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Aftershokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones $199.20 Delivered @ Microsoft


First bargain - hopefully I've done it right.

AEROPEX is the lightest and most organically designed open ear headphones to date. We implemented the brand new PremiumPitch 2.0+ and rotate the transducer by 30° to reduce the vibration and weight, but with better bass and better sound. Aeropex is vested by massive expectation to bring the best and safer audio experience for aspiring athletes motived by their music and their world.

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  • Great price. Got these for 10% off and love em. Great for podcasts decent for music. I use for running and cycling.

    • Just bought a pair for cycling. I've heard great things

    • I use mine for cycling. They work great except when it's really windy.

      • Haven't had too much issues so far other than when there's lots of traffic nearby.

      • How do you find they compare with regular earbuds while cycling when it's really windy? I've tried so many pairs trying to find something that I don't need dangerously loud to counter the wind noise.

        • its far far far better than regular earbuds for cycling when windy. Im comparing with XM3 earbuds.

          All i hear is the wind with the earbuds, with this (mine is the older, cheaper model) I can still very clearly hear traffic and the music.

        • trying to find something that I don't need dangerously loud to counter the wind noise.

          That's the awesome thing about these - they are bone conduction headphones so they won't damage your hearing.

          • @brotherfranciz: They can damage your hearing (hairs in your cochlear), like any sound source.
            You still have to have them up loud if there is wind or other loud ambient noise. Earplugs help reduce ambient noise to make it easier to hear the bone conducting sound.

  • when this kind of thing will get adjustable back band ? i dont like it hanging there

  • Thanks OP. Was waiting for these to drop below $200 again

  • Get 2 and combine with Amex spend $400 get $80 back?

  • Anyone can comment on how the bass had been improved on the Trekz?

    • I have these and the bass is pretty ordinary. I bought them specifically for cycling my commute so I can listen to music and podcasts and still hear traffic and they are excellent for that due to the bone conduction. If you don't need the bone conduction mechanism then there are many pairs of headphones which will have much better sound quality, particularly the bass, for less or similar $

      • I have the Trekz and am completely happy with what they do. The bass is clearly lacking because I figure it's virtually impossible to deliver quality bass through such a small driver + bone conduction. That's why I'm curious if there has been obvious improvement from the Trekz to the Aeropex.

        • I can't comment as I haven't tried any other pairs, sorry. I agree with your comment on limitations of delivering bass via bone conduction


        Can you share example for lower $ version ? Please

  • These phones are great if you want to be aware of what's happening around while you ride, walk, run, etc. Sound quality is much better than what I expected. That's not like the $400 over-the-ear phones, but it serves its purpose quite well.

  • These are great. I use mine in the lab as they allow me to still hear my surroundings, which is a must.

    • But can the surroundings hear you if you max the volume?

    • Good idea, I've tried using earbuds in the office but my boss constantly tries to talk to me and I have to constantly keep taking them out of my ears so gave up in the end.

      • These are great for that. If you turn the volume down, it sounds like everything you do has a background music track. It's as if someone was playing soft-but-clear music on some speakers nearby that only you can hear.

  • I have a pair and use them all the time to listen to podcasts and work phone calls. I can’t easily wear ear buds or over the ear headphones due to a ear piercing (long story - got a ‘daith’ piercing on the long shot it would stop migraines)

    Anyway, these are a great alternative for people who want to leave their ears alone 😂

    • Did the piercing help at all? I've also considered things like this as I get migraines frequently. The only thing that helps is some medication I can only get 4 of at a time which I burn through in no time, and they take half a day to work anyway. Doctors treat me like a junkie if I ask for codeine pain killers lol, they don't get rid of the migraines but they at least "hide" it from me so I can function in a day..

      • It didn’t work for me, although I’m not entirely sure mine was ‘deep’ enough. That being said I’m a skeptic and didn’t really expect it to work, although I’m a member of ‘daith club for migraineurs’ and there seems to be thousands of people who seem to think it worked for them. I guess there’s so many different causes and therefore treatment for migraines.

        Is your box of 4 a triptan like Imigran? Ask for a bulk ‘private’ script next time, I get 20 at a time with 5
        repeats. That helps, and you can claim on private health insurance. Also since March imigran can also be bought over the counter now (2 at a time)…

        I find these help me for ‘over the counter’ migraine treatment - they don’t sell them in Australia, but they do in America, so postage isn’t cheap, I get them on eBay …. ‘Equate Extra Strength Headache Relief Caplets’. Also - note I’m not a Dr so it might be better to ignore everything I’ve said! 😂

        • Yeah it's a triptan, good to know re the bulk script, I'll hassle next time! I've put off trying the daith due to mixed stories and also I always have headphones on lol so yeah wasn't sure if it would interfere with that…

          • @Jdrizzle: My wife had her done about 8 years ago and worked a treat. She sometimes still felt some of the pressure but none of the pain.

