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XTM 400A Jumper Leads 3 Metres $20 ($10 with BCF Coupon) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BCF


Down to $10 if you have been targeted with a $10 coupon.


  • Fully insulated F1D battery clamps
  • 3m Insulated Twin CCA Cable
  • Built in surge guard, Protects vehicle electronics and engine management systems
  • Suitable for petrol engines up to 3,500cc and 4 cylinder diesel engines up to 3,000cc

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    Copper coated aluminium, yuck!

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    dont both with cheap cables… when you're stuck somewhere, you dont want to be let down by cheap cables.

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      Yep can second this. I bought a 200a jumper cable a couple of years ago and a few months later tried to jump start my brother in law's kia rio and it did not work. We eventually borrowed a cable from a neighbour with worked fine. When trying to return it, the store manager initially explained that the cable is only good for smaller engines (the kia rio was only 1.4l so not really sure why that doesn't qualify as small). Then he argued that the jumper cable wont work if the battery is completely flat (again, not sure why i would need a jumper cable if the battery wasnt flat). Anyway in the end they said they cant give me a refund as it was a couple of months and gave me store credit instead. I used the store credit to buy two windscreen wiper refills which are still gathering dust in my garage today.


        I will 3rd this, had some cheapos in the boot and didn't work at all, luckily missus came in with a clutch and saved my ass after work with decent leads we got recently.

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      i suggest buying a battery pack like the Gooloo 1500amp starter packs. Game changer, sometimes you cannot get another car close enough to jump start.
      They are strong enough to crank a 4wd engine over and hold charge for over a year.


        yep.. dont waste money on cheap cables.. get a quality battery.


        buying a battery pack like the Gooloo 1500amp starter packs

        Problem is, those contain lithium batteries, which have a definite life, whether you use them or not.

        At least with jumper leads, they can sit in your boot for a decade, and will work just as well as when you bought them. Well at least with most jumper leads.

        If the "CCA" in the description of this one does mean "Copper Coated Aluminium", avoid, for two reasons:

        • aluminium has higher resistance than copper
        • aluminium breaks after it has been flexed a few times. No form of aluminium is flexible. The only place you'll see aluminium wire is the wire that that distributes power to your house, on top of power poles. And that wire has a steel core as well, because aluminium is too weak.

        Here's an ACMA warning against using CCA wire, published on the National Electrical and Communications Association website: https://neca.asn.au/sa/content/acma-warning-%E2%80%93-cca-ca...


          can still use as power cables or battery cables that uses less than 400A of current.


    What about Aldi jumping lead?


    What coupon?


    Perfect for that Imgur post you always wanted to do.


    guys, jump startercables are the past. Buy a Gooloo starter pack for $40 more


      please link me to a gooloo starter pack for 50 dollars? all I see are 99 min

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      No, they're just two different ways of doing the same thing. I would get both but if I had to choose only one it would be cables. Depending on the quality/capacity of the handheld battery ones, they can only start a car from once up to a maximum of a few times, then you're stuck. But with cables you can try over and over again until the donor car runs out of fuel. Hence why I'd get both. a) The handheld battery type in case you wind up where no other cars are around, and b) cables in case there's a secondary problem requiring several (or one long) jump start/s (like engine flooding, a broken plug/lead, intermittent fault etc).