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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $200 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


$400 Trade-in & Stackable $200 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series ( S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 @ Samsung Store

Price has dropped $150+ from this deal - ask a live chat agent (https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/) for a $200 discount voucher and use the $50 newsletter sign-up voucher.

After coupon discounts should come to:


128GB $449
256GB $549


128GB $649
256GB $749

S21 Ultra:

128GB $949
256GB $1049
512GB $1249


Case & Tempered Glass Option

zillkin case

spigen case

spigen 2 pack tempered glass

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Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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      Agree, but we are all concerned about what might happen with Samsung.

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    I returned my trade-in phone (s20Fe 4g) and Asurion received it on 28th of April.
    Today they debited the trade in value $305 from my credit card.
    Anyone with the same issue?
    The phone is in pristine condition and only a few months old, no email from Asurion!
    Ps: I bought from the older deal back in March.

    • What is the quote you got from the Samsung trade in app?

    • Yep. They have advised that they are debiting the $5 since "it's physical condition doesn't match the details entered when you completed your tradeup".
      This is after the earlier email about the Android Lock claim.
      I have asked to state specifically what does not match - I have photos of the phone from before sending it to them.

      What are they up to?
      $5 for an S7 is not much money anyway

      • I've had the same email Karen. I also took photos of my phone before sending it and I know it was in good condition. Something odd going on.

        • They have backed down and are now refunding my $5.
          The phone battery was f***ked anyway.

  • I had a chat with an agent online, and they were saying they would not provide $200 voucher anymore. Is anyone successful to get a voucher? Could you please share the code? Many thanks

    • Tried a few times yesterday and today with different chat agents but no luck. Deal ends today so I made the purchase regardless after 3 hours of struggling with their website that kept crashing! Oh this phone better be worth it! Lol

      • +1

        I received today after multiple attempts. I changed the name and email in live chat and got in first attempt lol. Its only $150 and not stackable with trade in promo.

        • Darn

  • I managed to order a Phantom Navy one with the trade in bonus. Says it'll be 4-5 wks. Then got an SMS yesterday saying I have a Samsung order arriving today.

    The site still says the phone is "dispatched" and the expected delivery date is in a few weeks. I'm assuming what will arrive today is the packaging to return by trade in phone.

    Is that anyone else's experience?

    • No they will send you an email with the trade up instructions.
      1 - Transfer your data to your new phone

      2 - Unlock and disable all passwords and security features on your original device

      3 - Erase any data by performing a factory reset and remove your sim card

      4 - Take your original device and this email into your nearest Australia Post outlet

      5 - Australia Post will take your original device and return it (at no charge) when you show them the eParcel label attached to this email

      • Hmm. Interesting. Thanks. Then it's odd I have a single SMS saying I have a Samsung delivery coming today, but their website still says expected delivery is a few weeks away and the "order phase" its in is still 1 out of 5.

        Guess I'll find out by the end of the day ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • The website is updated very slowly for many. It can take days to update per some of the comments I've seen.

          If you received an SMS saying delivery today it will be the phone. They don't send return packaging, they only send an email with a return postage label. You take that (printed or just the email) to Australia Post who will provide the satchel. Have seen least one comment that the Australia Post they took it to wanted them to pay for the packaging. And there have been many people saying the returned phone has damage and they were charged the difference between damaged and non damaged trade in values. I personally provided my own packaging rather than risk it getting damaged in transit in just a satchel.

          • @tbone74: Thanks, appreciate the intel.

            I'm just being impatient as I'm sure I'll know in a couple more hours. But I resolved I wouldn't be getting the thing for another month or so - so that SMS just threw me into confusion :'D

          • @tbone74: Well that settles that.

            It just arrived.

            For anyone else considering the Phantom Navy colour but was afraid of the 4-5wk delivery wait - I ordered mine last Sunday night. Very impressed with the five day delivery.

  • +1

    Hi everyone looks like the $400 trade in has been extended until June 30th.

    • I presume that is non-stackable with other coupons, like the $50 email newsletter one?

  • Still have not gotten the email asking me to return my phone.
    My order on the samsung website is marked as Dispatched, does it need to change to delivered before I get the email do we know?

    • I only started getting that email after receiving the new phone, I guess so you get a chance to transfer and setup everything.

      • Oh my phone was delivered last week!

