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Dyson Supersonic $384.30, Airwrap $559.30, Corrale $489.30 Special Editions Delivered @ Adore Beauty via Little Birdie


Greetings everyone, thought this was worth sharing as it's the biggest discount I have seen in quite a while on Dyson Hair Care products. Not very often you see 30% off Dyson.

This is a double stacking deal, and requires retrieving a coupon from Little Birdie to receive a further 15% off the current Dyson promotion that Adore are running.


  1. Retrieve a coupon from Little Birdie by inputting some details into the "Choose Your Voucher" section and selecting Adore Beauty in the drop down box. (note, I would recommend using a throwaway email as all you need is the coupon from this). The coupon should take about 3-5 minutes to be sent.
  2. Add the Dyson product of your choice to cart (note that the 15% off applies at the cart first).
  3. Apply the coupon from Little Birdie and it will provide a further 15% off, which gives 30% off in total for the product.

Note: Seems as though this only works on the special editions they currently have listed:

Update: As at 12:00pm 18/5, it seems as though the Airwrap and Corrale are available again, the Supersonic still has an error to add to cart.

Update 1:12pm 18/5: Supersonic is now available again on back-order.

Credit to timliu1996:

  • Before you apply your 15% off code, you can first add coupon code "BONUS" to choose a small gift, then use "FRENZY" for a free Adore Beauty 3 Piece Frenzy Goodie Bag if purchase is more than $199, then apply your own 15% code to bring down the price even further.

Also stack with a $20 gift card with the coupon "MAY8954", make sure to apply before the 15% code is added. Thanks to ufwdp

As always, enjoy :)

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2021

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  • Thanks OP! Managed to stack all codes and use the little birdy coupon and order has gone through for the airwrap. Like others have mentioned, my $20voucher from AB was emailed straight away, however the code is due to be activated on 30/05 and expires 1/09. What a bargain for the dyson!

  • Just in time for anniversary presents! THANKS OP

  • Thanks op for posting this deal. I have to register my account to add this comment. Bought a hairdryer.. Too good to pass this deal

    • Mine is shipped too from Keilor Park Vic

  • Unable to add to cart at this time…..

    Oh no

    • Jeidhdjeusvhxjfsitwkkohc wa

      Was just about to order

  • +2

    Just spoke to their livechat about the hairdryer -

    "I am so sorry - this one is out of stock at the moment, we are receiving information on whether we can put this on back order for you guys, if you check the page the button for back order should come up soon! so sorry
    It is still in the process of confirmation but if it is confirmed you will be able to back order with discount"

    Fingers crossed that it is back order-able, otherwise I'll be fuming to have missed it. That's what I get for trying to get some work done..

    • +1

      Thanks for following up and providing update..
      I will check back later to see if back orders have been enabled.

    • +1

      It's up on Backorder now and stacks with little birdie.
      8 days to dispatch

      • Damn, I'm still unable to add it to my cart!

        • Ah sorry mate, I was looking at the airwrap. Hairdryer is still unable to add

  • +1

    Have just used stacked unidays 10% discount code and has worked for Corrale straightener! Not as good as original Birdie deal but still decent price.

    • Nice one mate. Will use this as my backup plan if can't use birdie on backorder

  • +3

    Placed my order for the supersonic last night shortly after this deal was posted and mine has been dispatched.

    • Great to hear. Was a bit concerned about whether they'd honour but glad it worked out.

  • Yay! Was able to just place my order for the airwrap!! Thank you!!

  • I couldn't decide what to buy as i have barely any hair but decided on supersonic.

    I'm hoping it will add more.hair somehow or make me look mazing. ..

    Fingers crossed. Was thinking I should go to a Dyson store first and try it just so my dreams aren't dashed

    • Buy now and use later!

  • +1

    Seems as though the supersonic is now available on back-order as per the website (approx 8 day turnaround) and all the coupons and Little Birdie coupons still stack.

  • Somehow managed to get the supersonic with the little birdie coupon. Fingers crossed the honour it!

  • Actually does anyone know if the supersonic hairdryer came with the case like the ones sold in David Jones or myer? I bought one this morning but still unsure

  • Wasn't sure what the Dyson Supersonic is…

    • I meant the hair dryer :)

  • They are back in stock, however the birdie coupon "doesn't apply" :( at least on the Corrale :(

    • Ahh yep, seems as though they're excluded from the voucher unfortunately.

  • Can some please post an order summary for the Dyson Supersonic! I'd really appreciate it!

    • order summary?

      • -1

        Basically showing the discounts! Will see if I can get a price match.

