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T Tersely Drinking Stainless Steel, Colourful Set of 8 Straws $9.75 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Statco via Amazon


Enjoy Your Beverage With Reusable Straw

Get a set of 8 Stainless Steel Straws(4 bent+4 Straight), trendy for family reunion,girl's night out,cocktail party,perfect for on-the-go, kitchen, BBQ, picnics, party favors, boating as well all around the house, or out on the patio!

Material:304 stainless steel
Size: 8.5" (6mm x 215mm)
Outer Diameter: 0.24"(6mm)

Metal straws are made of top food-grade 304 stainless steel,BPA free,non toxic , no metal aftertaste,colorfast, dishwasher safe, reusable,a perfect substitute for plastic straws.

Our drinking straws have smooth concave edge after polishing, grinding and indentation,not sharp and will not hurt your mouth,suitable for children and adults.

Perfect for you to enjoy your cold beverage, sipping cocktail, coffee, ice tea, cappuccino,ozark trail standard lid etc by these metal straws.

Package includes:

4 x straight straws
4 x bent straws
2 x brushes
1 x storage bag

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    Sorry to spoil the party (i mean it) but imo, it's a saftey issue to use Stainless Steel Drinking Straw…


      and this issue is?


        Choking hazard?


        Imagine u drink with metal straw in your mouth and you trip over yourself…


          Imagine u drink with metal straw in your mouth and you trip over yourself…

          So, drop the cup and scrap my knees/hands?

          Imagine you're on your phone and walking across the road as well…


            @FIVEDOLLAR: Not intent to argue only for the sake of argue, but i can't ensure i react quick enough to drop the cup everytime, and the possible consequences is horrible.

            You don't put ur phone in your mouth at least. Just my 2 cents

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              @Tyler Kwok: The possibility is there but the likelihood is negligible. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a "safety risk".

              You can discuss a magnitude of other potential hazards from items you use every day.


                @FIVEDOLLAR: Even the article that was linked states that it was a "freak impaling accident", and that she "had been struggling to walk properly for some time" and "was living with multiple spinal fractures, and Mandy said she would often collapse, “like a sack of potatoes at random intervals”" after a serious fall on her horse.
                Sounds like she could have potentially landed on anything and hit her her causing a TBI - just happened to land horribly on the straw.

                So yeah, maybe if you're prone to falling down a lot out of nowhere don't use them… but is that a real safety risk for most people?


                  @NigelTufnel: Yeah, you have to be reasonable with assumptions…
                  It wasn't the straw that was the cause of the hazard…
                  She could've been holding a fork… or knife… or a chopstick… or any other bloody thing…

                  Are we going to ban all chopsticks in restaurants or for sale now because they can potentially impale you?

                  Is it reasonable to say by chance the straw is the hazard…?

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          What are you getting to? How often do people trip and fall on a straw in their mouth? LOL

          The possibility is there but the likelihood is negligible. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a "safety risk".

          @FIVE is talking sense. Freak accidents happen but the production and disposal outweigh the probability but that depends on who you ask. Compare the downsides and realise.. both straws are unnecessary but humans like their things.

          Ethics of a straw material..


      You're supposed to put it in your mouth.

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    Whatever u do. Make sure you wash them properly inside out and dry them.

    I had some fungus build up in mine while sitting in dishwasher.
    After wash wasn't clean … I used it. Massive blob of fungus. Ruined my life.


      Yeah, these are not meant for dishwashers. That's why they always come with a cleaning brush. Thinking a dishwasher is going to do a good job cleaning up inside the skinny straw is a mistake!

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    Another dropshitter.

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    Metal straws should be used with caution, a coroner has said, after a retired jockey died when she fell onto one which impaled her eye and caused a traumatic brain injury.