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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $549, S21+ $749, Ultra $1049 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $100 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


Similar to this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/622905 but the loyalty voucher is only $100 discount and stackable for S21 series only. I just got my voucher this morning and it worked. They changed their code to start with ODS- instead of R2B-.

Below is what came with the code in the email.
Samsung has updated the guidelines for Loyalty Vouchers as follows;
Voucher discounts will apply to the S21 SERIES ONLY.

Vouchers can be combined/stacked with ongoing promotions/offers (e.g. Trade-Up Bonus) on the following conditions;

1. Samsung phones that have physical damage

2. Aged Samsung phones/models (Galaxy S10 or older)

I bought a S21 Ultra 256GB for $1064 including my phone trade up $85.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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  • +3

    Why dont they discount their tablets this much?

    • +5

      if you've been monitoring slickdeals (and maybe sometimes the subreddit)

      it ends up being the US gets all the crazy deals on tablets:



      • +1

        That's some serious deals

      • Are there many offers on slickdeals that you can take advantage of from Australia?

        • No idea I may try to signup in the meantime in anticipation and try a postforwarder (maybe I'll reach out to a friend who has extended family in the US and is willing to assist)

          • @loke: Just do a postage forwarder, it’s usually cheaper and significantly less hassle for all involved. You’re just more likely to get GST added on the way in with postage forwarding.
            NB: pick a forwarder based in a sales tax free state such as Oregon (ShopMate is there I think) otherwise you’ll pay sales tax shipping to your connections anyway

    • +1

      The new Samsung tablets and books should be out soon, so there will be steeper discounts on the current generation.

      • +1

        tab s8 ftw

        • Yep, looks good

  • +1

    Yeah not quite as good as the last deal I got my S21 256GB for same price as S21 128GB this time

    • You can actually get the $200 voucher this time around. They are only offering it if you have a physically damaged s20 or higher model. Anything s10 or lower is $100. You’ll need to send photos of the front and back of the s20 showing the damage and a legitimate iemi number and they’ll send you a $200 voucher that stacks.

      My newsletter voucher was still valid from a month or two ago. So managed to hook up the $424 pricing by hocking in an old iphone 6.

      Stoked! Thanks OP

  • +1

    How do you get a loyalty voucher?

    • Through Support Live Chat.

      • Unable to get this anymore for the s21

        • Keep trying with different people. One of them told me to send pictures of an older Samsung device with a cracked screen and IMEI on the back to [email protected]. I got a response within a few hours with a discount code.

          Every chat person I've talked to tells me something different, so just keep trying.

          • @DvApps: So they gave you a discount with a cracked device? I just dropped my Note 9 and it's Front, Back and Bezel damage :(

            When I tried the App/Online "trade-up" thing, it automatically said NO because of damage…

            • +1

              @Mattske: The $100 discount is seperate to trade in. The $100 discount is a loyalty discount and from what they told me it applies if you have an older galaxy device that has physical damage. For trade in I used a seperate phone to get the $400 discount.

            • +1

              @Mattske: You ask chat for the voucher. Then it stacks with a trade in of another phone (questionable whether you actually need to follow through) which gets you at least another $400 off. Newsletter voucher takes another $50 but be prepared for a bit of a wait.

      • +2

        Talked to them yesterday and they said loyalty program is not on anymore. Are they lying to me? I wanted to get a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra yesterday.

        • +3

          I have an old code that still work with note 20 ultra will PM to you.

      • +2

        Tried it. They said voucher giveaway over on the 16th

        • I was given the same story a couple of weeks ago. However, today got it on the first try with the following approach:

          Started the chat with my Samsung account email address, then..

          "Hi Justin, I'm looking to buy an S21 today.

          This will be my 3rd consecutive samsung device. I understand you are able to offer a loyalty discount.

          Would it be possible to take advantage of that offer?"

          He gave one to me immediately, no questions asked. Now I'm waiting on the Newsletter voucher and hoping it's stackable this time around.

          • @chrisandrew: Oh wow. That's neat. Do you happen to have an extra loyalty discount code? :D

          • +1

            @chrisandrew: i hope every ozb read the exact scipt…
            we would have 0,000s of Justin with 3rd samsung phone calling up :D

            • @squidz: Haha. It happens to be the truth. However, they didn't take as kindly to me the first time around.

          • @chrisandrew: Have you got the news letter voucher yet? I have been waiting a day now almost.

            • @opadi: I do, but only because after 3 attempts on different email addresses over a number of months, I emailed [email protected] as follows:

              "Hi team,

              I never receive the $50 newsletter voucher. I've never used one before and I've tried 3 times to get it.

              Can you please send me one?"