            Has slowly worn off the last few years but still nothing as bad as it used to be.

  • Sadly I had to open a warranty claim for a pair of these that I bought only 6-8 months ago.

    Its apparently a fairly common problem in which the earphones go into a never ending loops of power-on/pairing/power-off non-stop.

    I don't use them for anything crazy (running, cycling, gym), but they went crazy one night, cleaned the contacts, followed the reset procedures…no good.

    Still liked them while they worked. The multi-function button isn't great and having a proprietary connector is annoying but I still liked them.

    • Glad to report mine have been working fine since Nov 2019.

      • Damn, I didn't think the Aeropex have even been released for that long!

        I thought I caught a time-traveller

    • I’ve had mine since July 2020 and they are still doing fine (and have had daily use of several hours every day during that time).

      They used to get a little confused when I had my Apple Watch and my phone both connected to them and it didn’t know which device should be the ‘boss’ of the headphones. I ended up removing the Apple Watch Bluetooth connection as I wasn’t really using it. Since then it’s been fine.

    • Mine died within 2 days.

      Ended up getting the openmove and haven't had any issues, and prefer the type c to a proprietary magnetic cable.

  • Anybody tried these for swimming?

    • I have the Xtrainerz, which is the ONLY model suitable for swimming.
      Very happy with them. I paid $175 via amazon.
      Been using them for swimming for 3 months, more than 5h a week. I charge them every 10 or so days.
      Good for podcasts provided they are good quality recordings (anything from the abc is good).
      The splash of the water is loud so you need to wear ear plugs to hear the headphones clearly.
      Much better than the Finnis swim ones I previously had, which due to their muddy sound were usable for music only.
      Note 4gb storage. No Bluetooth as this does not travel through water.

      • Thank you for your insight. This is very helpful. I'm looking to get one for listening to music while swimming. I'm assuming it doesn't have amazing bass quality but is the overall sound acceptable?

        • Sound perceived through bone does not provide the same fidelity as listening through air via your ear drums. It's always going to be a compromise. I did try waterproof headphones with special ear pieces, but they get air pockets or water splashes in, rendering choppy sound varying between loud and absent.
          Bone conduction is more than adequate, most of the time, for listenable music and good quality podcasts. Some of the podcasts which feature phone callers or sound recorded by zoom are not always clear.
          I don't really notice much of a stereo effect. Bass is okish, but not really thumping. There is a swimming sound mode and general mode. General mode seems to have more base but is considered more suitable for running.

          • @robotdad: Having never tried these on myself, does your skin/skull 'buzz' when using these?

            Wondering if these might be good for a relo who's losing their hearing.

            • @andresampras: I have the Trekz Titanium and I have thought of the same,
              for someone who is listening less, because of age.

              There's no "buzz", but you can 'hear' the vibration through the bone, just in front of your ear.
              It's clear, good enough and not jarring.

            • @andresampras: The way they deliver the sound is through vibration so they do buzz a little on your skin, however I don't notice this unless I have them up very loud. One of their unique use cases is for people who have lost hearing via the ear drum. These bypass the ear drum and go straight into middle ear so well worth looking into for someone in your scenario!

            • @andresampras: I've only noticed a ticklish sensation a few times when listening to something loud. I don't notice this sensation in the water at full volume.
              If a person is deaf due to cochlear issues (like from age or industrial sound damage), these will not do anything beyond hearing aids.
              If they have a damaged ear drum, then maybe it may help.

              • @robotdad: they say their issue is partial fusing of middle ear bones….I guess he'll have to try them to find out.

                Anyone know of somewhere these can be tested before purchase?

      • awesome - thanks for writing this !

  • got my first pair (bluez 2s) a few years back for aroud $150….. seems like they will never go sub $100

    • +2 votes

      The Trekz Titanium have been under $100 several times, the most recent was last month for $89.

  • Love mine, great for Zoom meetings too.

    • That is what I use mine for. I spend 5+ hours on zoom some days and these are by far the most comfortable and sound quality is more than adequate for zoom calls.

  • worth noting that for most applications, the Aftershokz Openmove wireless is the go. There's very little discernable difference in sound quality between the Openmove and the Aeropex, just the Aeropex has a much higher IP rating at IP67 and a larger battery. I ended up going for the Openmove last time they were on discount as they use a standard USB-C connection whereas the Aeropex uses a proprietary magsafe. That said, any Aftershokz headphones will hugely augment your rides. Much more enjoyable!

    • +2 votes

      I actually prefer the magnetic connector on the Aeropex. They include 2 cables in the box so I can leave one at work and one at home. It's much quicker to pop on the charger as I just have to hold the plug near the port and it snaps in place.

