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Dyson Supersonic $384.30, Airwrap $559.30, Corrale $489.30 Special Editions Delivered @ Adore Beauty via Little Birdie


Greetings everyone, thought this was worth sharing as it's the biggest discount I have seen in quite a while on Dyson Hair Care products. Not very often you see 30% off Dyson.

This is a double stacking deal, and requires retrieving a coupon from Little Birdie to receive a further 15% off the current Dyson promotion that Adore are running.


  1. Retrieve a coupon from Little Birdie by inputting some details into the "Choose Your Voucher" section and selecting Adore Beauty in the drop down box. (note, I would recommend using a throwaway email as all you need is the coupon from this). The coupon should take about 3-5 minutes to be sent.
  2. Add the Dyson product of your choice to cart (note that the 15% off applies at the cart first).
  3. Apply the coupon from Little Birdie and it will provide a further 15% off, which gives 30% off in total for the product.

Note: Seems as though this only works on the special editions they currently have listed:

Update: As at 12:00pm 18/5, it seems as though the Airwrap and Corrale are available again, the Supersonic still has an error to add to cart.

Update 1:12pm 18/5: Supersonic is now available again on back-order.

Credit to timliu1996:

  • Before you apply your 15% off code, you can first add coupon code "BONUS" to choose a small gift, then use "FRENZY" for a free Adore Beauty 3 Piece Frenzy Goodie Bag if purchase is more than $199, then apply your own 15% code to bring down the price even further.

Also stack with a $20 gift card with the coupon "MAY8954", make sure to apply before the 15% code is added. Thanks to ufwdp

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • +3

    Coupon does not apply

    • Same here

    • Which item are you trying to apply it to? I think the Red Supersonic may be excluded.

      • Airwrap

        • Ahh, seems like it might only apply on the Travel Pouch edition as it's working here on that one. I'll update.

          Have just tested, looks like it only works on the special editions, have linked them in the OP.

          • +1

            @doweyy: Yep I got it working after a few trial and errors. Bought 1 for the mother who had wanted one for ages and one for the mrs thanks op legend.

  • Thanks OP, need a Corrale for wife. Shopback won't track right ?

  • Thanks, just request cancel on ebay order and getting this one.

    Code work, paid 384.30 for the combo.

  • +4

    If you have it, combine with amex for another $20 off

  • -1

    Thank you, pulled the trigger on the airwrap… again. I bought this during the Sephora sale last year but thought we're in a pandemic and who knows how long til I am out of the house more often. Right choice at the time as I literally never left the house (worked at home, studied at home, hobbies were video games & movies lol)

  • Will goodguys or harvey price match?

    • Unlikely. Price match doesn't normally include vouchers. They would probably only match the Adore Beauty 15% off.

  • +25

    Before you apply your 15% off code, you can first add couple code "BONUS" to choose a small gift,
    then use "FRENZY" for a free Adore Beauty 3 Piece Frenzy Goodie Bag if purchase is more than $199,
    then apply your own 15% code to bring down the price even further

    • Excellent find, have added into the OP thanks.

    • plus a $50 prepaid mastercard when you purchase it during click frenzy

      Be one of the first 1000 subscribers to spend $200 or more on Click Frenzy deals and you could score yourself $50 back

      more details on frenzy bucks promo here

      • But does this mean we have to wait until 6:30pm AEST on Tuesday?

        • it starts tomorrow at 7pm AEST/AEDT. The previous promo took about 2 hours for 200 entries to be submitted, so theres a good chance if you have your cart loaded and ready to go

          • @skido: For those on the fence, take the gamble, but be prepared for disappointment if it gets ozbargained beforehand ;)

            Also AB could potentially patch the stacking discounts by then!

    • How did you stack coupon?

      I signup and have another coupon code, try to stack it but not possible. They only allow 1 coupon code.

      • +1

        Gift coupon can be stacked, price coupon cannot be stacked. Hence redeem gift first, then price coupon

    • Now that is an added bonus to an already great deal!

