Ryobi Airwave Pin Nailer $49 ($99), Hammer $19 ($39), Shears $39 ($69), Impact Wrench $59 ($99), Cut off $29 ($49) @ Bunnings

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Bunnings Warehouse


  • +4 votes

    You’ll need a big set of lungs as well

  • +3 votes

    Next week at ALDI…

    • +5 votes

      The Ryobi gear is one step up from WorkZone/ Ozito, so these are good prices.


    Airwave Air Cut-Off Tool looks quite a dangerous tool to use the way it is designed … holding it just doesnt feel right by the looks

    "Dead-man switch" sounds handy

    • +11 votes

      the feel doesn't look right, I hear what you're seeing

      • +2 votes

        Not just a pretty face ey?

  • +2 votes

    Cheapest matching compressor?


      Maybe their recalled 40L?


    Still full price up here. Cheaper prices when I change to a NSW postcode. Buggah.


    Only things I don't need on sale! What I needed are the rip saw and die grinder and sander(s)