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iTunes $50 Gift Card for $41.99 at Costco (Membership Required)


$50 iTunes gift cards at Costco are on sale for $41.99 for a fortnight from Monday 10/05/21 to Sunday 23/05/21, resulting in a 16% overall saving (though the usual price at Costco is $47.99).

As usual, membership required. Enjoy.

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    Excellent, just in time for tax time.

    • Every. Single. Time.

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    Nearing my 200GB storage, is it worth bumping up to 2TB?

    Yes, I do have NAS and other stuff for backups, but the way how iCloud makes your phone ready and gives you a quick recovery is worth waiting to restore from 2-3 places.


    • +3

      If you’re several iOS devices, and family sharing, 2tb is a no brainer.

      • 2 iPhones, iPad, Mac and planning to add a Mac Mini 😂

    • If you need the space then yeah, may as well I think.

      I recently hit the 200GB limit myself. Given I don’t need a lot more, I set the storage up to be shared with my wives device which was on a 50 or 200GB plan and then cancelled her seperate plan. Between us 2TB is way more than we need. If you have other family members paying for 50 or 200GB maybe roll them into your 2TB to reduce the cost a bit.

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        Well if you have multiple wives it does make sense

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      Also since Google photos is no longer free.

    • If you’re in an iPhone family and share Apple Music already you might consider getting Apple one which comes with 200gb and let’s you buy another 50gb iCloud sub, I’m doing this till I need to up it to 400gb total

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        So - I finally moved two accounts of family iCloud sharing:

        $4.99 each is around $119 per year
        2TB would have been $179 per year
        Apple One Family is $25 a month - not worth if you're not using music, TV+ etc - for me it was just storage.


        • Ohhh can each family member add an iCloud subscription to the shared pool?

          • @isaidhey: Nope, I’ve got my own sub and Mrs has a seperate one 😆

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    Just walk into officeworks with a bigw catalogue loaded on your phone. 15% off + further 5% . Worked out to $80ish for a $100 iTunes card

    Will work till catalogue ends on 12th May.

    • +1

      Weird I see it in the catalogue for up til 12 May but it says offer from 29/04-05/05 when I click in to it.

    • checked my local bigw, no more discount.

    • +3

      I was in there recently doing this and told them that the amount adjusted with the price beat should come to 19.5% but they put 19.5% in BEFORE the price beat so I got each $100 card for $76.71

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    Pardon the noob question, but what do you generally use itunes gifts cards for? I don't have an iOS device as my primary. Just have an old iPad set aside for my kid when he needs one for school.

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      Literally anything which requires in-app purchases, meaning it's not only limited to apps, but you can also purchase third-party services as well :)

    • +5

      It sounds like you may not get much out of purchasing iTunes gift cards.

      Examples of how you can use credit from iTunes gift cards:

      • Purchasing apps from the App Store
      • In-app purchases for apps from the App Store
      • Purchasing music from the iTunes Store
      • Renting or purchasing movies or TV shows from the iTunes Store
      • Purchasing audiobooks or eBooks from Apple Books
      • Apple Music subscription
      • iCloud storage subscription
      • Apple TV+ Subscription
      • Apple Arcade subscription
      • Apple One subscription bundle
      • AppleCare subscriptions as well!

    • +5

      I used the iTunes gift card to renew subscription for Disney+.

      • Thx for letting us know. I ised the iTunes gift card to pay for apple music.

      • Yeah I use them for Disney+, Stan and Netflix (grandfathered subscription. It’s not possible for new signups but any more to use Apple) to get a 15% - 20% discount on renewals. Also think AppleCare for my devices on a sub come out of that, plus any app purchases.

      • Thanks, this helps!

    • +3

      I had the ATO ask me to pay in iTunes gift vouchers at one stage

  • -1

    Perfect timing! I've recently been told I have an overdue fine and I have to pay with iTunes gift cards - thanks OP.

    • +1

      Lol. I got the Joke mate

  • -2

    Will office works price match Costco?

    • Nope, because Costco is membership based.

      • Don’t see why you can’t there is nothing on the website to say they exclusively don’t match Costco it just says must be in stock and identical item

        • Call them and find out.

  • Can you get these online?

    • Doesn’t seem like you can

  • Also need to try not to buy unnecessary things once you get to Costco to make this saving worthwhile 😅

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