Click Frenzy Mayhem 2021: Tuesday May 18 2021

Click Frenzy Mayhem 2021 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, May 18 2021


As always expect some deals to be posted prior to 7pm. The event runs for 53 hours (ending Thursday, May 20 2021, 1159pm).

Follow all the deals, discussion and view participating stores via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2021 Sales & Promotions page. The Click Frenzy sales page can also be accessed from the 'Pages' menu at the top of the website for easy access, closer to the date.

Please add 'Click Frenzy' tag to your deal post and remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.

Frenzy Bucks

Promo text:

It’s back! Be one of the first 1000 subscribers to spend $200 or more on Click Frenzy deals and you could score yourself $50 back. Terms & Conditions.


Tag a friend and comment on this post for the chance to win a Nintendo Switch for yourself and a friend! Terms & Conditions.

Competition 2 (14/5)


With only 5 days to go until Click Frenzy Mayhem gets underway, we’re giving you the chance to nab yourself an epic Apple Bundle valued at $1,748 in celebration of our event!

All you have to do to enter is comment down below in 25 words or less, which Mayhem retailer you’re looking forward to shopping with during the event and what item are you hoping to snap up from them and why? Make sure to check out our Brand Wall (located on our website -!) to see which retailers are taking part in our event!

Entries are open until 11:59pm (AEST) Thursday 20 May.


'Go Nuts'

The 'Go Nuts' 99% off deals are also being run as usual. You can see comments on last year's Click Frenzy Mayhem. They aren't for everyone, quite a few OzBargainer's got free products, but a quite a few also missed out and it can be time consuming! If you are interested in participating ensure you subscribe on the Click Frenzy website now. It's also a good idea to Login/Update your account, or signup if you don't already have one.

Promo text/images from Click Frenzy so far:

Yep, you read that correctly! There's going to be some incredible 99% off deals on offer during Click Frenzy Mayhem! We're talking $5 Garmin Smart Watches and $2 Smeg Kettles just to name a couple. Make sure you're a member for your chance to snag one of these bargains!
Here's a taste of two of the Go Nuts deals in store for this event!

Watch Kettle
Xbox Series S

Go Nuts Details/Updates:

We will list the upcoming questions when they become available throughout the event.

Tuesday 18th

8-9pm: GoPro Hero 9 - $8 Q
9-10pm: Nutribullet Blender - $2 Q
10-11pm: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - $15 Q
11pm-12am: Apple Airpods Pro - $4 Q

Wednesday 19th

7am-8am: Garmin Smart Watch - $6 Q
9am-10am: Smeg Kettle - $2 Q
11am-12pm: Apple Macbook Air - $15 Q
12pm-1pm: LEGO Ferrari Sports Car - $4 Q
2pm-3pm: Apple TV 4k - $2 Q
4pm-5pm: Google Nest Hub Max - $4 Q
6pm-7pm: Samsung Galaxy S21 - $12 Q
8pm-9pm: Ultimate Ears Megaboom - $3 Q
9pm-10pm: Balenciaga Cash Card Holder $3 Q
10pm-11pm: Xbox Series S - $5 Q
11pm-12am: Apple iPad Pro 11" $12 Q

Thursday 20th

8am-9am: Homedics Massage Gun - $1 Q
9am-10am: Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - $9 Q
11am-12pm: BenQ Portable Projector - $5 Q
1pm-2pm: Samsung Galaxy Buds - $1 Q
3pm-4pm: Apple Watch Series 6 - $6 Q
4pm-5pm: Portal+ - $4 Q
6pm-7pm: Playstation 5 Digital - $6 Q
7pm-8pm: Apple iPhone 12 - $13 Q
9pm-10pm: Nintendo Switch - $4Q
10pm-11pm: Arlo Wireless Security - $3Q
11pm-12am : Sony Bravia TV 65" - $20 (Finish) Q

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • Did anyone else not see the nintendo switch pop up?

  • they gave out a fair amount of switches last year so might be the same this year around.

    • +2

      don't get my hopes up lol

  • +5

    Ok so i was bored and I made a function which models the probability that an item will go live within the next minute, where x = the amount of minutes since the start of the hour and y = the probability that the item drops within the next minute.
    The current probability as of 9:37pm that the switch will go live in the next minute is approx. 0.04 (4% chance).

    • +1

      +1 for being bothered

      • +1

        its actually pretty cool how fast the probability increases in those last few mins

    • +1

      This is great that you actually took the time to try figure this out. We will see if your right

  • Head to our Instagram live, we're choosing a game to play, what is the name of the character we have chosen?

  • just pick 1 already

  • Damn it I put it Spyro because they picked it up

    • Same i got baited and put in Spyro straight away

      • Same, scummy

  • +1

    Ah no I said mario

  • +1

    A: Toadette!

