This was posted 7 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $549, S21+ $749, Ultra $1049 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $100 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


Similar to this deal but the loyalty voucher is only $100 discount and stackable for S21 series only. I just got my voucher this morning and it worked. They changed their code to start with ODS- instead of R2B-.

Below is what came with the code in the email.
Samsung has updated the guidelines for Loyalty Vouchers as follows;
Voucher discounts will apply to the S21 SERIES ONLY.

Vouchers can be combined/stacked with ongoing promotions/offers (e.g. Trade-Up Bonus) on the following conditions;

1. Samsung phones that have physical damage

2. Aged Samsung phones/models (Galaxy S10 or older)

I bought a S21 Ultra 256GB for $1064 including my phone trade up $85.

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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          IMO probably yes, but unclear. Asurion could block it if they "bought" it in a past deal then charged back the "sale price" as a non return fee. I do not know why they would, but they could. Someone who claimed and didn't return from past deal might run the app again and confirm?

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            @TheLurker: No they cannot block the phone if you don't send it in. That's why they charge you for the cost of the phone.

            • @CodeXD: I specifically meant their TradeUp app will run the diagnostic again, send the test results to their platform, and the platform may give an error to reject, rather than the SAxxxxxx code it returns for a valid test. It is within their control, but hasn't been tested by anyone from comments I've read on these threads. I agree they can't block the handset itself.

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      Depends on luck.
      Even some listed models can't receive a code in the app. I have 5 Samsung in my family, 2 listed models and can't receive the code

    • Codes appear to be valid until 30th June. The loyalty / marketing email gave that date.

  • anyone got the link to chat support?

    • It appears on the Samsung Au website, so google that.

  • Does anyone know if Telstra will match this offer as part of the 7 day price policy? Or JB?

    • It's online only promotion so most likely no

  • Could retailer be offering same deal or even cheaper? I'm not good at doing things over the internet.

    • Nope.

      Ask a friend for some help.

      • Thanks, I tried but, looks like out of stock for s21 ultra, 5g, 512gb (light color).

        Anyway, good practice & mastering it in time for s22 😁🤞

  • Can you use the loyalty voucher if you're not trading in a samsung device (trading in an iphone)

    • Yes.

      You'll buy the new phone first, then you'll be given an email detailing the postage of the old phone (or not).

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    Live chat support is not that great.

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    Ask and you shall recieve. Spoke to Jess on Live Chat. Said that i wanted to buy a new S21 because my s8 was dead. I asked for a loyalty discount. She asked for email and full name. 2 minutes later she sent the below

    "I got a loyalty voucher for you. Here's the code : XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
    The voucher will give you $100 off on the S21 series only and will expire on 11:59 PM of June 30th unless withdrawn early. Can be used to regular store only"

    Plus sign up discount of $50. (Still waiting for the email)

    Plus trade in of $35 and $400 bonus for a dying S8 (happy to pay it back)

    Damn worth the time spent.

    • Gah, tried like 5 reps. That's so lucky!
      What did you say exactly?
      Did you need to send in photos?

      • +1

        I said,

        "Hi, im looking to buy a new s21 today to replace my dead s8. Do you give loyalty discounts?"

        She asked for name and email address and came back with the code a few minutes later. She was the 3rd rep i tried. First 2 said no.

        No photos requested.

        • Dammit, tried another 5 reps and a couple sounded like they'd give me a code then just gave me the email [email protected] spiel :(

        • No luck with Lyn.

          For us to process this for you, please send photos/proof of your device (front and back with SN and IMEI which can be checked through device's settings > about phone) via email to [email protected], then please use Voucher Code Request BP# 8218440023 as the email subject. Your email and photos will be reviewed and you will receive a feedback in 24-48hrs.

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    Ok, actually sent in photos of my mega old S4 and got the $100 coupon. Thanks OP!

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        My S2 was sold many years ago, S4 was stolen because it looked like new (had gifted it to a friend who was charging it at work) about 2 years ago. My S5 is still working quite well (new battery) and was gifted to a friend in Italy this year. He is totally over the moon with it! My son wanted a bigger memory so I gave him my S7 and treated myself to the S10. My problem is I don't really have a good excuse to upgrade to the S21+ right now, even though I kind of want to…

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          You sir deserve a $200 loyalty voucher

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          Keep the S10, not much difference between the 2. unless you want the bigger screen from the s21+.