      Trigger pulled.

  • +4

    check your Commbank, was able to use the 10 off 50 purchase

    • only says coupon points for me.

  • +1

    Cheapest ever airwrap? Best I previously saw was $630.

    • Seems to be, my wife's been pestering me for one and usually cheapest had been via Sephora sale at around the price you mentioned.

      Thanks OP… Happy wife happy etc… Lol

      • +1

        Happy wife happy etc

        that's a myth :p

  • dumb question but are the 3 different items for 3 different things

    or are they all just better versions for the same thing..

    So confused hah

    • Yes, they are 3 all different things.
      1. Airwrap = To curl your hair in many different styles in a quick span of time
      2. Supersonic = Hairdryer
      3. Corrale = Hair straightener

      • +2

        oh thank you i was just watching the videos.

        I saw airwrap also heats / dries. For a guy I assume only the supersonic one would do anything, because i have little hair lol

  • +4

    Coupon 'MAY8954' for $20 AB Gift Card that 'will be received via email following order confirmation'. Stacks with BONUS and FRENZY.

    I've successfully added it to my cart but I haven't actually placed the order so I can't confirm if the gift card was received. Got talked out of hitting the bid on this one (Airwrap), but great deal.

    • damn, bought it before I saw this comment !

  • i saw supersonic and airwrap both dry but I guess airwrap is more for styling too

    complicated hah

    • The Airwrap has a hairdryer head, but it will dry a littler slower than the Supersonic.

      • thanks for explaining

  • +1

    Can someone please PM me a screenshot of the airwrap compete $559.30 so I can price match with 28 degrees? I can't get the little birdie discount. Thanks!

    • all good was able to do so myself

  • put code MAY8954 on top of the rest code before little birdie code and you will get a $20 gift card once order placed

  • Great find Op! Wife has been eyeing Airwrap for a while. Managed to score the Supersonic with various codes last time but this pricing is even better.

  • +2

    So what happened to the “whats the difference with the kmart ones?” lads? They have been missing out for hours now.

  • Not able to get the Little Birdie coupon to work for the Airwrap Long Barrel, did it work for anyone and can help?
    Need a late present for the wife!

    • Use on the one with the travel pouch, should work fine.

      • What’s the difference?
        All I know is she wants the Long Barrel

        • Actually my bad, the long barrel has longer attachments i think. That's what it says in the description.

          • @WIND: Reading the description, says it’s suited for hair lengths beyond the shoulder…which is in my wife’s case.

            • @MadeIt: You can purchase the long barrels attachments on the Dyson website if she doesn’t like the normal ones too.

    • Long barrel attachments sold out on their site. My hair is pretty long too, also a further $50 + shipping investment

      • Omg there are like 20mm 30mm and 40mm long barrels?

        Assume they all fit on the standard air wrap?

  • I wonder if it is like the factory refurbished one from ebay, the dyson refurbished one from ebay comes with a the presentation case.

  • Will Cashrewards work as well for 3.5% cashback?

    • It's ineligible for GHD and Dyson products

  • Thanks OP! Was just about to purchase, then saw your post! Saved me some more $$$

  • +1

    Awesome deal, I've balked at paying $550 for the Supersonic but had to take advantage of this! Thank you.

  • +1

    I stacked all the codes and bonus fine, but after payment my order confirmation only show the Airwrap and few free sample packets. anyone else in the same situation? Thanks

    • Missing 2 free gifts and the voucher.
    • +2

      I noticed it happened when it went to step 4/payment, so went back to the cart and added everything again. Can confirm my email says 5 items.

      Hopefully you get all the bonuses.

      • Oh thanks, i might have to call them up tomorrow.

      • Did you get the $20 voucher instantly?

        • No i didn't.

    • +1

      If you checkout using PayPal it doesn't removed the stacked items.

      • I used normal cc and it worked fine.