  • Toadette

  • (profanity) I put in Mario didn't even read the question

  • damn 1000+ watching live…. banking on my 0.001% chance of winning

  • I can’t even figure out how to get to their “Instagram Live”.

    • +1

      if they do this for the next one, head to @click_frenzy, click on their profile pic that says live

  • Couldn't see for people's comments.

  • Was convinced she was gonna do a last-second switch at the end there after toadette

  • I answered as soon as they stopped on Toadette

  • I submitted Toadette while they were scrolling through the characters. But there were probably some among the 1000+ watching the live who may have done the same. Fingers crossed I got in quick enough.

  • The chat on the lives are so weird, they were asking what they were looking for and guessing Forza, do they not read the question first?

    • +2

      ah yes, the character: green Lamborghini

    • people being people

  • +1

    I never got the pop up this time

  • +2

    So what's the bet on the last one the TV being a lotto question? I get the feeling they won't have many TVs to give away so a lotto question could be likely.

    • very high chance sadly

    • What's a lotto question?

      • +1

        Something like "We had this many people visit our site today (hint it's between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000) they done a couple of them for big ticket items. Basically makes it a lotto of a guess.

        • Ah, I understand now - thanks!

  • +2

    How many days is it until our next event, Click Frenzy Julove?
    54 days

  • answer is 54/55 depending on if you count today or not

  • 54 days.

  • Q. What is the sum total of all the numbers you can see on the Electrical & Home Office category?…

    GL all

  • +1

    What is the sum total of all the numbers you can see on the Electrical & Home Office category?

  • And that pop up didn't appear on my screen. I could have been sleeping.

  • +1

    The total of all numbers… hmm yep a lottery alright

  • my wild calculations - 23097.95

  • wtf are you even counting? s21 in a picture is that 21? 8GB is that 8? etc

    Or is it all the discount percentages?

    • thats what i did = 2021 from date, etc

    • Oh damn you're right. I only counted numbers under the category, didn't count any from the pictures.

      • just typed in a random number in the end , realised I dont really care.

    • I started adding then after a minute saw the vertical scrollbar. Took a guess instead. lol

  • There were multiple keyboards too… GG.

  • +6

    GG's guys! Was fun once again. And glad to see that loads of people won on here this time around! Please let us know if you get a text message saying you won something!

  • not even a hint this time!

  • Gg…All those 2021s. And then chrome mobile auto refreshed the tab when I went back to it and lost the chance to enter.

  • I genuinely counted up to 43364.55… and realised I was only about half the way down the page so I ended up putting 80,000 ish.
    Times were tough ones 11:59.. is that 11 +59 or 1159?? gah.

    • Or 1+1+5+9

      • i thought started wondering this midway, did not want to start over.

        NM - there isn't a right way of doing this!

    • i did 11+59

      • +1

        Is 10% count as 10 or 0.1?

        • +1

          haha - I would be very surprised if they count that as 0.1!

  • God damn that question was insane, gg all whoever wins that deserves it.

  • I'm still calculating :)

  • got 428205.22

  • 128393.75

  • 147949.37
    included all numbers on the page (promocodes and whatever else in the description) but ignored footer and header
    good luck everyone!

  • computer is bugged after all the calculations

  • There are 139 deals and i got 110000 after the first 60 (incl promos, every bloody number i could see) so i just estimated the number after 139 deals lmao

  • 238547 was what I had until I accidentally closed the pop up trying to enter it… :(

  • I got 155,318.37

    Only counted descriptions not photos.

    • We got the same result :D lol :D

      • You guys did the math

  • 148199

  • Hypothetically speaking. If no one guessed the right answer, who the hell gets the tv? I logged into my partners account cus I already won the kettle and got 166485.98 probably wrong anyways

    • Whoever is closest

  • Would It be whoever put in their answer first then, what they should do is the closest answer.

  • Congratulations to all who won this Click Frenzy. I of course won nothing xD but yeah congrats who won something. I will be looking on eBay for a influx of ads.

  • Anyone got a SMS for the MacBook Air yet?

    • all the text messages for Wednesday's deals should already be out, people are reporting they got a message for the xbox already

      • dang so looks like i missed out, such sadness!

        • +1

          If there is one person who deserved that MacBook Air it'd be @rompastompa. What a guess! Surprised they haven't received a message!

          • @jayboi: Nope, I didn't get it. I must have been close though! :)

  • +4

    Guess who won for once! Me! (sorry those who didn't win but finally my chance to shine). I got the message for the portable projector!

    • +1

      When did you get the text?

      • 9:13am today

        • +1

          I answered as soon as the stopped on Toadette last night for the switch so I am praying that I get a message for that.
          Always wanted a switch.
          Hope they have enough units to hand out to me!

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