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Philips Series 9000 Prestige Shaver with Qi Charging Pad $499 Delivered @ Shaver Shop eBay


Best price currently.
Very good reviews.

The closest electric shave

Blades with extra strong, sharp edges for ultimate closeness
Follow every contour, catching even difficult hairs

Uncompromised skin comfort

Rings coated with metallic pigments for superb gliding
Adapts 15x/sec for effortless shaving even on a 7-day beard
Fewer shaving passes for excellent skin comfort
Personalize your shave by choosing between three settings

Premium experience

Qi charging pad included, for wireless charging
Click-on trimmer for perfect mustache and sideburn trimming
Protects your shaver, accessories and Qi charging pad
Simply open the shaving head and rinse it for easy cleaning
Shave comfortably, wet or dry
Fully charge your shaver in three hours with Qi charging pad

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    Fully charge your shaver in three hours with Qi charging pad

    does it support corded charging?

    3 hrs is quite long if you need to use quickly

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      I see a port on the base, looks like USB C.

      Honestly wireless charging seems worse than just giving a dock that holds it securely imo


      no it doesn't, I am using one.

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    $169 for this beard trimmer is great value.
    I was really keen on buying this but didn't want to spend $249 but this was my first choice before I ended up getting this.
    Also from what I've read from reviews doesn't shave as close as the Panasonic arc 5.


      Yep I pulled the trigger for this trimmer as well


    No one needs a $499 shaver really. Most $200 Will be just as good.


      even a wahl hair clipper could be used to shave or get a stubble look
      and last longer..

      alot of these trimmers blades get dull quite easily/quickly.


    Every Barber I talk to recommends Wahl. If I was spending $500 on a beard shaver, I'd go with a proper brand a barber would use, and not consumer Phillips stuff..


      Your barber uses an electric shaver? If I'm going to a barbershop to get a shave I'll go where they can use a blade :)


        They generally use both. I always get a trim with an electric, and the lines/styling with a blade.

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    wrong thread


    I bought a $70 xiaomi shaver and it is a lot better than my old $300 Philips one.


      Bought a Soocas S5 for $95 and works well.


      Which xiaomi do you have? I'm seeing several models from them


      I also have xiaomi, great shaver but the base is not waterproof and most of them broke because of this.