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[eBay Plus] Free $30 eBay Gift Card @ eBay


$30 eBay plus coupon sent to me this morning. I imagine it was targeted.

Also, the eBay account is active. Hence, it doesn't appear to be a retention strategy.

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  • Are you an EbayPlus member ?

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      • Did your eBay plus recently auto renew ? And have you bought many eBay plus promo items (Tuesdays etc) in the past ?

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          I got it,
          Didn’t recently renew (Feb), have bought a few promo items.

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    I hate seeing targeted deals.. makes me so livid that I'm never targeted

    • I'm in same boat

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        Alone star….

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        I get nothing, not even a boat

    • same

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    Pretty sure this is for signing up to Plus. I signed up last December and this took so long I forgot about it. Surprised it ended up arriving.

    • could be. I've been waiting for that for ages.

    • Oh yes this seems to be the case.

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      Isn't a $50 30-day voucher the offer for joining eBay Plus?

      This is a gift card with 3-year expiry, so the two offers seem different.

    • Recently signed up last month, was $50 voucher for $49 fee pa, and now they send me $5 ebay Plus vouchers every month. Noticed they have also sent me a $10 voucher for an ebay plus item, to use within a month (I did spend $300 last month though).

      Had ebay plus last year as a free promo but didn't continue with it, as I don't purchase a lot really.

      I shop around online etc. when I purchase things so it is 50 / 50 if I find a better deal on ebay. $10 voucher may be the decider, if I want anything.

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    whats the use of these kind of "Targetted" posts in ozbargain, anyway its Targeted and others cant benefit. Why even posts such? I understand everyone should get email or sms or see in thier app such things if they are eligible, I am assuming that would stand forever until benefits are reaped by that individual, then why posting here

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      To brag

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      Some might not be checking their emails especially if they have created multiple accounts. Some might not get the emails but still are eligible which I believe happened with some Woolies promos.

      I am not adversely affected by seeing these types of offers posted so I don't see any harm in it being posted. It actually makes me think of ways to get targeted next time like create another woolies rewards account that I won't use as much

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        I knew someone like you will write "Some might not check email" That's why I emphasized "Offer or campaign valid until they reap its benefits" Ideally a campaign applied on a target should behave like this, else it is not customer friendly. I do have a few mails myself and I don't check often but occasionally.

        Now, the point you said about some might be eligible and not get email, how they can use these posts? Do they ring up customer care of woolies and get to know? I don't think anyone's psychology works that much thinking oh, I should be eligible? I should ring up and ask and most times they end up getting a response - if you are eligible we will send an email and if you haven't received email, you are not part of it. - Simple yeh?

        At your last statement - I am also not bothered by such posts bur curious to know how it benefits all. I honestly do not think it is beneficial to any, but no harm like you said.

        On your very last statement - I have no comments, but good idea haha

        • they're all different unfortunately so we can't say offers will remain valid until claimed. Regarding those that do not get the email, that was a Woolies discount code so I just made a mock online order and gave it a shot and it worked - probably once out 20 times that it worked!

          my personal view here is to have people keep posting these targeted offers then mods will probably unpublish them if it gets out of hand

          • @sigplay: ok dont bore

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      It is a reminder to check, as you may have a voucher waiting for you too.

      • haha good one; you are thoughtful, I couldn't disagree with you. I also liked, you didn't argue or disagree but made a solid point in a way that can't be challenged :)

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          😇 Thank you. You are very nice too. 🖖

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            @JediJan: Thank you

    • Turn off targeted posts here.

      Years ago we did not allow targeted posts at all, however some users found value in them so we allowed them with an option to hide them for users who aren't interested.

      • thank you mod

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    Thanks man I got

  • lucky

  • The only time I wish I am targeted….

  • Got one too

  • I got one too

  • My membership is clearly not valued…
    Oh well wasn't going to renew unless it comes with a $50 voucher like last time.
    eBay Plus is worth being paid $1 for a year… Just…

    • I thought the same thing so let my membership lapse then like a month later was offered the $50 again, either do that and hope for the best or just sign up for a new ebay account

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    Didn't they usually send these to people who tried to cancel ebay plus but were convinced to stay with ebay plus due to this offer (they send you this offer after they charge you for the next year of ebay plus)?

    EDIT- Yes you only get this voucher if you previously tried to cancel your ebay plus account and they offered you the $30 to continue with ebay plus the next year (costs you $49)- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541595

  • I've literally never gotten any of these, probably because I'm a long time ebay user who purchases fairly regularly and am currently a plus member too.

    Point taken, ebay. Stop being a loyal customer in order to be treated like a valued customer!

  • Got targetted! First time in life from any store

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