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Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker HR2375/13 - $199.98 in-Store @ Costco (Membership Required)


Nice price, last deal was $269.95

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Making delicious fresh pasta has never been easier. You just add ingredients, it does the rest. With its simple assembly and hassle-free clean-up; it is the ideal tool for individuals looking to experiment and enjoy making pasta at home.

Mod Note: Showing as $209.99 Online as delivery is also included.

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      It is a hard justification. I'd compare the pasta that comes out of this to the fancy pants fresh egg pasta you can buy. There is something different about super fresh pasta made and eaten that day. I have one and it takes about 15min all up from getting ingredients measured to cooked. Washing up is a bit of a hassle though. You can cook a bunch and freeze it if you're organised (but then less fresh). We also succumb to buying cheapo pasta as well cause we are lazy. Probably not a device for you (or possibly me). I think i need to justify my spend and make some pasta tomorrow.

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      Fresh pasta is really good for creamy pasta sauces, or those with more subtle flavours like truffle, seafood etc. If you only ever make meaty tomato-based pastas (e.g. Spag Bol), then the store bought variety works just fine.

      You can also make noodles like ramen easy with this, if that's your thing.

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      You haven't lived until you've had a lasagne made with the noodles you make with this unit. Total game changer… packet pasta (even the refrigerated kind) does not even come close.


    Good deal for local machine, lots of alternatives from China but of course not certified

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      And you'll need the church to certify your pasta.


      what alternatives brand you suggest?


    Makes pretty awesome fresh pasta fairly easily and quickly. Absolute pain in the ass to clean though, the hardest bits being the extractor plates that the dough is pushed through. For my money, not worth the hassle.


      You have cleaner tools to clean the dies.
      - push cleaner tool through die
      - use bamboo skewer to remove excess dough
      - scrub die with washing brush
      - rinse and air dry.

      I don’t have a lot of trouble washing up the bits but there are quite a few bits.

      It does mean you have access to fresh pasta on whim. If you have eggs, flour and water you have fresh pasta.


    The most money you'll ever waste on something you'll use…once.

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      Not at all. Most of the people you see posting about this machine use it a lot. The ability to have fresh pasta, at the drop of a hat, is really great. The only downsides is it is a tad fiddly to clean and you do end up with some dough that doesn’t extract. A friend of mine uses the extra dough in soup and I use my hand crank pasta machine to create extra pasta strands.

      The beauty, with Costco, is if you don’t like it you can take it back and get a refund. You will have 90 days to do this.


    Philips gives $50 cashback for this up until 09/05 :-P


      The Cashback doesn’t work for Costco. AFAIK.
      Look up the promotion T&Cs and See section 5 for exclusions.


    I paid full price at Costco couple months ago, any suggestions to get the difference back other than return and buy again?


    Cancelled my Costco membership years ago. QLD gets a bad deal because we cannot buy alcohol.

    Coles and Woolies have alcohol shops nextdoor to their supermarkets in qld. I don't understand why Costco couldn't do the same.