or when I'm waiting to respawn/be revived in coop games, might as well browse or keep a video playing. Also sometimes I need to look at walkthroughs so it helps to watch it on a separate screen.

  • +1

    I will recommend this software. Love the features. Buy it

  • 2 weeks ago, BitsDuJour had Pro Personal, with unlimited personal computers for $20.07.

  • Is DisplayFusion comparable to MaxTo?

  • Oh man!! I was looking for the sale and even asked them. They werent sure, so I bought anyways.
    Great software!
    What are the chances of asking them to refund the difference lol

  • Anyone know if the personal license will work for 1-laptop, 2 homes?
    Moving between my home and parent's home for example, 1 home laptop + 1 home desktop.

  • i had this, but its kinda useless now with the new powertoys

  • I have had this for about 15 months now, it come in a bundle of their other gear so I can't say I was looking for it. It works well for setting up my 7" monitor inside my PC case(currently using Rainmeter). The good news is they actually update and improve it as needed, which is getting somewhat rare these days.

  • Is the deal dead ?