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[eBay Plus] 200+ Products for $5 or Less: Golf Power Bank $5, 10w Qi Charger $5, UNO $3, Ludo Boardgame $5 @ eBay Australia


eBay has announced its biggest eBay Tuesday offering yet with over 200 products available for $5 or less.

Far Cry New Dawn – PS4 – $3
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens PS4 – $3
Golf G80 Dual PortG Power Bank – $5
Philips QI 10w Wireless Charger – $5
Philips Smartphone AC Mount – $5
UNO Harry Potter – $3
Ludo and Snakes and Ladder Board Game – $5

Credit to Press-start

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    Where can I find the product list?

    • +2

      Knowing eBay's specials, there's probably stock of 1 each of those 200 items on special.

      • -1

        I wanna view these 3

        Philips QI 10w Wireless Charger – $5
        Philips Smartphone AC Mount – $5
        Ludo and Snakes and Ladder Board Game – $5

        If anyone has them any good?

        • I was gonna get the Ac mount but its only 6 inches max and I'm larger.

  • +54

    eBay Tuesday: Yard Sale Edition

    • +3

      I thought reject shop is the best they could do, yet obviously I have underestimated them!

  • +16

    Get ready for coupon errors!!

    • +5

      Get ready for not even bothering: "We’ve only got a handful of the items that will be on sale"

  • Airpods all over again

    • +1

      I secured a set for me and a set for my nephew in those deals so here's hoping!

  • Hopefully not 1 item coupon per account!

    • +3

      Nah I’m hoping hopefully one per account, my house has enough landfill…

  • Hope no code required so I can use the eBay voucher!!!!

    • +1

      I tried to read the T&Cs for the $5 voucher but get 'tc.ebay.com.au's Server IP could not be found'. Fingers crossed the voucher will work.

      • +2

        If you're referring to the $5 eBay plus voucher then that has a minimum spend a $50 {eBay plus items only ).

  • Mavic Mini To the moon!

  • The Lego game will be in included in the new Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga for those pre ordering

    • Not exactly. The Skywalker Saga is a completely new game, not a bundle of previously released titles. So while you will be playing Force Awakens in The Skywalker Saga, it's not the same game as on offer here.

      • I stand corrected, thanks for clarifying. So Force Awakens isn’t part of The Skywalker Saga? I’m very confused.

        Haven’t played any of them and thought it was a bundle of all previous games so pre ordered.

        • The story of Force Awakens is a part of it as it will encompass all nine movies, but The Skywalker Saga is a completely new LEGO game, not a bundle.

  • +6

    Well based on the Ebay Tuesday page, starts at 10am, 1 item per code AND limited to the first 5000 redemptions…

    So expect to only buy 1 item, pick wisely!

    • +2

      No time to pick wisely. The time you read through 200 items, they will be sold out

  • +1

    Dual Sim Power Bank?

  • +6

    I have that powerbank from last year’s eBay sale for 50 cents. 10,000mAh is stretching it, it dies very quickly.

    It’s definitely less than that, all the other comments mentioned the same

  • Wish we get another Airpods deal

  • Only 700 Units of the golf charger.

  • +2

    Most of the ebay plus sellers have increased their price $10 or more site wide. that's very bad, and after the event they reduce the price, but still more expensive than the non-plus seller.

    • +1

      Yeah, what can you do when seller are require to foot majority of discounted price and they know more traffic on listing will mean first time buyers won't know a difference.

    • coz ebay force ebay plus sellers to use a more expensive shipping method with tracking and signature.

  • so one item per person only? due to code? Must have contingencies haha!

  • -2

    Solid deals tomorrow

  • +1

    According to this article, there will only 22 copies of Far Cry New Dawn available.

    Also, there are only 5000 redemptions available. May not sound like a lot but I've seen some of the other items and they are just landfill.

