[NSW, VIC, QLD, SA] Up to $200 Credit for Electricity and Gas Supplies & Free Rewards Membership @ CovaU Energy



  • This offer is only valid to NSW, VIC, QLD and SA customers.
  • Eligible customers will receive $200 upfront credit when you sign both electricity and gas with CovaU ($100 for each utility). Each $100 credit will be applied in two separate installments; the first $50 credit will be applied on your first invoice, and the remaining $50 will be applied on the invoice after 6 months.
  • This offer will expire on 30th June 2021.
  • The offer is not conjunction with any other offer, all rights reserved by CovaU Pty Ltd

CovaU Rewards Program

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  • +2 votes

    Hello there Pam!

    Did you actually look at the rates?

    Here is an example of how ridiculous they are - precisely why they spend their marketing budget paying customers to stay with them over a 6-month period:

    • Plan: SuperSaverPlus Residential
    • Grid: United Energy
    • Tariff Code: Single Rate - LVS1R

    Supply Charge: 86.90 c/day
    Peak Rate: 31.47c/kWh

    No direct debit or pay on time discounts!


    this is mine
    Domestic Supply
    Daily Supply Charge: 84.70 cents/day
    General Usage Rates: 29.37 cents/kWh
    Time Of Use Usage Rates: 31.90 to 35.20 cents/kWh
    Controlled Load Usage: 19.80 cents/kWh


      Seems expensive although obviously I am in Victoria

      Tango rates
      Mine is 20.90 cents/kWh
      Daily supply charge 86.9

      • +1 vote

        I'm with Reamped handshake in Vic and my rates are still much better than yours:
        Might be worth changing like I did (+ credit from someone referring me).


          Ended up being slightly more expensive through online quote through Reamped just now. Victoria Energy Compare Gov website still has Tango as cheapest for me.

          Anytime $0.2090 /kWh
          Supply Charge $0.8923 /day


          Those rates are excellent for high usage households.

          The Victoria Energy Compare government website places QEnergy miles ahead of Reamped Handshake based on my usage.


      Your rates are not any better, and probably worse depending on the household tariff code in your area.
      No deal!

  • +1 vote

    Get off the drugs, this offer makes origin look cheap in my area.
    General charges
    Daily supply charge 201.97 cents/day
    Time of use usage rates 23.76 to 41.58 cents/kWh
    Solar feed in 8.5c

    • +1 vote

      over $2 per day supply charge? OMFG


    Ouch, those rates. Definitely worth spread sheeting these offers before considering.


    Just changed to Electricity in a box, found on The Victoria Energy Compare government website, in Melb with United
    16.95 cents/kWh
    Daily supply charge 58.35
    Including GST.

    • +1 vote

      I am also on the United Energy grid.
      I did the comparison last night as well. They came out cheaper by $20 / year compared to GloBird Energy.


        If I do not input any of my bills Glowbird comes out cheaper but when I do Electricity in a box does. Must be the relationship btw daily charge, usage charge and actual usage.