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20 E3D Nozzles for Creality CR/Ender Series 3D Printer US$0.71 (~A$0.99) + Delivery ($0 Shipping with US$30 Spend) @ JGmaker


Compatibility: Creality CR Series, Ender Series, Sovol Series, JGmaker Magic, A5S, and other 3D Printers with MK8 Screw Thread.
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Input Diameter: 1.75mm
Screw Thread: M6
Material: Bronze

*Nozzles will be shipped from China, no extra custom fee, estimated delivery time: 10-15 days
*If there're needs for hardened steel nozzle: https://www.jgmaker3d.com/products/hardened-stainless-steel-...

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    Well at least he's open about the drop shipping, honestly not a bad deal for 20 nozzles. You do get what you pay for with nozzles with cheaper ones have iffy machining and are a pain in the ass to troubleshoot.


    Surely not genuine E3D V6 nozzles, very misleading if that is the case.

    Better to call them just V6 nozzles.


      Honestly, I'm confused, what do you mean by genuine E3D nozzles? Could you send me a link?


        E3D mean it made by the company E3D-Online which have usually longer life nozzle.

        I personally would buy more expensive nozzle instead of cheaper ones if you making money or cbf changing nozzle often.

        The name of nozzle is V6.


        As mentioned above, E3D is the company behind the V6 nozzle.

        Their nozzles are far superior in construction as well as accuracy (size).

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    Anyone have any experiences with cheapo nozzles? How do they stack up against the stock ones included with Ender printers?


      I’ve only bought cheapo replacement nozzles for my printer as I don’t use it for anything overly critical or to make $. They work fine. Can’t tell print quality difference from the nozzles that came with the printer (E3Pro) and the cheap ones that I bought. They’re probably the same anyway.


        Nice to hear. Mind sharing where you source your nozzles from?