  • Only appealing thing is the Golf G80 Dual PortG Power Bank… already have (or don't need) the other things…

  • +2

    Considering the power bank has previously been 50c it's not a great week of deals

  • +3

    Same code for everything. Another single deal day

  • +1

    Got Batman Arkham Origins Wii U

  • Thanks - got FC New Dawn for $2.95

  • Got me some cheap roll-on deodorant, (profanity) yeah.

    • +1

      Did the same. Bought something I'd actually use over something that is free.

  • +2

    Damn, didn't realise the free USB from the other deal would invalidate me for any of these..

    • Oh you are right, it is the same code! PLUSFDET

    • ya know it's kinda crap when the first page of "Featured items" is not great

  • yard sale…

  • -1

    I got Philips 10W Qi Wireless Charger Stand with Motion Sensor LED Light for $5
    even my mobile did not support wireless charge.

    • +1

      most of the phones got turbo charge today, so u rather spend hrs to charge ur phone wirelessly or just 1hr with wire?

      • depends how long the trip is

        but probably faster charge (wired)

    • wanna swap with the powerbank?

      • Sorry mate.
        Got a same powerbank for 50cents last year.

        • what is the point of the motion sensor? like why

    • Order got cancelled.
      cancellation reason as 'I'm out of stock or the item is damaged.'

      • +1

        Contact customer care, you should get voucher to spend on anything.

  • +1

    deals from $2 - cheapest item $3

  • +1

    The power banks are rubbish, I bought one last time for $5. It didn't work after I used twice.

    • +1

      i got one when they were $0.50c still works now i think that was over a year ago-you may have just had a faulty one

    • I bought it for $5 so far no problem.

  • Got the UNO Harry Potter and Dishwasher balls, nice

    • How you brought two

      • I had a different voucher I hadn't used :)

        • All showing same voucher strange

          • @hurr1cane: I mean I had an older voucher that could be used for anything within eBay, sorry for the confusion!

        • ?

  • +1

    This is not a bad one: 6 x Rexona Deodorant Men Roll-on - works out to be 0.83c ea


  • +1

    Got Batman Arkham Origins Wii U cos missing the old times.

    • +1

      Received today, that's fast for regular untracked mail.

  • Yoga ball for $5 delivered. Not bad

  • +1

    Plastic verniers goes for 7-8 dollars and this Stainless steel comes to $4.85.


    $20 dollars is not jacked price so might be good for someone (me)

    • I bought this last month, or I would have jumped on it without question.

      Excellent build quality, with a very nice case. Good value at $20, a bargain at $5.

      • I was thinking to get one for months so I'd be a nice use for me:)

  • I got the Bambo cushion thing only worth $10 probably.

    Nice things I saw are
    30ml NVS Cleaner
    Snake toy
    Platinum card sleeves

  • it's micro usb PD eeks!

  • +1

    Seem to be adding more stuff. Bought the resistance bands for $5.

  • Maybe I'm wasted my code but I got some PlayStation coasters for 2 bucks, the other useful items are out of stock

  • +2

    Went a 6 pack of Rexona Deodorant for $5 delivered https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313297819587

    • +1

      Ditto. Not the most exciting of items on ebay, but useful!

    • +1

      Same here, it’s actually a saving vs buying extra stuff I never would have bought

  • Got the bidet for $4.85

  • +3

    Code no longer works?

    • Would have been useful to know…if OP had put 5000 only redemptions in info
      didn't know this until it is now gone.

    • same here, can't use the code now.

  • Ah, stupid limited redemptions.

  • Well, they cancelled the Phillips Wireless Charger order. What a waste of time.

    • They didnt cancel mine. I received it today.
      Contact ebay support and they should give you a $15 voucher to spend on anything

      • +1

        No luck with ebay customers service.
        Her final reply is: "Thank you for waiting , I have checked and can confirm that we will not be able to issue any voucher or provide any compensation for a seller error. The best you can do is to report the seller."

        • +1

          Well, typical ebay customer service, they don't care.
          Maybe try and push harder, they are just reading off of their scripts.

      • Is the cable removable? USB-C?

    • happened to me too. I contacted them and was given a $15 voucher (no min spend, works sitewide) as one time courtesy