              Response came within 24 hours:

              "It appears that you have successfully registered, however, your email provider may have blocked emails from our promotional account.

              We appreciate your patience in this matter and are happy to manually provide the below code for use:…"

              • +1

                @chrisandrew: Okay I see! Man was really hoping to just the phone straight away but now I gotta wait for them to reply.

    • They have greatly improved on the Exynos chip. Benchmarks show that its on par with the Snapdragon when it comes to normal compute performance.

      The graphics performance is still lagging behind Snapdragon though. This is why the S22 will have an AMD/Radeon chip which should bridge the gap. That's why I'm skipping the S21 and holding out for the S22.

      • -1

        I would agree with chune about shixynos but I have only had the s9 and s20. I don't care too much for performance or at all really, I don't do anything intensive. What I really care about is the battery life and efficiency, how goes the new s21 shixynos against the equivalent SD?

        • Battery life isn't too much of an issue with most people. They are usually not far away from a charger, people just charge whenever they can, its fine.

  • +1

    Sorry , No sure why i am associated with Samsung

    • +2

      You must have ticked the box which says you are associated with Samsung.

      • hmmm I cant remove it anymore :(

        • +10

          So how long you've been with Samsung?

        • I think its because ticked it once, it doesn't let you untick it. The "I am associated with Samsung" tick box appears at the bottom of every comment I make.

          Do you see that option?

  • +3

    Thanks OP,
    I got the s21+ 256 gb for 734$ (165$ for old phone, 400$ for the bonus trade up, 100$ loyalty)

    • How did ypu get loyalty

      • Go to online "Chat" and they will send it.

        Then provide the IMEI number of your current Samsung Galaxy S10 (minimum) and email address. They offer a trade in value, confirm and send you a code.

        The other $50 is from subscribing to marketing emails.

        • Cool thsnks

          • @Archi: My pricing came in at $729 for the S21+ (128 GB). I was only offered $120 for trade in of my perfect S10e, so I would keep it. So $729 + 120 (deducted later for non return), would bring actual cost to $849.

            • @JediJan: thanks did that last night,

              got a 128Gb S21+ for $684

              $1299 - $400 - $100 - $50 - $65 (trade in value for A70)

              i even got a second $100 voucher from the chat at the same time… i just told them i wanted to upgrade 2 phones.

              thanks @jedijan. may the the force be with you

  • +2

    The S22 will be released early 2022 and from the leaks its awesome. It will have a very good camera with sliding optical zoom 1 to 3 or 5x. It may also have an under the screen selfie camera which means no notch, no black dot!

    Plus their Exoynos CPU chip has great improved and it will feature a graphics chip from AMD/Radeon which should bring it on par with the Snapdragon variant.

    I will be holding out for the S22.

    • I'm feeling the same way. Might as well upgrade to the best when it's an option

    • +6

      But will it support an SD card?

      That's the real question

      • Got my fingers crossed

      • Why does it matter? I think onboard storage for Samsung is big enough that its not an issue. 64GB is the smallest I'd go, 32GB or even 16GB just wouldn't cut it. The base model of the Ultra is usually 128GB which is enough for most people.

        What do you use the SD card for? Its slower than onboard memory which will create performance issues if you try to run I/O intensive applications on the SD card.

        SD card support is not essential for me. I can live without it.

        • +6

          SD card support used to be a huge factor for me back when phones were 16/32/64GB. Now that they start at 128GB, I no longer care about it. I realised it when switching from the S20 - my 128GB micro SD card was completely unused.

          I think it can still be useful for people who take lots of videos though - that really chews up space. Google Drive storage can work for that - photos and videos need a backup anyway.

          • +1

            @eug: wouldnt the sd card be good to store photos/ videos.
            n the 128 for bulky apps like audiobooks etc?

            • @squidz:

              wouldnt the sd card be good to store photos/ videos.

              Yup, if you take lots of videos it'd be nice to have a micro SD slot. That said, if you don't mind using Google Drive as your backup storage, you can sync all your photos and videos to it and delete it from your phone. The thumbnails will still appear in your Photos gallery and you can still use the great search feature, it'll just download the photos and videos as you (re)open them.

              n the 128 for bulky apps like audiobooks etc?

              Audio books don't actually take up that much space. e.g. Audible takes up about 30MB per hour, so just 4GB storage can hold 136 hours of audio books.

          • +2

            @eug: Pita when your trying to use Google photos while on the go with sh*tty internet cutting in and out.

            If you're using 256gb+ I highly doubt you're on the free plan for gphotos.

            • @krisspy:

              Pita when your trying to use Google photos while on the go with sh*tty internet cutting in and out.

