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1/2 Price Vitamins (Nature's Way + More) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ $50 Spend) @ Chemist Warehouse


Vitamin and mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

I got these two NaturesWay below:

$7.49 Daily Multi 200tabs

$9.99 Garlic + C & Horseradish 200 Tablets

Free shipping with $50 order or free click and collect.

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    Garlic tablets! Hope they go nicely as toppings on Naan bread


    any recommendations for a multi vitamin for Men ?

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      I'm currently taking GO Healthy's Men's Multi, they seem to have higher concentration in their ingredients.



      Just wondering, why do you think you would benefit from one?


      They are pointless.

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        Vitamin supplements definitely aren't pointless, but aren't necessary for the vast majority of healthy people.

        Just because research is limited, doesn't mean benefit isn't present for anyone.

        Personally I take a Swisse men's ultivite here and there - on average once a week I suppose - to catch any blind spots and boost levels of anything I'm not getting enough of in my diet.

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    What vitamins do you guys recommend?

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      Vitamin D
      Fish Oil
      Magnesium - ideally magnesium chelate, citrate, or a blend


        I second this, exactly what I take daily. Particularly important if you exercise a lot.


      Majority of Vitamins taking in through supplements will be excreted through your urine - we only really need a tiny amount of Vitamins daily which are usually absorbed through food and sunshine, so generally I'd say all supplements are a sham.

      However if you have Vitamin deficiency, I'd recommend staying on top of:

      • Vitamin D: important for calcium absorption, also there were quite a few white papers showing Covid patients who had Vit. D deficiencies were more susceptible to ICU admission down the track.

      • Omega 3

      • Vitamin C


    Anyone know how Nature's way compared to Cenovis's men/women multivitatmins? They are also at half price at $12.99, but cost more for half the quantity.


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      They are better at grifting?


    Any recommended scented skin moisturizer for men?