  • +3

    from Aurion:

    "Thanks for your query, if you wish to not return your old device you will be charged the full trade-in credit you received at checkout when purchasing your new device. After this it will no longer be a requirement to return your old device to us. Please keep in mind that any promotions or bonuses you received in addition to your trade-in credit are managed by Samsung directly and Asurion does not manage or apply extra promotional credit. We hope that this information has been helpful.

    Unfortunately, we do not have the exact time frame of when you will be charged, this is an automated process and the charge should occur after 14 days has passed since you were sent your return label. To make the process as easy as possible please keep the funds available in your account.

    You may receive some reminder emails about returning your old device which you can ignore if you’re planning to keep that device. "

    (please folks stop worrying about your $400. You have agreed for Aurion to debit the smaller amount, but your transaction with Samsung is done and dusted.)

    • -3

      Did anyone contact Samsung Promotion Team (mail: [email protected]) to clarify this??

      • +8

        Clarify what? There are two separate agreements, each totally clear.
        Stop fussing.

        • +3

          Can you share some evidence for the charge mate?

          Given that you bought 6 Ultras, I assumed you would have 6 debits of $400.

  • +9

    I did not return my Note 9 and today I got charged the trade in value($150.00) from Asurion in my bank account.

    I previously confirmed with them that i wasn't going to send my phone back (due to recent damage), and they responded saying it's okay if you did not want to return the phone, you would only be charged the Trade in value of the phone and other discounts/ bonus would still be valid.

    I bought an S21 from this/previous deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/619315

  • Missed out on the $200 coz I felt too poor to buy at the time. Gonna try bag a phone this time, just need to wait til tomorrow so I can heckle Samsung people for the $50 newsletter voucher ahhhhhhhh

    • +5

      You should buy within your means. Samsung Galaxy s21 is the top tier range, there are plenty of more affordable/bang for bucks phones available.

  • +1

    I have a $200 code but it appears the it cant be stacked anymore

    • @Joyoz sent you a pm

      • +1

        Sorry I wasn't offering the code I was meant to write I obtained a code. It doesn't stack anymore.

  • +1

    I bought the S21, sent in my old S7 and just now got an email from Asurion saying: "Thank you for recently placing a Samsung Trade-Up order. After inspecting your original device, our team has determined its physical condition doesn’t match the details entered when you completed your Trade-Up. As stated in the agreed Samsung Trade-Up terms and conditions, we will be charging your nominated credit card $5."

    My phone passed all their tests, and had no scratches, cracks etc and I packaged it well (bubble wrap and the box the phone originally came in so I know it couldn't have gotten damaged in the post).

    I don't care about being charged $5, but I hope this doesn't mean that I'm in danger of being charged the $400 trade in by Samsung! :-(

    • There's no danger. Asurion has nothing to do with the application of the trade-up bonus.

    • Push back - they will accept the phone and refund your money.

  • +1

    the old $200 voucher is working again fyi who missed out last time. i tried just now.

  • +1

    I bought mine in the previous deal (29/4) and I'm still yet to be charged for not returning my device.

  • voucher is working again but they have upped the price of the phone.. starting price is $1249 instead of $1099 like in May.

    • You mean stacking with the $400 trade-up? So phone is $649?

      Not much point otherwise.

  • is it still possible to get the $200 voucher?

    • If you have a past damaged phone that no longer works. They said they won't give codes to repairable phones.

  • +2

    I managed to get a $200 voucher on first attempt earlier today. It does come with a lot of "conditions" but I was able to stack with $400. As mentioned above, the phone prices have gone back to the old prices so S21 Ultra is $1249 (assuming you keep your trade-in phone).

    1. The Voucher Code is valid for purchasing products from the Samsung Australia website only. It will stay active for the next 7 days.
    2. This voucher codes are not applicable in any Samsung stores.
    3. When you click on 'Buy Now' on a certain device/model, you can enter the voucher code via the 'Add Promotion Code' field before checking out.
    4. Trade-Up Promotions - the voucher will NOT be stackable on top of the trade-up promotion value.
    5. If you have a device you are willing to trade-up, kindly visit this link for further details: https://www.samsung.com/au/tradeup/
    Updates on the webpage takes precedence over the above disclaimers.

    • @Sena 86 Sorry I'm confused, in T& C its mentioned:
      4. Trade-Up Promotions - the voucher will NOT be stackable on top of the trade-up promotion value.

      However you said you were able to stack it!

      "I managed to get a $200 voucher on first attempt earlier today. It does come with a lot of "conditions" but I was able to stack with $400."

      Can you please clarify how to stack it? Thanks

      • They will give you the spiel that the codes aren't stackable, but they are definitely stacking again.