  • I have a pair of these and have had them for about 9 months if anyone has questions about them. I mainly use them for cycling on my commute to work but have also used them while walking my baby in his pram so I could listen to podcasts without disturbing his sleep but easily hear if he stirred or woke up. My overall opinion is they work great if you have a use case that gets some kind of unique benefit from the fact they operate by bone conduction (I bought them so I could listen to music/podcasts but also have full hearing of traffic and my surroundings while cycling). If you don't then the sound quality (more music than podcasts, most noticeably in low end) is noticeably poorer than many headphones or similar or lower cost. My main headphones are a pair of Sony 1000XM3 and the sound of those is vastly superior (I listen mostly to metal so low end is very important to the sound).

    • hey I also have the same setup! aftershokz + sony 1000xm3.

      I find the aftershokz quite good indeed. although a few drawbacks. the power button is the volume up button, so when you turn it off you inevitably turn up the volume. i also don't like it saying "welcome to aftershokz" every time you turn it on. it gets really annoying. the "beep" sound is also quite loud if you wear a helmet and the straps are pressing against it. the packaging is a nice box with a magnetic lid and came with a silicone pouch which i thought was nice but could do without them if that means lower prices.

      the upside is that the position of the earphones block out some wind when cycling, and i hope they do some more design updates so that in future it becomes even more effective at blocking out wind. it also comes with 2 usb cables, presumably in case you lose one.

      the sony on the other hand probably has the best noise cancelling performance in the market and the sound is pretty good. what i don't like is the touchpad controls, everytime you touch the headphones you will most likely change something (volume/next/previous/stop/play) by accident, and ironically they don't work with gloves. physical button would be better imo. i also like the usb-c interface, but for some reason you cannot use the headphones while charging. i've turned off the voice that tells you what mode you're on (noise cancelling, ambient sound, off), but if they have kept the "beep" that would've been better.

  • Use daily for work, home and shops you can listen to music and talk to people also great for incoming calls. Would recommebd, I use these more than my xm3s as you do not need to take off.

  • Do they have any volume controls?

    • yes, but the power button is the same as the volume up button which means you'll turn up your volume before turning it off…

      • +1 vote

        To turn the volume up, you press and release quickly.
        To turn it off, you press and hold.

  • Thanks for the post. Set an alert just a few days ago. Good to see this come up again. I've got a set - great product. Buying for family.

  • I discovered something awesome with these headphones last year:

    I was working from home during lockdown. I took the headphones off and placed them on the desk, which turned into a speaker! The vibrations were resonating through the wooden desk! So these headphones could actually be used as speakers if you have a wooden or metal surface, or a box or similar that allows sound to resonate.

  • I have a pair of these for cycling, they're great really happy with them. I got them for ~$170. The custom charging cable is a bit of a drag, I'd prefer micro-usb or usb-c. If I were to replace them, I'd buy the newer model @ $130 : Open Move with USB-C charging.

  • Another note - as a 40+ yo guy with some hair in the ears, if I turn the volume up to full my ear hairs vibrate and irritate my ear canals.

  • Compatible with my BrainDance software?

  • I checked and don't think these have any other inputs besides Bluetooth. Are there any bone conduction with 2.5mm or 3.5mm input jacks?

  • 8 hours doesn't seem like a lot nowadays and it's pretty expensive compared to other options

    • What are the other bone-conduction options?

      • Looks like they don't allow me to post links for some reason. You can find some on amazon, cbfitwear, kogan, lightinthebox

        • Do be aware that there are cheap 'bone conduction' headphones that are fake. They just contain a speaker driver in a sealed enclosure.

  • Do they work alright for running? I mean do they stay on your head or do they bounce around?

  • Anyone else's order get cancelled??

  • Received these today, opened a return case with Microsoft after an hour. These sound really, really bad.

    My Plantronics Backbeat Fit achieve 99% the same results as these but have sound quality that is much much better and were $100 less, 5 years ago.

    Can still hear surroundings fine, just thought I would get these as an upgrade as I heard the sound quality was great. Nope, these are terrible. The Bose Frames sound better than these by a long way as well.

    • Bone conduction headphones will never sound as good as normal headphones just like how headphones will never sound as open as bone conduction headphones. They're for different usage scenarios.

      just thought I would get these as an upgrade as I heard the sound quality was great.

      Well… they're great for bone-conduction headphones. :)

      • Backbeat fit's still allow ambient audio into your ear, they basically hover just outside your ear canal and direct audio straight into the ear.

        These are honestly a 3/10. I can't overstate how bad these are, if this is the best that bone conduction has, don't even bother. A set of Plantronics 2100's will destroy these for $100 less with double or greater the audio quality.