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SunRice Hinata Short Grain Rice $9 @ Coles


Hi all,

I was looking for some sushi rice and found that Coles have the Sunrice Hinata short grain for $9 for the 5kg bag (less than half the normal price).

Currently Woolworths have the same product for $10

This is a good price for a decent Sushi rice.

Hope someone can enjoy it.

Looks to be in this week's Coles catalogue so ends on COB Tuesday.

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    rice wars?

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    Do NOT buy! I have brought one bag and regretted. After cooking, there was a very strange and unpleasant smell, and the taste of the rice was awful. The whole bag of rice is sitting in my rubbish bin and heading to landfill.

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      That's strange, I tried it and there's no weird smell. Not as good as Japanese sushi rice but still acceptable to me.

      • I don't have that either. In fact I found it quite good for the price.

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      Sunrice… Not sure where they source the rice but it's rubbish mostly.

      Go to your local Asian grocer and grab a bag of 5kg for the same price and it'll be better 90% of the time (every day price, not special)

      • Almost all the lines are imported from Thailand or Vietnam currently following years of drought locally - definitely a drop in quality.

        Check the country of origin..

        Local grown stuff should be back later this year (except Basmati, too thirsty for Australian growers and never grown here)

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          Not sure how you rate quality but Australian rice is definitely not on high on the list for rice connoisseurs. And growing rice is not a sensible thing to do in this drought continent.

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            @lgacb08: I mostly get sunrice medium grain rice, good when the 10kg bags are on special. Tastes fine, nothing wrong with it - better off supporting 'Grown in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients' than importing. Support locals and less carbon footprint.

            We're lucky we're not in the US, where arsenic content in the ground water and rice is an issue.

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              less carbon footprint.

              Unfortunately it is not that simple as there is also a carbon cost to irrigation. It is complicated and I (a non-expert) am not sure what wins out myself.

              Then there is also the water footprint and other issues.

              • @bargainpersona: Yes probably not an easy calculation, just figured better than getting rice flown/transported here.

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                  @G-rig: Rice would be shipped, not flown. And shipping is highly efficient on a proportional basis, considering how much tonnage of cargo a ship carries at once.

                  It wouldn't be surprising if something shipped from the other side of the globe has lower impact than something trucked from northern Australia to southern Australia.

                  • @the splingee: Yeah fair enough, obviously too heavy to fly it here. Either way sunrice is good, particularly when it's on special for the 5-10kg bags (talking about medium grain and brown rice).

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        Hinata is imported from Vietnam

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      You can't put food waste into the green bin in your council?

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        What council does allow that? I've never lived in one that did. Garden waste only, food scraps in the regular bin, or very recently some council compost initiatives.

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          Moreland City Council does

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          Lake Macquarie City Council does.

          It's a system also known as FOGO in some areas. Currently 223 of the 563 Local Councils in Australia have such a system.

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          Monash does. They gave each household a food caddy to put your food waste in and to then to transfer to your green waste bin.

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      did you wash the rice?

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      I just bought the rice today and hasn't try it yet.
      Out of curiosity, did the rice get washed before cooking?
      Some rice can have a strong odor when cooking it straight without washing it at first.

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        Except Amborio, all other rice needs a wash or two before cooking.

    • It is already mentioned decent sushi rice.
      What would you expect?

    • i have the same experience. there is a weird smell coming off it, unlike all other rice i have eaten all my life. still edible for us, but definitely won't be buying again in the future.

    • Mine didn't have a strange smell, but the rice itself was not very good. Those rice from the Asian grocer is much better.

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      you should not landfill it, there is compost bin…

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    I was going to buy a bag from Woolies last week thinking that the product would be from Japan (because the packaging implies as such), but instead found it was from Vietnam. Iirc they have increasing issues with the regulation and quality of some of its exports due to excessive insecticides/herbicides and heavy metals in their soil…

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      If you want Japanese produced rice, expect to fork out $20+ dollars for a 5kg bag, always ! They are readily available in Asian supermarkets.

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    Japanese rice grain with Japanese packaging, grown and packaged in Vietnam, and sold in Australia. No thanks.

    • Exactly. There is a reason it’s so cheap.

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        Most places use stuff like this.

        Resturants and sushi hubs

        • I don't mind how the rice was grown in Vietnam. So I gave a bag a try and my first batch came out of the rice cooker all mushy. This variety soaks up more water than usual. So be sure to use a little less than you're used to.

          The taste of the rice was on the blander side. Not a fan even at 1/2 price.

  • Just drop in any Chinese grocery shop and ask for Jasmine rice from Thailand. They're usually much better than those from Coles and Woolies.

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      Jasmine and japonica rice are for very different cuisines. Both are good, but not interchangable

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      You can't make sushi with jasmine rice.
      Jasmine and medium grain are my usual go to however for normal applications (and don't have an issue with sunrice)

    • on the topic of jasmine, i really love the lions brand thai jasmine rice. delicious

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    It's very normal rice, with normal taste, no better than any other rice at the same price.

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    Do not buy!! At the end of the story my wife throwaway.

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      Why didn't you keep your wife and throw the rice away?

  • For those complaining about the taste and what not….you know Sushi rice isn't really eaten like real rice right? Rice specifically stated for Sushi is cooked very differently, one example being seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar, and salt.

    With that said, I would have no clue as to the authenticity of this brand but we would never buy Sushi rice for normal consumption due to taste and price.

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      Japanese use short grain rice for all applications seasoned and non seasoned. it also doesn't state on the packaging that it is exclusively to be used as sushi rice either

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      having lived in Japan, I can tell you that there is no such thing as "sushi rice" as a rice type, it's simply a western marketing scheme to jack up the price.

      the so call "sushi rice" is the cooked rice that has been prepare with rice vinegar (米酢)

      Japanese rice belongs to the group of short-grained rice that you'll find often across northern China and Korea, not only the age of the rice since harvested will impact the taste of rice, the local climate, health of the soil, and fertilizers all have an impact on the taste of the rice, I personally prefer the rice from Aomori.

  • Please put units in title.

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