        You need to enter the $200 code on the checkout screen, after you've run the trade up app on your phone.

        • Thats awesome, thanks for responding. Can I further stack $50 voucher on it?

          • @deals4amar: I've never been able to try get the $50 voucher, so haven't tried.

    • I tried last night and they said they had no more as the promo had finished.

      Any hints on how you managed to get it :)


      • Agent: Welcome to Samsung Customer Care. My name is XYZ, As I can see on the Chatbot it says here that you are looking to get a voucher code. No worries, let me help. Just to verify what is the model that you are looking to purchase?
        Me: I'm looking at buying the S21 Ultra
        Me: I understand a $200 voucher might still be available for purchasing a Galaxy S21 series phone?
        Agent: <posted the above conditions>
        Me: <acceptance of the conditions>
        Agent: Here is the Voucher code - XXX-YYY-ZZZ

        • You were lucky :) tried a couple of times and keep getting told they have all been given out

  • +2

    So Asurion have charged me for both devices I sent back. Even after multiple emails to them and acknowledgement from them not to worry about the emails from them saying I have yet to send the devices back. So I have just lodged a charge back with the bank.

    • +3

      Ah, automated billing systems. Who needs humans?
      Hopefully a chargeback will get more attention that a bunch of fruitless phone calls. Good move.

    • +1

      Yep same here, they charged me $305 on May the 26th.
      After a couple of emails with proof of lodgement attached and my Trade-in Id, they finally responded today:

      "Apologies for the charges. We will refund you the amount for the non-return fee back to your bank account. Please note it can take up-to 7 business days for the refund to be processed.
      Samsung trade-up team
      [email protected]"

  • Just did it now with a new 200 promo code, got the same warnings it wouldnt stack but it did. total $644 after trade in of an old samsung s7 to a new S21

    • What coupon codes/ offers did you use?

      If you combined the $50 newsletter, $200 live chat and $400 extra trade-in (ignoring the initial trade-in value), the base S21 should come down to $599 from $1249.

      • +1

        I used the 400 and 200. I never received the 50 sign up bonus

      • If I am correct this should also stack with Samsung Finance offer for $150 off $1200 spend (maybe store credit, gift card or cash back but I'm not certain). It's on their website.

        I got as far as stacking all codes and trade in cart, but didn't have a Latitude credit card (5 card types listed). For new cards Latitude offer Go Mastercard as a free up front option with interest free period but it charges $8.50 per month. The linked one on site is Latitude Gem credit card with interest free but $99p.a. fee. Maybe worth it if squeezing more out of the deal

  • +1

    599 done deal for s21 white 128gb (1249 - 400 - 200 - 50) wont bother sending in the old phone. The grey was out of stock.

    Shame i missed the 449 deal ive been looking at the trade in for a few months, that was a ozbargain. Rookies discounted $150 off the rrp but kept the regular codes going.

    • Love too know how this deal works lol

  • Is there a problem with Samsung trade in now? Trying to put in my trade-in ID and it says "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment". Really annoying.

    • Read through this thread. Has been reported multiple times. If I remember the cause was due to people not putting their credit card details in the trade in app.

      • The problem is not the trade in app. The problem is Samsung checkout cannot connect to Asurian to validate the code

        • That's what it certainly seems like, but many people have reported the exact same error message and the reason was as mentioned. Don't know if it's the reason in your case, but based on results reported by others it's worth making sure you have provided the credit card details as required.

          • @tbone74: Yes i put in my credit card and got past the validation and the app then produced the trade in code. I just can't put that code in to check out. Really frustrating with Samsung process.

  • i have just been charged the trade in value

    • same here!

    • You mean the double-digit value of the phone itself, or the extra $400?

      • +2

        just the value of the phone

    • Did the email from Aurion have any details in it?
      I haven't gotten the email or been charged the trade in and my phone was delivered a couple of weeks ago.

    • When did you made the purchase?

    • I've also just been charged the trade in value ($35). Purchased on 13/5.

    • Same here. Just been charged the trade in value ($110). Purchased on 14/5.

  • +1

    Has anyone else heard nothing weeks after their order? I ordered mine on the 16th of May- was a Phantom Titanium, so expected to arrive on the 6th of June, but still shows as customising.

    I'd also prefer to keep my old phone (S8+, given the offered trade in was laughable), but it's not really worth the risk of losing $400 if Samsung decide to follow up as they have in other jurisdictions.

