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The Maple Treat Pure Canadian Maple Syrup 1 Litre $18 @ Coles


Walking by the specials area and discovered the cheapest price I've seen on real maple syrup, likely while stocks last.
Online so probably at most Coles stores.

Retail Limit: 20
Promotional Limit: 12
Code: 3747487P

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  • +6 votes

    Bottle looks exactly same as Costco 1L version

    • +3 votes

      How much is it at Costco?

      Miss those crown maple syrups (bourbon barrel aged or whatever)

  • +1 vote

    Need to watch the Netflix documentary imo




  • +2 votes

    It's real maple syrup, but it's not as concentrated as the good stuff, so you use twice as much.


      Ya, I tried Aldi, Coles and Woolies, all are pretty runny and thin.

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    Warning, pure maple syrup can go mouldy after a few months. (I live in Melbourne so not that hot and I’ve had a few floaty moulds in bottles in my time). Be prepared to keep it cold - or pour it like there’s no tomorrow. Your kids will love you.