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[New Customers] $20 off $60 Spend @ The Good Guys, Catch, Harvey Norman, Kogan, Dick Smith, Domayne, Joyce Mayne via LatitudePay


As per comments The Good Guys offer works for existing customers as well.

From experience, Catch discount should work for existing customers as long as you use guest checkout/new catch account

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • Should bring Google Chromecast with Google TV down to ~$65 at TGG with 10% off and 5% cashback. Tempting.

    • Ended up buying for $56.95 after cashback, cheers OP.

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    the offer for TGG is for new AND existing customers!

    • Thanks for that. I will update post

    • Doesn't work for me on TGG. Does it works for existing customers?

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        its on the Lattitude pay site -
        The Good Guys
        *To redeem $20 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment Schedule. First purchase only. Offer available online only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $60. Offer ends 11:59pm 19/05/2021.

        • If they had it for Catch I can fire forever .
          I'm not going to mess around with new ac's .

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    It didn't work for me. I am an existing customer

    • Which store?

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        The good guys

    • Same for The Good Guys.

    • Worked with me

  • Might be a silly question but by "new customers" do they mean new LatitudayPay customers or new customers of the respective stores?

    • They mean new latitude customers but I would give it a try with new/guest account on any store. Just in case

      • I see, so I assume I can only get the discount from 1 store only as I'm no longer a "new customer" after that transaction?

  • TGG website says the offer include existing clients?

    • Yes it does, which is frustrating.

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    I spoke to Latitude pay about the TGG promotion. It's only for New customer and Existing customer who has never done any purchase before.

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      Well that sounds dodgy as hell.

  • Worked for Catch, checked out with different email address on catch - I made sure I was logged into my latitude account first so everything linked up ok. I used latitude with catch when last deal was on over Xmas also but with original catch account.

    • I did the same. Though I didn't need to log into Latitude Pay beforehand. I was going to make my order as a guess, but that did not allow me to use a UNIDAYS 10% discount code, so I made an account using a different email and my order went through successfully.

  • Setup a Lattitude account. (new customer)
    Went to TGG but the payment schedule is still for the full amount, and not for $20 less.
    I did have a TGG account with past purchases on it however?

    • Is the item below $1000?

      • $89.10 (Chromecast with Google TV) Is there a condition about using voucher code as well as this price was with 10% off MAYHEM coode

        • That's weird. I would contact customer service. Usually they would just credit $20 and you can buy anything

    • Thought that was happening to me. The discount showed up on the latitude payment schedule

  • Is it just me who really worry about those “afterpay” payment schemes? I always worry about missing out payment window or credit score being impacted etc… probably worry for nothing

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      Ihad a zip account (which i closed after using it on one of those spend X get Y discount offers) and a few weeks ago went to apply for a loan and BAM, suprise, my score had decreased because zip made a request to check my score (surely the score goes down every time someone asks for it), which i found was shit.

      Didn't happen with afterpay though, and i still have that account open and might use it this time.

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        Thanks for the comment, I may steer away from it

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          Any application for credit is going to decrease your score initially, then your score will go back up in time if you don't miss payments.

          If you're going to go get a home loan or something then don't apply. Whilst the application will decrease your credit rating for a while (probably not by enough to have an impact when you're being assessed by the bank) the kicker is that banks usually assume each line of credit is "maxed out" which decreases your ability to repay a loan and therefore how much they will lend you. The reductions can be substantial. Also if you are rejected in loan applications (or other credit applications) because you have too much credit for your income that can do some real damage to not just credit ratings but ability to get loans.

          If you're not getting a home loan for a year and you're using latitudepay to buy things you would have otherwise paid more for then I'd say go for it.

          And of course if you're using it to splurge then just walk away.

          It probably saves me $100-150 a year to have it. I only use it for these promos.

  • Catches Click Frenzy ($15 off $75) doesn't stack with Latitudes ($20 off $60).

    Just spent some time trying to find a good item to use both on and then found out they don't stack with each other.

  • Update: TGG $20 off $60 for existing customers is now working with Latitude. Just purchased Google Chromecast with Google TV for $69.10 pickup. When you're taken to the Latitude site it references and shows in your payment scheme the $20 discount has been applied.

    • Have you purchased from Good guys with LatitudePay before?

      • Yes, i purchased recently a pair of Sony Headphones at the end of April and paid via Latitude Pay also

        • I did also speak to Latitude Pay this morning when i couldn't get the offer to work and the person i spoke to apologised for the issue and placed a note on my account. He mentioned that they would honour the $20 deal. In the meantime they must have fixed the system as it then showed up correctly when i purchased it about an hour ago

  • Could I cancel my TGG order from this morning and re-order the exact same thing using Latitude to get the additional $20 off?

    • First trying going to the checkout page to see if the discount works for you. If yes then why not

  • Just bought the google TV. Worked for me $20 off. I've claimed it once before for a nvidia shield.

  • Can anybody elaborate why my account has a limit of $150?

    • Poor credit rating? Or do you already have stuff on there? For example, I started with $1000, and spent $150 so only $850 available, or limit, for now.

  • Can I just pay in full?

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      You can go into the purchase in your LP account and pay off some/the rest of it (the upfront payment will already be charged.)

  • Cheers OP, signed up and got another Google TV for $69, plus $12 cashback and hopefully the $5 giftcard from CR also. So to me approx $52.

    • How did you get it at $69? MAYHEM is not working for me on TGG website.

      • MAYHEM Deal expired today

  • Was it only yesterday? Not sure, but that was for 10%cashback, and $20 off via latitude pay, then further $12 cashback.

  • Has anyone managed to get the $20 discount applied in the payment schedule for Harvey Norman? I haven't ordered anything from HN using LatitudePay before, although I have used LatitudePay multiple times at Catch. I've tried using guest checkout at HN but still the discount does not show up in the LatitudePay payment schedule.

    • Tried as well and couldn't get the $20 discount to show in Latitude Payment schedule. Would like to know if there's a way

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