    • +1

      Same, also ordered Titanium. and expected date was 05/06. Has been at the customising stage for a couple weeks. Does also say typical order is 4-5 weeks to going to wait until then.

      • I contacted them today as mine is still showing as customising. Said there's some issue with production due to demand from their HQ and no available ETA atm. Asked about changing order to an available model colour, and as expected, no dice. Just thought might be useful for you.

    • +1

      but it's not really worth the risk of losing $400 if Samsung decide to follow up as they have in other jurisdictions.

      Where have they followed up?

      • +1

        Firstly, I'm not trying to scare anyone and I have no idea what they will do. In North America on researching reddit forums there are a number of mentions of people being charged for their credit given (unclear if bonus or for phone trade in itself) multiple months after the trade in phone was processed, which to me suggests it would have been a bonus. I hope they do nothing, and if I was certain of it I wouldn't send my phone back, but personally I'm not willing to risk the $400, as in such a case I never would have bought the phone.

        Very hard to know locally as it is outsourced to asurion, but it would be good to hear from some reputable users who ordered during the early March deals on their experiences.

        • -3

          We're out of the 2week return for any reason period but I have still not opened my samsung s21+ due to the risk they are going to try and get everyone for the $400. The main reason being My s8+ is pretty similar in day to say use, so not disadvantaged much, If I had got the Ultra I would have had to have opened it.
          I'd rather just try to return the phone if we get multiple reports of people getting charged the $400

        • Fair enough. I purchased mine on 29/4 and haven't had any issues. Charged the $20 for my Pixel 2XL a week ago.

    • I don't see the Phantom Titanium option, was it available for S21 before?

      • Ultra yes, not sure about standard S21.

  • +1

    I did not give my old device in to Samsung and have just been charged the trade in value ($95) not the $400 promotion. Hopes this helps.

  • +1

    I just got charged the trade-in value of the phone, not the $400.
    Going to actually open the phone today considering I've left it in the box until now!

    • +2

      You're probably the most patient on this thread thus far. Enjoy your new phone!

  • +1

    Got charged the trade-in value as well.

  • +2

    Got charged the trade-in value of the phone even AFTER sending the phone via AuPost a few days after I ordered. Even tracked that it got delivered a few days later. Complained to them earlier about getting notifications of impending charges but they attributed those "automated" notifications due to COVID delays in delivery, their system not being up to date, etc.

    Sent them an email today about it and if I don't hear from them after a few days I will dispute this with my bank.

    • When they send you an email asking for your TradeUp ID your case is finally being taken seriously. Send it in and If success, should take around a week after that to get an email saying your money has been refunded. Thats the process. Any issues start a charge back.

      • I was wondering about this, if you followed their instructions and wiped the phone after new phone arrived, how would you still have a copy of the tradein ID?
        It's not on the samsung receipt or anything.

        • The ID is in the email you receive when they notify you to return the device.

  • My s21 keeps restarting randomly, on an average once a day. Tried safe mode and no issues. No concrete solution as such in google. Any pointers? Appreciate assistance….

    • Sounds like a rouge app. You can stop/disable a few to see if it fixes the problem and then slowly start them back up 1 by 1.

      • Thanks buddy, I'll give it a go…

  • +3

    OH NO… Just got charged $35 for not handing my, in perfectly good condition, S8 back in.
    How will I ever survive with only getting a $650 discount on my new S21+ ;)

    If I haven't already posted it somewhere up there, thanks again to the OP, and to anyone that confirmed the trade-in 'loophole'.

  • This deal was just reposted and within an hour closed reason "unattainable deal"


    Love too understand how this deal worked? Maybe the deal is back or will be

    Well a Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB for $449 how is that possible?


    edit: Ok reading all posts from back too front hopefully I'll figure it out lol

  • I didn't return my phone for the tradeup and got charged from ASURION AUSTRALIA PTY, which is all legit. Just putting this information here in case someone accidentally files chargeback. :P

    • The $400 bonus or the trad-in value? Thanks

      • +1

        tradein value (e.g. if you didn't return your phone, they charge you whatever the tradein value was)

  • I ordered on the 11th of May, received on the 12th. I got emails on 13th, 21st and 28th from Samsung with reminders to send my ipad. The one on the 28th said I had 48 hours otherwise my card would be charged. I haven't been charged yet or heard anything else.

    I want to keep my ipad because I use it a lot, happy for them to charge me the $160.

    Did people who were charged get other emails before they were charged?

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