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Lebara Long Term Prepaid Mobile: Medium 360-Day 240GB $180 (Was $280), Unlimited 35-Country Talk & Text, New Customers Only


Lebara's May 2021 offer on Long Terms Plans:

Medium 360 day plan $180 for 12 months equivalent to $15/mon + 240GB total data (20GB/mon) + unlimited calls to 35 countries.

  • New customers only.
  • Offer ends 08/06/2021.
  • Lebara requires you to activate the SIM within 60 days of purchase.

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Lebara Mobile


  • Similar to belong

  • They use TPG network, so is that Vodafone??

  • Belong is 25 per month for 20 gb data

  • I'm loving these 365 day prepaid plans, just pay for it, be careful with your data then this time next year pay it again.
    No trying to work out why your provider charged you for this or that obscure fee or feature that you didn't know you had or never used.
    For most people there's only 2 questions you need to ask, will this data last me a year? And if you make international calls, does this plan include the countries you want to call?!

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      Lebara doesn't give the entire 240GB upfront, like Boost. So you are automatically in control.
      You will get 20GB per month, and any data that is left over, also gets carried over to the next month in your "Data Bank". You may accumulate a total of 200GB in your Data Bank, so this is pretty good.

      Also, Lebara is the only operator providing unlimited calls to 35 countries in a $180 Yearly Plan.

      Their Large Plan has unlimited calls to a whopping 50 countries!

      Also, in their 30 day plans:
      Extra Large Plan has unlimited calls to 60 countries, and 80GB data per month.
      Extra Extra Large Plan has unlimited calls to 64 countries, and 100GB data per month.

      • Thanks for that information, upfront yearly data is a killer for me, too easy to chew through much

      • @djoz I don't mind the plan allowance being 20gb per month and accumulate the unused data over a year.
        I would imagine this would be good for parents buying the plan for their child, knowing they can't use 100's of GB in the first month.

  • Any deals for the existing customers. I need to recharge my plan soon.

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      Lebara does offer deals for existing customers too, you may check by going to recharge and choose the preferred plan. It will be lower than the usual RRP of the plan.
      Eg: lebara.com.au > Recharge > Select Plan (Long Term) > Recharge by credit card

  • How about the coverage, Lebara Vs Boost? :)

    • Well Lebara uses the Vodafone network, and Boost Mobile is the only MVNO to have full access to Telstra's 4G network. The following is a copy/paste from
      PC World; "Telstra’s big claim is that their network coverage works out to include 2.5 million square kilometers. The telco say this covers 99% of the Australian population. In contrast, Optus only claims to cover 1.5 million kilometers and 98.5% of the Australian population".
      As Vodafone 4G network only covers 96% population I think it's coverage in land area is around 1 million kilometers.
      So if you plan on travelling remotely or even just regional then remember that even though Telstra/Boost only cover 3% more of the population than Vodafone, the land area that they cover is more than twice as large. So if you plan on camping or leaving the cities and you like your phone to work don't use Vodafone!!

      • In practise though goes both ways - I've been in locations regionally where Telstra has been terrible and Optus or Voda ok. Normally when we travel I have a Telstra service and one other provider but that won't work for everyone.

  • Thanks OP, anyone know how long it takes to receive the SIM pack by post

    • Depends on your suburb. They ship from NSW, should should be around 1-2 weeks maximum, but you may get it earlier as well.

      • When I joined few years ago, they express posted my SIM cards. From Sydney to Melbourne I received the next day. Although, with Covid mailing speeds are not the same now.

  • Here's my tips on saving your GB's so they last for 365 days. Videos and backing up your data are potential data hogs. The Youtube app allows you to set the video quality for mobile networks, this saves a lot of data and because you're most likely watching the video on a tablet or phone you don't need to be watching HD or 4K quality.
    If you backup your data or photos to the cloud such as Google Photos, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Google 1 etc, there should be a setting to only upload your data or photos when on a WIFI connection, if you shoot a 5 minute video of your pet or family birthday party with the latest iPhone at 4K 60FPS video then according to Apple your iPhone will use 24GB an hour or 2GB every 5 minutes. If you take a lot of videos then you're going to eat through your annual data allowance very quickly. Another source of mystery data hogs is when you tether or hotspot your mobile device to another device such as a friends phone or to your laptop or tablet. When you hotspot your phone to a Windows device: Select the WiFi network > Properties > turn on Set as metered connection, you can even set a data limit. If you hotspot your phone to you or a friends Android tablet you can also set the WIFI to a metered connection. This will prevent the other device backing up their data/photos to the cloud or updating the software etc. If they plan to watch Youtube videos, you may want to ask them to adjust their video quality settings to a modest point, such as 360p for a phone or 480p for a tablet. Then hopefully you won't need to think about your phone bill for 365 days.

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      Exactly what I follow!
      Another important tip. The Instagram App is a big hogger of your data. It preloads videos as well as auto-plays videos in High Resolution (by default), not allowing you to change resolution per video like YouTube, thereby eating up a large amount of mobile data.

      Here's what you may do:

      • Go to Instagram > Settings > Account > Cellular Data use.
      • Turn On Data Saver
      • Select High Resolution Media to 'WiFi Only'

      As of the other apps, I too always follow:

      • 360p YouTube videos on a phone
      • All backup services (Google Photos / Google One, etc.) on WiFi only
      • Set metered connection when using mobile as a Hotspot or set data limit for the hotspot itself if your phone allows to do so.
      • Daily tracking of data (available on Xiaomi Phones) - shows how much you used today, and how much remains for the month. This has been pretty accurate at least for Xiaomi devices, across Operators.
      • @ djoz Yes I hate those auto loading videos, for chewing up your cellular data and for just being, you know, annoying!!
        I don't use Instagram or Facebook but my family (and friends/workmates) does. When we go away on holidays I will sometimes check my kids data hogging settings and change them. They vary rarely even notice. But Instagram was not something I checked, I'll look at Instagram's data hogging settings in future.
        My partner complains of video advertisements starting in her browser and you can't even find what TAB it's on. But that would be another recommendation for OzBargainers, to go through the browser settings and turn off videos from auto play, or install an adblocker extension to reduce stop those annoying video ads popping up. I recently installed both the "Brave" Browser and "Free Adblocker" Browser to my Android tablet, it's amazing how serene it is to surf the web without ads popping up, or covering the screen or auto playing videos.

  • This or Moose month-month 20Gb plan. It is $16.80/month for the first 12months, but you will be with Optus network with VoLTE/Wifi Calling, if that matter to someone.