        I did have ad blockers off and was using DNS instead of my pihole

  • Thanks Op. Bought airwrap for my wifey. Wanted this for a long time.

  • thank you so much op! just made an order. also fyi, I checked out with afterpay and there was a further $30 off with the label afterpay promo. added automatically. what a steaal!

    • +1

      Referral bonus?

      • just double checked, think it was a special promo for newcomers only.

  • +1

    Airwrap finally bought for wife after hearing about it from her for ages. Lol. Thanks to OP and all the helpful commenters with the codes. 😄

    • Haha, same story! Thanks OP for the great find!

  • Anyone with multiple Amex’s (with the $100 - $20 deal) try purchasing multiple lots of $100 AB gift cards and then applying to the order?

    • Don’t do that, it only allows 1 gift card to be used per transaction, on my end anyway.

      • Could you apply 1 gift card ($100 using Amex) then pay balance with another Amex, so effectively $40 off via Amex?

        • Yes

  • Thanks OP. Bought the hair dryer for my wife.

  • +1

    I truly hope this works out for all. I suspect though if they get too much traffic they may cancel. T&C Click Frenzy discount is only valid on brands listed and is not valid in conjunction with any other discount.

    good luck peeps.. Just don't be promising the better half one until you get the shipping dispatch.

  • +2

    Agree with pw2002au. Retailers have no problem in cancelling orders should customers find out about THESE AWESOME STACKABLE deals. I just bought a Corrale and super stocked if it all is dispatched and recevied before Friday.

    • I'm even surprised none of the three are sold out by now - but also got the Corrale. fingers crossed for the both of us!!!

    • +2

      Stackable promo codes are the norm on Adore Beauty and it’s always been my main draw to them

  • +3

    Got the AB $20 voucher instantly

    Your unique code will activate on
    Sunday 30th of May 2021

    Wednesday 1st of September 2021

  • Once applied Little Birdie Coupon, all other code disappeared. I tried twice but it didn't stack, still purchase though, good deal!

    • Update: Confirm CS can help with adding freebies to your order if it’s not on order confirmation.

  • Thank you. Worked as instructed.
    I hope this buys me brownie points.

  • Thanks Op..bought the Airwrap finally $559.30 . But forgot to add MAY8954 code … oh well

  • -1

    anyone want to share their $20 gift card / code and I can give mine after my ordeR?

    • The giftcard will be active on 30 may unfortunately

    • $20 voucher will activate on 30/05/2021 unfortunately

  • Thank you, have been waiting for a deal on the Airwrap!

  • Does it include all the 6 attachments or just styler and pouch ?

    • +2

      Includes everything

  • Thanks op really wanted the hairdryer for ages!

  • Thanks OP. Bought Airwrap for wife as a late gift!

  • Heaps thanks Op. wasn’t planning on buying air wrap at full price but this tempted me to buy one for missus. :)

  • Pretty sure shop back gives 3%. I used it…… Fingers crossed.

    • +1


      Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack

      • Do you know which ones are approved by shop back?

        • +1


  • thanks OP, bought 3 sets of Dyson Airwrap styler Iron/Fuschia with travel pouch, indeed the cheapest I've ever found.
    Mum, Gf, sister in law, done. present of the year.

    • +2

      married your long distanced sister, can she also get one :)

    • lol big spender man. Did you have to do them in 3 orders or all at once worked

      • +1

        I did three orders ( so I can get all the benefits for each order).
        3 orders= 3(3 bonuses) + 3 ($20 voucher ) + 15% discount
        1 order= 1(3 bonuses) + 1 ($20 voucher ) + 15% discount

        They both work and the total amounts were the same, but as an ozbargainer, I want to get all the goodies

        • true ozb style

  • Thanks OP (and other people who added) for the deal. Got an airwrap for my mum!

  • Thanks OP
    Ordered the supersonic kit.
    Cash rewards doesn’t work with dyson but I used the random referral link and that gift card thing

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