              I must be lucky, my internet doesn't cut in and out. :)

              If you're using 256gb+ I highly doubt you're on the free plan for gphotos.

              I've been using the free high quality Google Photos storage tier all this while. I've got all my photos there. Now that it's no longer free, I still use the high quality option as it takes up less space. I already have a Google One subscription so it now just uses my existing quota. I do a manual full-quality backup to my computer maybe once a year. My phone photos are mostly just happy snaps so it's not a big deal if I break my phone and can't copy the full-quality images out.

        • +5

          Media storage. Mainly photos and videos - don't need speed for that.

          I take a lot of photos and vids for work purposes so my storage fills up quickly.

          Also like having access to all my old personal photos on my phone.

          • @Harold Halfprice: Same, I take heaps of photos. This is the system I have set up.

            Before June 2021, I backed up all the photos to Google Photos when they had unlimited high quality (note not original quality) backups, but now they charge for that.

            So I purchased a flickr.com subscription ($USD73.88 cica $95 AUD) annual subscription which allows me to back up all photos at full quality. So I periodically transfer the original files to my 18TB HDD which is also backed up to BackBlaze.

            This means I can survive on the base model 64/128GB while still retaining access to ALL my photos, because Flickr has a mobile app which will allow me to backup and access my entire camera roll without storing it on the phone.

            This arrangement works pretty well for me, this way I can access it anytime as well as having it backed up on the cloud at two different locations at the same time with one local backup (18TB HDD)

        • +1

          Not everyone thinks like you though. If you can live with minimal memory, more power to you.

          I travel (used to) a lot and take 4k60 videos all day.
          Triple A games are about 4-5gb nowadays with genshin being 12gb.

          Plenty of people still have a need for sd cards. Companies nowadays just figured they can milk people by forcing them to buy higher capacity models.

        • Not when you record 4K videos.

          • @dotJaz: I record 4k videos. I have a phone with 128GB of memory now. My system is working fine. I have access to ALL my photos and videos on my phone.

    • I am holding out for the Z Fold 3 which is due soon and is supposed to be much cheaper than the outgoing Z Fold 2.

    • +1

      Every new model: "the new exynos is going to be much improved and almost as good as the snapdragon"
      Reality: good for 5 minutes of heavy use then overheats and throttles down to slow seeds

      • Its true, the Exynos is still behind the Snapdragon in the S21 series, but the gap is closing. The gap is still too big for me, this is why I don't have the S21.


        In the endurance test section, it shows the difference between the S21 variants and the Note 20 variants.

  • How do you get Stackable $100 & $50 Discounts?

    • +1

      $50 from newsletter sign up and $100 from live chat

  • Can someone please confirm that Vouchers can be combined only with Aged Samsung phones (such as S8)

    So people trading in iPhone 7 will not be able to use the voucher ?

    • +1

      The $100 voucher is for aged Samsung phones, you can still receive the $400 discount if you trade in an iPhone.

  • I am getting the following error "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" when I try to enter the trade-in ID. Is anyone else getting the same error?

    • +2

      As mentioned in last deal you have to enter your credit card in the app.

      • Thanks. I tried all my credit cards and every time it says card verification failed. :-(

        • +1

          Reinstall the app, go straight to verifying credit card.. It should process the trade-in ID.

          • @open4highway: I've managed to generate two trade-in IDs but neither of them work on the Samsung website. The folk on the phone and email have been comprehensively useless.

            • @Kel Nagle: yeah, I am experiencing the same problem,I have acquired like 3-4 different trade-in id, been talk to asurion over email and no luck so far

    • Me too still getting the error despite adding the credit card.

      Update: I think I know the reason why it was failing as I was adding a fake IMEI number, once I added the correct one it was able to show up the trade in discount.

    • Had the same issue this morning around 5am onwards

    • Try again later with different agent. I got rejected on first attempt too but the second agent gave me the code.

      • tried 5 different agents & none could give me a code :/

        • tried 7 so far :(((

          • @webtherapist: Van was not helpful at all. I was asked to email photos of exisiting phone.

  • Sadly my LG G7 isn't eligible to trade in, been eyeing a new phone for a while

  • Is s6 eligible?

    • Scroll to the middle of the page and type in the phone's name. If it shows up, it's eligible.

      • Even if the model in the list its not guaranteed that it will be eligible in the app
        Ive tried to trade-in S7 (au version) and it wasn't eligible through the app

        • I have had success with S7 (AU Optus)

        • have you ever flashed any custom ROM, changed bootloader or rooting?

          • @CoronavirusVaccine: No. But I don't believe that the app can check this.

            Anyway, most of the devices stuck with download the app - it's showing the app isn't available in your country (au) and even after install APK it shows that the device is not eligible

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