    • Hahaha I sent photos of my S3 which I pulled out of things I never thrown out and got $100 Voucher as well

  • Has anyone tried getting another $100 code and stacking? What are the chances?

  • Can i just send photos of old phone to [email protected] and ask for $100 code or do i have to go through live chat first?


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      You need a reference number for your email subject.
      It took me about 10 mnt with the live chat.

      • Thanks pusink

    • I will take that offer…will try to pm you…

  • No luck getting the signup email. Any workarounds?

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      I was able to get the sign-up email by talking to an Agent on Samsung's website. I just told them that I tried signing up several times and never received the email, and also tried emailing their online sales team but didn't get a response (which is true).

      The Agent said they'd 'escalate' it and I received the voucher within an hour or so.

  • thank you . worked. in the end.
    Went through chat, always saying send email.
    Said already sent email, no response.
    Asked if i can send it now, ( 6.30pm perth time )
    they stayed on chat and confirmed that i sent it with the reference number.
    Checked with support while still staying online.
    Gave me the code after receiving the email.
    $544 S21
    thank you !

  • Looks like phones with any physical damage are not eligible for trade in. I wonder whether there is a way around this?

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      Uninstall the trading app and also clear the Cache and start again. Say that it has no physical damage and pass test and get the code. Don't send the phone back easy peasy. Obviously you will have to put your morals aside ;).

  • I've got an S9 - they're offering me $80.
    So effectively i stack
    newletter - $50
    loyalty - $100
    trade in - $400
    s9 - $80

    So 1099 - 630 = $469

    If i choose to not post the s9 in (and for $80 i may as well keep it) they then bill me the $80 later on?

    • +2


      • Do they accept PayPal as payment lol

        • No; the app asks for credit card and it debits $1 to check it (refunded after).

  • has anyone had issue with checkout, it doesn't get through when click pay
    update: currently they have technical issue with payment, would take few hours for their technician(s) to fix this

  • is the $50 newsletter voucher stackable with another $50?

    • +1

      don;t think so

    • Where is this "another $50" from?

      • using another email for another code

        • +1

          did you try?

          • @Archi: nah the time it takes to get 1 $50 code take forever already

    • If so,everyone gets free phone at least in ozbargainer group

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    we're sorry but your device isn't eligible (3y.o pixel 2 in mint condition)

  • Samsung Trade in Value for any iPhone through app gave me $350 !

    • $350 as base value?

  • that's correct, entered the imei no from an old iphone se into the trade up app and gave me $350.
    Ended up purchasing the s21 5g with the $50 newsletter voucher for $299!

    • +2

      How did you manage to do that?
      I thought you have to run the tradeup app on the device you want to trade-in and the discount code is given in the app

  • on the tax invoice its state - 1 x iPhone 13,4

    • so.. doesn't that mean you need to send in the old iphone se, or they charge you $350 (in addition to the $299 you paid)?

      • Mistakes where made :}

  • Anyone have any luck getting the $50 sign up coupon?
    Ive signed up 3 times with different addresses since Friday and no luck. Opened a chat and they said they'd "escalate" it, but nothing….

    • Received email (re newsletter sign up) with the code to use seemingly within minutes, at least under an hour; no issues. Have always used the same email address for my various Samsung phones (5) for years. Checking spam may help.

      Have not proceeded with this deal although I have the invoice ready to go; just myself and family don't need another mobile as yet. S21+ $729 (with $120 trade up Galaxy 10e); reluctant to part with the 10e yet.

      • Yummy Codes you must have lolz

        • Well the process worked fine enough, but as only offered $120 for a perfect 10e means it is not yummy enough.

          3 of our models are still in fine working order; S5, S7 and S10. The S4 was stolen at work, after I gifted it to a friend; thief must have thought it was something special as I had bought her a new case etc.

      • Signed up with another 2 addresses, and on one all i got was the "Hey we have 30% off atm…" email…
        Chat is useless, though the did give me another $100 loyalty code…

  • Anyone having issues on Samsung website or is it just me they are trying to block?

  • +1

    Anyone had issues on the tradeup app's credit card validation step?
    It keeps saying unable to validate credit card. Tried few different cards

    • No, used a regular Visa card. I have had issues with a prepaid Mastercard before though; cannot even pay onsite parking with it anywhere!

