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Uniden Mini UHF Handheld Radio Triple Colour Pack $39.50 + $5 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys Or $37.92 Delivered [eBay Plus]


Great price and cheaper than previous popular deal $49

eBay TGG Link - Use code PLUSMS4 to get 4% off (eBay Plus)

Brightly coloured for little kids and big kids alike, this Uniden handheld two-way talk radio triple pack is a fun and secure way to stay connected even in remote locations. Perfect when away camping, out bike riding, hiking, or just at the park, the Uniden UHF 80 channel (1) walkie talkie with built-in microphone has been Japanese engineered and tried and tested in Australia's harsh weather conditions to withstand various outdoor adventures. These compact handheld walkie talkies feature an Ultra High Frequency range with a transmit power of 500mW for communicating within a range of 3 plus kilometres (2) and can achieve even further range, including in locations without mobile reception (3). Just press the Duplex key to access available local repeater stations. It operates for up to 20 hours (4), automatically switches to Power Save mode within three seconds of inactivity whilst still receiving transmissions, and displays a battery low indicator when it's time for a battery change. The UH35-3 radio requires three AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately). Stay connected with friends and loved ones with the crystal clear sounds of this mini two-way talk radio triple pack by Uniden. (1) CH 22 & 23 are used for telemetry and tele command applications, voice communications are not permitted on these channels and transmission is inhibited. CH 61, 62 & 63 are guard channels and are unavailable for use. (2) Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions. (3) Depending on the location of your local repeater station and topographical conditions. (4) Operating time 20 hours based on 5% transmitting, 5% receiving and 90% waiting mode with Alkaline Batteries.

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    Was lookin for my kid.. Glad i saw this post.. Thanks Op

  • That's cheap. Personally I'd go for 3x Baofeng UV-5R for just over $100 delivered (and program them myself), but this is cheap as far as local Unidens go.

    • Link me

      • Put this number into your ebay search box: 284147276709
        3 Baofeng UV-5R units, just over $100. I'm sure there are plenty of other sellers too.

        You need to program them yourself. You can do it manually, or to make it easier you can use a USB cable for the UV-5R (for a few bucks) and free CHIRP software: https://chirp.danplanet.com to make it easier. After you program the first one (and save relevant CB frequencies to a file) programming the rest should be super-quick. These are tough feature-packed units with all the trimmings.

        • Whats the range on these? I purchased Uricom UHF 2500, its pretty shit

          • @Hasu: In my neck of the woods (suburban Melbourne) it is less than 2KM distance when walking & talking with 2 walkie-talkies. Don't rely on 2KM, that really is the upper limit. Reliably you can do 1KM in most cases (with no huge buildings in the way). Line-of-sight you can do more, but that is usually not achievable in typical circumstances.

            Uniden typically ovestate the range achievable with their units, both on their boxes and on their website. Maybe possible under perfect conditions only.

            The antennas are removable here, so if you want more performance, you can try better antennas too.

          • @Hasu: Range has more to do with terrain than power.

            Your mobile phone uses 0.5W max for reference, but the towers are well spaced in high locations.

            The difference between 0.1W and 5W (max legal output) is less than you think because of the logrithmic nature of propagation.

            I personally wouldnt feel comfortable using a 5W device inches from my face for any length of time… it's like having 10 cellphones all at once in front of your face.

        • when you say, "you need to program it yourself", is that to make it compliant with Australian standards, frequency bands etc?
          What's this special USB cable you need?

          • @Phoebus: Frequency bands. Search for:
            USB programming cable Baofeng UV-5R
            Around $5.

            Find a list of Australian UHF CB frequencies and program away. There is a bit of a learning curve to do this at first, but I found it worth my time. You can also program in other frequencies that you might like to listen to (but are not allowed to transmit on) which the typical Uniden models will not let you do.

            As long as you behave yourself, you should be fine with the Baofengs.

    • 10 X the power should give it about double the range of the Unidens. Maybe 3 X range using VHF

  • I'm not sure if these have the kids-zone feature of these ones which we bought for a bargain in this deal.

  • I also got 4% off in ebay using the code PLUSMS4 (ebay plus)

    Besides, eBay plus is free shipping too (its a plus item)

  • Will two sets work together?

  • Got it, thanks OP.
    Also shop via Cashrewards for 5% cashback (if you don't have eBay Plus)

  • Can you plug a mic/headphone into this?

    We are looking at getting some walkies for use at work…

  • Ordered one.

    I mean, the radio. Not kid.

  • The UV-5R's are cheap for a 4w unit and I have had a play with them.

    But I threw them in the bin when everyone I spoke to on them complained about the voice modulation - they sounded very tinny.

    Dunno if I just got a bad pair or not.

    • I don't know what your frame of reference is, but I have several units and they are fine. What are you using instead of the UV-5R now?

      • I've got a Uniden UH755 and and GME675 both are fine and cheap - $140 for the Uniden, I think I paid $70 for the GME

        It's just that the chinese ones sounded terrible.The receiver is also not very sensitive and the antenna not tuned for 477Mhz.

        I also got a bit paranoid using them as they are illegal to possess without a licence.I know the chances of getting caught are low but I live in Canberra where ACMA have a presence.

        • Sensitivity is excellent compared to other brands I have tried (Wouxun, Feidaxin). That's all I can comment on. I haven't tried any local units to compare, really. It might be another case of "pay more, get more", at least in the area you mentioned.

  • Picked up our order today. Pretty cool. One didn’t work out of the box (doesn’t transmit - screen goes blank when transmit button presses). Back to the shop I guess.