        • i pm'd you. Send me your email if you want me to forward the email (looks better)

  • +2

    Did anyone else notice if you click REALLY really fast you can get more than 1 bonus. Took me a few goes and about 30 minutes lol

    But managed to get 3. I think i am addicted to discountie

    • +1

      yep haha can claim 2 gifts with one code

    • I wish I'd known, I wanted the eye gel too :o(

      • Honestly I spent like 1-2 hours haha probably wasn't worth the time

  • The Good Guys have the same deal of 15% OFF with code MAYHEM and its in stock. Free pickup, delivery extra. Since the birdie coupon doesn't apply anymore its the same deal. No freebies though.

    and as previously mentioned by skido you could get a $50 prepaid mastercard when you purchase it during click frenzy

    Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Fuchsia with Brush and Comb



    • this ones 30% off as you could stack 15% off code with the 15% off preapplied discount ($384.30)


      tgg 15% off ($466.65)

      • +2

        It doesn't stack anymore. Not allowing birdie coupon. So best bet buy during frenzy with 15% off then try for the frenzy bucks as well. Helps bring the cost down. Also its in stock as opposed to waiting another 8 days or so.

      • further 15% CB via CR at TGG today only

  • +1

    I chose twilight delivery for $7 extra and apparently its just been picked up by startrek and being delivered before 9pm today.

    Geez. We're really raising expectations.

    • +1

      Just delivered.

    • wow. how the hell you get the werewolf from twiight to deliver for so cheap

      • dunno but he must have been having a bad overweight day as a 50 year old unshaven male

        • Lol made me laugh

  • +1

    For those who missed out on this deal:

    Shavershop eBay store has Coralle straightener down to $594 and Ebay plus members can get $50 off using the code PPSS1 bringing the cost down to $544.

    Still a decent 22% discount.

    • -1

      Thanks. Tempting. Today, i see the GG + cashrewards combo for 534. But always a gamble to get the cashback component

  • Just got shipping notification!

  • Purchased at 1147pm yesterday. No shipping notice yet.

    • shipped!

  • Can someone please share the Little Birdie coupon? or tricks how to do it? Somehow cannot get it from my email.

    • +1

      Use this one PARLB7XBCR5SHXWWU

      I registered twice and just use one.

      • i put it in the coupon code box however returned "Coupon does not apply". Please help

        • Sorry, it's not working now. I checked before post it.

          • @sanglt: No worries. Thanks for helping out

  • Do dyson hair products really worth the price? I got one for myself but still doubting lol

    • Haha me too. I literally have homer hair and still bought it hahahaha

      Anyone know where I can get cheap hair transplant

    • Mine arrived today, just have given the airwrap a go and bloody hell it works alright and worth the hype imho.

      So good, I Would break all OzB rules buy as a gift for the Husbands Girlfriend at full price.

      • Wow nice. Can you use it on a guys hair or just for girls / long hair

        Any photos of you the masterpiece hair you have created haha? I watched a few YouTube videos but they were guys who had no clue

        • I have shoulder length wavy-curly hair so I can only speak to my experience with the airwrap.

          It has multiple attachments but many of them wouldn’t be especially relevant if for instance you had like short (as in a cropped/pixie/close to the scalp) style of hair.

          My husband may choose to use the drying attachment on his hair (short back and sides) but I dare say it may not happen or even be often?

          • @t00tie: Nice. I'll give my new hair dryer a go tonight.

  • bought it on 17th and arrived today in the morning already. pretty fast and reliable courier service. Impressed.

    • What was the courier company?

      They didnt even bother to deliver mine and flagged it as RTS - Undeliverable, wtf?? Ive been home all day

      • It was go people, and I could see the live tracking of courier driver coming my way. their tracking system is very in depth, he also took photo of my front of house and I can see that in my tracking number.

        • Strange. Why would they RTS a package at 4am??

          They deliver that early? geez

  • went to myer yesterday to play with dyson to test him out

    I used the supersonics but no brush heads to try.

    Just want to know if I can use this to make my hair stay up / spikey without using gel.

    Wishful thinking perhaps lol

    Will research the tube You

  • +1

    Mines been delivered already. (tonight @ 8:30pm) was super surprised. Fast shipping. Have to explain to the husband why i’m replacing my $20 kmart hairdryer.

  • Anyone stuck on 'The job has been assigned to a runner' since yesterday morning?

    • Mine had RTS - Undelivered even before it was sent to a runner.

      Spoke to them and they redelivered the next day

  • +1

    Delivered! Now to find a good deal on the stand…

  • +1

    Is it me or did anyone else get a singularly wrapped timtam in their delivery box lol

    • +3

      Every order from Adore Beauty gets a Tim tam as far as I know

      • Don't think I did but they sent me like 12 wrapping papers so I better go check

        • oo found one in bottom

    • I got 2!

  • Received it! Love it, thanks OP for this deal, bloody amazing saving!

  • Thanks OP - grabbed the airwrap and supersonic which were delivered today.

    Gave the airwrap a go this afternoon - Took 25 mins from freshly washed shoulder length hair to a finished bouncy blowout - considering that’s a first go of working the whole thing out I’m very impressed.

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