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ORICO Type C USB Hubs 30% off (from $34.99) + Delivered @ ORICO Amazon AU


Price discounted in checkout.

Drive free for Windows, Mac OS, Linux system, supports Macbook, Matebook and most type C laptops. Adopts transparent polycarbonate & aluminum alloy unique design, provides better heat dissipation performance.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Any powered USB hub? My cam fails to work on normal one so I’ve to plug it in directly- a powered hub should do the trick.

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    You could also pick up a hub with PD for about the same price

    Example: https://www.amazon.com.au/HooToo-Adapter-Charging-MacBook-Ch...


      I think PD and powered hubs are different.

      As per my understanding, PD deliver power to laptop and don’t power up USB ports, so webcam, mic etc will draw current directly from USB interface on your laptop.

      Powered Hubs are usually 18-25 V and provide additional power to USB ports so that webcam and other devices don’t need to draw current from USB interface on laptop.

      Happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.

      My scenario - I have a USB hub with PD, plugged into MacBook via USB hub. When I plug-in webcam on USB hub, MacBook doesn’t detect it, however when I plug webcam directly to Mac, it works well. Powered Is delivered to Mac via USB C port which is connected to Apple original MacBook charger.


        If my personal experience is to go by, PD hubs are probably not made all equally. I have an Aukley-branded USB-C PD hub and the moment I plug in my laptop charger direct to the hub, my laptop whinges that a low-powered charger is plugged in. I am theorising that out of the 65W, the hub is probably taking around 10w to power itself (and by extension, any portable HDDs you plug in to it) with the rest powering/charging the laptop.


    That is not a pretty hub

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    I'm looking for a usb c hub, with 100w pd, 4k 60hz hdmi and mutiple usb 3.0 ports

    Can't seem to find one with these requirement.