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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 4.6GHz 6 Cores 12 Threads AM4 CPU OEM Tray Version $427.20 Delivered @ Metrocom eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Cheapest ever for those who don't need the cooler. However only one year warranty.

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    Think this seller sold it for 412 recently during the eBay plus sales. That's when I bought mine

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      Yep. So it's not cheapest ever @OP.

      It's also cheaper at Amazon (via US) right now for the retail boxed version.

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    You can get retail box on Amazon for cheaper

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      Thats what I was suppose to say, you cant neg and dont show proof

      • Why not?

      • you cant neg

        Plenty have already

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    $424 in Amazon free shipping for prime members


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      This is only $3 cheaper and takes almost a month to arrive. Not to mention slight benefits of purchasing a product within Australia for warranty purposes.

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        I wish you will get a better warranty from an ebay store than from Amazon.

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          I second what BargainBuddy said.

          Amazon Warranty > Ebay Warranty
          Retail Box(3year) > OEM (1 year)

          also much less chance damaging the pin during shipping when a CPU is in retail packaging than OEM with whatever wrapper seller dare to provide.

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        scroll down on the right you'll see new (16) from "$424.94"

        • Cool. Isn't there in port tax though if coming from USA?

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    People might want to also consider the r7-5700G
    It's the 8core/16thread big brother to this, and basically identical to the 5800X. However, it is an APU, which means it has an integrated GPU. In this case, it seems to be as fast as the RX 560… that's abysmal, but "acceptable" under the current GPU market conditions.

    Sounds great, but it is OEM only for now. People have been getting their hands on these though one means or another. And I've heard of some people being leaked the APU for the Xbox SeriesX… I feel like that would make a fine processor for PC Gamers as long as it doesn't have any software issues with Windows.

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      Just Googled the Xbox APU and it is soldered onto a motherboard with 16gb ram also soldered. The onboard graphics are disabled and a PCIe slot added for you to supply own graphics card.

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        Just note it’s not the Xbox Series X processor. It’s the Xbox One X processor (previous Gen), and the performance is not good.

        Quite a few of the big channels on YouTube have looked at it including Linus, and Digital Foundry.

        • No, not that one. This one: https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd/4700s-apu-xbox-chip

          It's the 2020 Xbox series X console's APU, they're selling it on a Chinese website. Not the older Xbox One X. It most likely had a small portion of the die fail during testing, so they've put it in a pile to be destroyed. But instead someone's repurposed it, by disabling the iGPU, and putting it on a motherboard with Pcie support for a dGPU.

          It is theoretically possible to re-flash it, and resurrect the graphics. Let's say only 1CU failed, well it originally has 52CU, and you might be able to get it running on 50CU. That's still a formidable graphics there. It puts it slightly ahead of the AMD RX-6700XT, or roughly equivalent to the RTX-3070. In theory.

    • Total L3 Cache 16MB, PCI Express® Version 3.0.
      You really would think this is better than 5800x with 32MB L3, and PCIe 4.0?

  • I don't care for stock fans, but with tray CPUs, how do you know they are new?

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      You don't tbh

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      Does it even matter?
      My Intel 11 year old intel CPU is still running with 20% overclock throughout it's life.

      If you are so concerned don't save couple of bucks for piece of mind.

    • Has a 1 year 'return to base' warranty which should be enough to see if it's working or not. I still think this is a great deal, you don't want to use the stock cooler anyway, so I'd buy this if I were building a new PC

  • 6C/12T for this price?
    I can get Intel Intel 10th Gen Core i5-10400F for around $220, 6C/12T
    So not sure if AMD is better or faster than this i5 or not

    • If play game they perform similar, but if doing work, benchmark says 5600x is 40% - 50% faster than 10400F

      5600x is not that good value for money, but there is limited options, and even harder to find one in stock with reasonable price..

  • This or 10700K?

  • Yeah I bought off Amazon not long ago for the same $420 something price including the fan and normal warranty terms… Amazon US has them frequently on sale for that price, but it seems to be one at a time, as when I ordered mine, the price went back up to $500 something. But then a week later they had it at $420 again…

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