      • Oh… I shall try with a different card then 👍🏾

    • @bozter, I have the same issue. Reached out to support but was pointed to an tradeup email which does not respond. Did you manage to resolve this?

      • I reached out to support as well. I was told to email support and they'd respond in 24-48 hours!

  • The A52 is available for almost the same price at the moment as the s21. Are there anything that would clearly differentiate the two in terms of performance? The A52 seems to have better battery life.

  • No issues for me.
    Got the $50 newsletter sign up voucher – Had to email [email protected] but got the code within a few hours
    Got the $100 loyalty voucher. Asked for it in the chat, had to send pic of phone to [email protected] but got the code in like 2 hrs (had to say phone was broken)

    Brought S21 5G Ultra for $1599
    - $80 trade in for S9
    - $400 Trade in bonus
    - $150 vouchers

    • When did you email the store? I did a few days ago and they never got back to me… They have cleary added the address to the mailing list as i got another email from them about the 30% off promo….

      • +1

        Emailed for $50 code at 10pm last night and got response back today at 9am.

        They emailed:
        Samsung Australia has received notice that you have yet to receive the requested $50 Marketing Opt-In Voucher Code to be used on purchases of over $350 on the Samsung Online Store.

        It appears that you have successfully registered, however, your email provider may have blocked emails from our promotional account.

        We appreciate your patience in this matter and are happy to manually provide the below code for use:

  • +2

    For those struggling with $50 code, I followed these steps and got one:

    1. Sign up
    2. Sign up again next day
    3. Email this address - [email protected] saying you signed up a few times and didn't get it
    4. Wait overnight
    5. They sent me an individual code to redeem
    • Can confirm this works for me too. Email them and they'll send you the code

  • Some S21 5g 128GB now showing as out of stock and I just received my loyalty code.

    • I only see phantom white as out of stock for S21 5g 128gb

      • Pchappy did say "some"

  • +1

    Hi All, what happens if I didn't return the trade-in phone, will they deduct the $250 (its value) or the $400 bonus as well? Many thanks

    • +3

      My understanding, from comments posted earlier, is that you will be charged the trade in value later only (your situation $250) but you will retain all the bonus.

  • Anyone having luck wiuth the entering a trade in ID? I have generated 2 now, both say incorrect. Ive tried several different browsers so i know it isnt anything on my side that is wrong. As soon as i start typing it comes up as incorrect, if i paste, nothing shows up and the continue button stays greyed out….
    Chat was useless, they pointed me to assurion.

    • Did you choose to buy online in the trade up app?

      • Yep, twice.

    • Same problem here, generated trade in ids on 2 different phones, neither work.

      • are you also purchasing a S21 range phone?

      • Does it say incorrect?

        • It's working now for me.

  • Hi all,

    I have been seeing comments that you can just not send in your trade-in phone (eg. valued $5) and get to keep the $400 promotional discount on top and only need to pay the trade-in value (eg. $5). However are these based on assumptions or have people actually verified and confirmed this 100%?

    If confirmed, how long has it been since your purchase (and not actually doing the trade-in) when this kind of promotion was offered as I am worried they will come back after a few months and charge the $400.

    I would have thought that by not providing a proof of delivery may trigger Asurion to notify Samsung that they haven't received the phone for the particular trade ID, which could then be linked back to your purchase (On Samsung's end who offers the $400) - wouldn't this mean that Samsung can charge for the $400 if this happens since you will no longer be compliant with their trade-in agreement of "returning your phone" and hence not eligible for the trade-in promotion?

    Would like confirmation because I would rather just send in my device than have to cop the $400 later on.


    • Same question here!! Anyone advise, please? Thanks

      • It comes down to no one knows. Asurion seems to be taking a long time to process the phones sent in and some people have been charged the trade in (not bonus) even though the phone has been received by them. It may be a case of Asurion not informing Samsung of the non returns yet. If you don't want to take the risk send the phone in.

        • @fatty99 Thanks for your reply. I read that many have returned and still charged the device value, not the bonus. So I am not sure what is the difference between not returning it and the mobile is not eligible after they check it?

  • I'm trying to use a Trade up code which i recently get for my S8. but it keep saying either Incorrect or "We're sorry, an error occurred." Is it just me getting this error ?

    • I get the same errors

    • Same here…

    • I just tried with my S10 and I get the same error… Appears not an S8 problem.

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